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The French market for jogging accessories is estimated at between €850 and €1 billion.

The global market for jogging or running accessories has been growing significantly at around 7% per year, driven by increased consumer interest in health and fitness, as well as the proliferation of running events and competitions.

By 2023. The global sporting goods market is valued at between $470 and $480 billion, with the running segment accounting for between $30 and $35 billion.

The French market has enjoyed a decade of expansion. The COVID-19 pandemic boosted running activity. During the containment, use of online retailer Asics' Runkeeper app jumped by over 400%.

The market is highly competitive, but dominated by global players.

Dynamic growth and trends in the French running market In France

The jogging/running accessories market covers running shoes, running clothes, accessories and other equipment (gloves, stopwatches, etc.)

Some 40-45% of the population actively practice this sport. Growing awareness of the need for regular physical activity to maintain good health is the main factor behind the development of running. Numerous running-based events, such as half-marathons and marathons, have sprung up all over France.

Accessories such as gloves and stopwatches have also proliferated.

The French running accessories market is highly competitive and showing solid growth, driven by innovations in technology and mobile applications, as well as an active presence on social media.

In France, men aged 35 to 50 are the biggest spenders, while younger individuals, aged 18 to 25, and women, tend to spend the least on running equipment.

The average cost of a running shoe is around 50-55 euros for men and 45 for women. In Germany, the average price of a running shoe is estimated to be closer to $70 to $75.

The French market has embraced digitization and eco-innovation, with brands innovating with products such as recyclable shoes.

Key players in the dynamic jogging and running accessories market

The jogging and running accessories market is characterized by intense competition, innovation and brand differentiation.

  • Asics - leader in technical performance With a market share of 49% in 2020, Asics dominates the French running accessories market.
  • Nike - Pioneer in footwear innovation
  • Adidas - A double giant in sport and style
  • Brooks, On Running and Hoka One One specialize in niches of the running world with products for trails.
  • Decathlon
  • Intersport

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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

The " jogging "or" running is a sporting discipline appreciated by the French, since a third of them said they practiced "a lot of sports" running in 2018. Accessible to a wide audience because it does not require a licence and relatively rudimentary equipment, running has experienced a incredible growth in recent decades . One of the driving forces behind the practice is the growing consumer focus on health and fitness.

Moreover, the practice of running goes beyond the simple framework of the practice in leisure, because running events and competitions (half-marathons, marathons, trail ...) also benefit from this craze. The increase in the number of events and the community dimension of this sport have thus attracted many players to the running goods market

The jogging/running accessories market covers both

  • The shoes running
  • The clothes running
  • The accessories and miscellaneous equipment (gloves, stopwatches, ...)

Thus, although it is an easily accessible sport, runners devote a fairly large budget to it, making it a thriving business

Growth - in both the global and French markets - was driven by the rise of mobile applications and connected objects that allow better measurement of its efforts or the increased use of social networks to share its performance. Among the sporting goods sector, running items are among the most dynamic

In France, the market for jogging articles is highly competitive competitive and seems to be approaching the maturity after a decade of strong growth. This raises the question of the new growth drivers in a market dominated by three global players Asics, Nike and Adidas. In 2020, the Marketing Director of Asics France states that asics' market share increased from 39% in 2019 to 49% in 2020 - which suggests that the Japanese actor has benefited more from the covid crisis than his competitors

1.2 An expanding global market

The jogging accessory market is a subset of the sporting goods market

In ****, this market was worth $*** billion, including $** billion for running, which grew by *% compared to ****

The graph below highlights the evolution of the sporting goods market, which has seen a TCAM of around *.*% between **** and ****. According to Capitalmind, the ...

1.3 The evolution of the French market: after a decade of growth, a now mature market?

L ' Union Sport - professional union of companies in the field of sport, leisure, cycling and active mobility - estimated that in **** the running market at *** million euros (***). For comparison, football is worth €*** million and tennis €*** million. Nevertheless, according to the syndicate, the market has stagnated since **** - certainly a ...

1.4 Is the growth of running during confinement sustainable?

According to a study conducted by Asics with **** runners during confinement, the practice exploded because it was one of the only possible sports practices. The data collected by its Runkeeper application highlights that the French ran more often and for longer. In April ****, the application recorded an increase of more than ...

2 Demand Analysis

2.1 Running: a popular sport appreciated by the French people

The latest study entitled Sporting activities under the microscope d'Union Sport

Thus, in ****, running is the favourite discipline of the French behind walking/hiking and swimming. *ᵉ

Sports disciplines favoured by the French France, ****, in % Source: ****

Why do the French practice running?

The graphs below show that those who start running do ...

2.2 Runner profile: categories of runners and average baskets

* categories of runners

We're counting in **** about **.* million runners (***), the graph below shows the distribution of these runners according to their frequency of practice

The first category of runners are those who regularly practice running as their main sport (***), while occasional runners account for **.*% of the runners. Finally, **.*% of the runners ...

