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the carton packaging market

Update 30/09/2019



The market of packaging cardboard box covers the entire cardboard industry for packaging purposes. It is used for the transport of objects and/or the storage of materials and products in warehouses and stores. There are different types of cardboard packaging, but the corrugated board remains the packaging preferred by consumers before placing in store and for the transport of goods. Cardboard packaging can be recycled to produce paper or corrugated cardboard, making it a valuable resource sustainable packaging and preferred to plastic packaging.

The carton packaging market is growing steadily, by around 6% per year until 2017, and future forecasts are more likely to be positive . In addition, the global carton packaging market is expected to grow to more than $100 billion in 2020 from $87 billion in 2014: this shows that the growth is global. In France, cardboard represents more than a third of the global packaging sector.

The carton packaging market is dominated by world leaders in packaging which leaves little room for new entrants. The players in the cardboard packaging market are faced with the need to invest in new technologies that offer more colours and finishes. The main challenge in the carton packaging market remains the recycling in a context favourable to the circular economy.

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