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The Organic Cosmetics Market - Germany

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Presentation of the organic cosmetics market

The organic cosmetics market is a sub-segment of the broader cosmetics market. A cosmetic product includes any substance used to clean, moisturize or alter a person's skin, hair, nails or teeth

Cosmetics can be divided into two categories

  • Beauty products: make-up, perfume, skin cream;
  • Care products: shampoo, soap, deodorant.

Released in 2016, the iSO 16128 standard concerns organic and natural cosmetic products. It makes it possible to distinguish four main types of products: biological, biological derivative, natural and natural derivative. [ FEBEA ]

Natural and organic cosmetics are made from natural raw materials which makes them more respectful of the skin and the environment. They are certified by various private labels (and not the European label, which only concerns food products) such as labels BDIH , NaTrue or EcoCert which ensure that they meet several criteria: for example, that they do not use chemicals or products of animal origin, such as silicone, paraben, PEG (polyethylene glycol), synthetic dyes and perfumes, etc.

To be considered organic, products must contain at least 95 % of products from organic farming . [ BDIH Nevertheless, public opinion tends to identify them as products containing ingredients of natural and unprocessed origin. This is why we will take into account these two meanings of the word (certified organic and natural) in this study

The world market for organic cosmetics is booming and especially Germany the leading European market

The enthusiasm also affects large groups who see organic farming as a way of renew their product range and to regain consumer confidence. Trust is indeed a key element in gaining market share, which is why, for example, the number of different labels or the marketing of independent brands in specific distribution channels . Finally, the success of the online sale which is a real growth driver for small and large players

A growing global market

The entire cosmetics market

The global cosmetics market is estimated at *** billion euros in **** (***), i.e. a *.*% growth in ****. [***] The year **** was the best year since ****

Source: ****

Asia-Pacific alone accounts for **% of the total market value, followed by north America (***)

Source: ****

The skin care products represent **% of the total of the ...

Germany, the leading European market for organic cosmetics

Germany is the market leader in cosmetics in Europe

The graph below shows that Germany is the leading European market for cosmetics products with a market estimated at **.* billion euros in **** or a *.*% growth compared to the previous year

Source: ****

The growth of organic cosmetics in Germany

The organic cosmetics market ...

Foreign trade: the cosmetics market

In the absence of data on Germany's foreign trade for the organic cosmetics sub-segment, we focused on the broader segment of cosmetics in order to understand which are Germany's main customers and suppliers

Germany is a more important exporter of cosmetics products. [ UN Comtrade ... In ****, the total amount of exports of ...


A favourable consumer climate

Germany benefits from a favourable economic climate and dynamic domestic consumption. Near to *,* million new consumers have opted for natural and organic cosmetic products over the past two years , including ***,*** for the year **** alone [***]

The ageing of the German population has a positive impact on domestic cosmetics consumption

The elderly of ...

Main criteria for purchasing organic cosmetics

German consumers are increasingly aware of health and environmental issues when buying cosmetics

Indeed, the increase in demand for organic cosmetics can be explained by the fact that Germans are more and more attentive to ingredients contained in the products they purchase. A survey conducted by Statista in **** revealed that **% of ...


Market dynamics

In Germany, there are *** companies a manufacturer of personal care products and fragrances in ****, for **.*** employees . [***]

The national cosmetics market is very competitive but in addition to major international players (***), local actors quickly flourish. The leadership of brands such as Weleda , Dr. Haushka or Eco Cosmetics testifies to the German pioneering ...

Distribution channels specific to the organic cosmetics market

Organic cosmetics are distributed to consumers through five distribution channels:

Large-scale distribution (***) ; Selective distribution (***); Hairdressers and home hairdressers; Direct selling (***); Pharmaceutical advice (***).

According to a **** Statista survey, the drugstores are the preferred distribution channel with **% germans who buy organic cosmetics there

Source: ****

The growth of online sales of cosmetic products

E-commerce refers to all commercial transactions that take place remotely via electronic and digital interfaces, mainly on the Internet

The share of cosmetics sold online in Germany continues to grow: it rose from *.*% in **** to **.*% in ****

Source: ****

As for the purchase of organic cosmetics, Germans buy more online than in other ...



According to the COSMOS - the international non-profit organization producing organic standards - organic cosmetics contain five categories of ingredients:

- Water ;

- Mineral elements ;

- Physically processed agro-ingredients;

- Chemically processed agro-ingredients;

- Other ingredients.

Agro-ingredient "any substance of plant, animal or microbial origin originating from agriculture, aquaculture or harvesting"

Each ...


The natural and organic cosmetics segment is growing faster than the conventional cosmetics segment. Indeed, conventional cosmetics grew by *.*% in **** to reach **% of the market share; the quasi-natural cosmetics * increased by *% to reach *.*% of market share and the natural cosmetics increased by *% to reach *.*% of the market share . [***]

* Unlike natural ...

The different supply trends

A green product across the entire value chain

Given the interchangeable terminology (***), it is difficult to have a complete overview of all products labelled as organic.

Not all certified entities take into consideration the entire product supply chain. The latter could potentially be a determining factor in a changing supply ...

Higher prices

Organic cosmetics generally tend to be sold at higher prices than non-organic cosmetics. Among the reasons that can be given to explain these prices, in addition to a willingness to pay to acquire this type of product, there is also the need to use more natural resources at an increased cost ...

Price pressure from drugstores

Signs specialized in the DPH field (***) which only cover **.*% of the market. [***]

However, they exert significant pressure on prices, having a very aggressive pricing policy and with their own organic brands two to three times cheaper than the others. [***]

Consequently, this saturation on the market with a large number of players ...


Terminologies that are sometimes confusing

There is confusion about the definition and identification of "organic" cosmetics. A first step towards a better understanding of the product is to differentiate between the following categories: [***]

The natural cosmetics which contain ingredients of natural and/or organic origin (***) The organic cosmetics which contain raw natural ingredients (***) from organic farming. ...

The different organic cosmetics labels

However, these labels are not yet well known to the German population: as the following statistic shows, almost a third party some Germans don't know the main labels of organic cosmetics.

Source: ****



  • LVMH Vins et Spiritueux
  • L'Oréal
  • Yves Rocher
  • Weleda (groupe)
  • Dr. Hauschka

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