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The French market for tennis rackets is estimated at between 40 and 45 million euros.

It is dominated by major brands such as Babolat, Wilson and Head. France's Babolat has become a world leader in the sector, with around 30% of the global market.

Players buy their equipment mainly from multisport stores such as Decathlon and Intersport.

The production of carbon fiber rackets remains the norm.

Trends in the French tennis market

The French tennis racket market observed in 2018 accounted for 43 million euros in revenue from racket sales alone. Sales fluctuate between 500,000 and 600,000 units sold per year.

Sales of tennis shoes, with over a million pairs sold, generate between 55 and 60 million euros.

Some 12 million balls (15 to 20 million euros in sales) and 500,000 strings (10 to 15 million euros) are sold every year.

44% of players belong to a club, and 40% play independently. The Ide-France region accounts for nearly a quarter of all tennis club members.

More than half of all players claim to play tennis all year round. Young players aged 5-19 account for just over half of all members of the Tennis Federation.

The French trade balance is slightly in surplus. Imports come mainly from China. French exports are mainly destined for European markets, with Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK accounting for a significant share.

Players in the tennis racket market

  • Décathlon, offers a range of tennis products under its own brand, Artengo.
  • GoSport, a major multisport retailer
  • Babolat , a leading name in the tennis equipment industry, and a leader in tennis string technology. Wilson , a highly reputed brand
  • Head, a niche player with a wide range of rackets
  • Prince, a brand with a significant tennis heritage
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

A tennis racket is an instrument for playing tennis by returning the ball to the opponent's court, consisting of a handle and a sieve. The tennis racket weighs more than 280g, which makes it the heaviest racket compared to squash, table tennis and badminton.

About 5 million French people play tennis every year and this market represents in France a few hundred million euros. In 2018, nearly 20,000 tournaments were organized and nearly 2 million official matches, with over 7,500 tennis clubs present in France. Most tennis players and buyers of tennis rackets are members of tennis clubs.

In terms of distribution, the major retailers dominate the market and have a 70% market share, far ahead of pure player websites (15%) and independent stores and tennis specialists (around 10%). The tennis market is dominated by a limited number of well-established equipment manufacturers, which leaves little room for new entrants. In order to sustain its growth, the tennis market has refocused on its core business: products designed solely for practice, with a more technical nature(connected racquets, connected wristbands, etc.).

The tennis market is now facing the decline of the lifestyle dimension of the sport since the 1990s, and the refocusing of sales on purely sports equipment and accessories.

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Distribution channels for tennis equipment
  • Distribution of female licenses by age group
  • Distribution of male licenses by age group
  • Men's and Women's Tennis Licensing
  • Proportion of people who have participated in at least one of these sports activities in the past 12 months
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Latest news

HEAD joins the world of padel: Andrea Ustero and Juan Zamora "Coquito". - 20/06/2023
  • Press release announcing the renewal of Andrea Ustero's contract and the signing of Juan Zamora at HEAD Padel.
  • Andrea Ustero: 16-year-old world champion, European champion in 2022, three-time Spanish champion in the youth category, world champion in 2019.
  • Juan Zamora "Coquito": age 16
  • Promising talent in the world of padel; starts playing at age 5.
Intersport to the rescue of Go Sport - 08/06/2023
  • Intersport takes over 72 Go Sport stores
  • 1,446 employees taken over out of 1,574
  • 50 Go Sport stores will become Intersport
  • 22 Go Sport stores to remain Go Sport
  • Target: 250 new Go Sport stores by 2030
  • Target sales: over €650 million
  • Intersport - 800 Intersport stores
  • Intersport sales in 2022: 3.3 billion euros
  • Intersport target with the arrival of Go Sport: 4.4 billion euros
  • Decathlon sales: 4.5 billion euros
Roland-Garros : les PME françaises, championnes de l'équipement du tennis - 30/05/2023
Rossignol takes advantage of the good ski season and continues to diversify - 28/04/2023
  • In its 2022-2023 financial year, which ended on March 31, the Tricolor Group posted sales of 401 million euros, up 28%.
  • growth in all markets, particularly France (+36%)
  • the domestic market accounts for only 20% of sales.
  • The rest of Europe also saw strong growth (+39%)
  • North America (40% of sales), up 16%.
  • Winter sports-related sales (skis and equipment) account for 80% of Rossignol's business.
  • Diversification to become a key four-season player in the mountains
  • The share of the "Apparel" division, (footwear and cycling apparel), has increased fivefold since 2015, reaching 20% of total group revenues
Rossignol's industrial tricks to pamper athletes - 04/04/2023
  • Rossignol: 1,230 employees,
  • 313 million euros in sales by 2021-2022.
  • Rossignol has 153 athletes in its sponsorship program.
  • 59 medals won at the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games.
Ski manufacturer Rossignol adapts its range to climate change - 06/03/2023
  • Rossignol holds a 17.4% worldwide share of the alpine ski market, 22.8% of the Nordic ski market, 18.4% of the ski boot market and 21.9% of the bindings market
  • ski market estimated at 400 million skier-days (daily visits by one person to a ski area, including 53.9 million in France)
  • Textiles now account for 20% of Group sales, up from 5% in 2015

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Go Sport France
Skis Rossignol
Artengo (Decathlon)
Pro Kennex
Roland Garos

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