2.3 Profile of the "competition" runner vs. the "standard" runner

The profile of the competitors differs in some points from that of the classic runners. The table below - based on data from Union Sport

The graph below highlights that road racing (***)

Intention to participate in a race within * year France, ****, in % Source: ****

In France, according to BoursoraMag There are between ...

2.4 Determinants of purchase

The main buying factors are specialized websites, in-store salespeople and recommendations from friendly runners

There are differences between runner categories, however: while men prefer specialized sites, women prefer the advice of in-store salespeople

What are the main factors influencing the purchase of jogging accessories? France, ****, in % Source: ****

2.5 Demand trends: sportswear and connected accessories

L e sportswear: the rise in lifestyle use of sportswear

Sportswear is a trend that consists of using sports items as well as fashion items. Thus, **% of French people use sportswear in their daily lives, according to LSA CONSO.  

**% of French people say they are sportswear fans, and among **-** ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Segmentation and stakeholder dynamics

Segmentation of actors :

Different types of players can be distinguished in the running goods market

general equipment manufacturers (***) specialized equipment manufacturers (***) manufacturers of connected objects / mobile applications

Top trio dominated by Asics, followed by Nike and Adidas

Asics is the market leader in running in France with **% market share in **** according ...

3.2 Production and cost analysis

Apart from a few rare exceptions, running and trail items are not produced in France

Brands of France lists a few actors including Coureur du Dimanche, Maillot Français, Ogarun and Veets whose production is French. Some Le Coq Sportif items are also produced in France

Production and assembly are thus ...

3.3 Distribution channels according to the type of product purchased

Among the main distribution channels  of sporting goods we count: [***]

Multi-sports brands (***) Brands specialising in running (***) which offer a promise of expertise sought after by brands wishing to assert their technical legitimacy Brand names - physical The pure-players - generalists or specialists Others various shoe shops, department stores, online sales (***), clubs ...

3.4 The boom in online sales

As we saw in *.*, online sales have significant market shares - whether through pure players or not. According to NPD Group the share of online sales is **% in ****, and the covid-** crisis and the massive growth of e-commerce since then should improve this share in the future [***]

In France, the share ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 The different product families

As stated earlier, jogging equipment can be associated with three different categories: footwear, clothing and other accessories. A wide range of products and ranges can be found, as outlined in the non-exhaustive list below from various runnning sites including Running : shoes, equipment | DECATHLON.

Shoes : Classic running shoes The essential accessory for ...

4.2 Prices vary greatly depending on the product range

The running market being very developed and diversified, there are a wide variety of prices depending on the range you are looking for

The table opposite summarizes the main prices charged by distributors of running articles in France

Source: ****

Focus on running shoes

Footwear is the main source of income for ...

4.3 Innovations and supply trends

The impact of digitisation and connected solutions

The applications of effort and performance measures are a very strong trend in the running market. The main equipment manufacturers are also interested in it, as shown by the acquisition of Runkeeper by Asics in **** [***]

These applications can also participate in the gamification and ...

5 Regulation

5.1 Regulations

The regulation of the retail trade of sporting goods

If no diploma is required to practise the profession, training centres have developed such as the NCPC or professional centre for the sports goods trade. Indeed, the professional must know the products and expectations of the customers

The **** Law on the Modernisation ...

6 Positioning of the players

6.1 Segmentation

  • Kalenji (Decathlon France)
  • Asics
  • New Balance
  • Brooks Running
  • Adidas
  • Reebok
  • Mizuno
  • The North Face
  • La Sportiva
  • Under Armour
  • Salomon (Amer Sport groupe)
  • RaidLight
  • BV Sport
  • Compressport
  • Gore Wear
  • Buff
  • CEP Compression

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Taille et croissance des principales catégories d'articles de sport
  • Evolution de la taille de marché des articles de sport
  • Répartition du marché du running en France
  • Chiffre d'affaires du marché du running en France (textile & chaussure seuls)
  • Disciplines sportives privilégiées par les Français
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Latest news

Adidas still going strong despite the Kanye West scandal. - 20/11/2023
  • Adidas had a colossal stock of Yeezy sneakers, estimated at over a billion euros.
  • Yeezy sneaker sales accounted for 7% of Adidas sales.
  • Adidas organized two massive destocking operations, generating 400 million euros in the first online sale and almost the same amount in the second.
  • Resale prices for Yeezy sneakers vary between 100 and 300 euros.
Mizuno, the Japanese sports equipment manufacturer that didn't know how to sell itself - 06/06/2023
  • The company is one of the doyennes of the sports industry.
  • Its sales reached 1.4 billion euros last year. 65% of its sales come from Japan.
  • It opened up to the rest of the world some twenty years ago.
  • It decided to venture into the sneaker market in 2018.
  • In Europe, running represents 70% of its revenues.
Vietnam: Nike and Adidas subcontractor lays off 6,000 workers - 13/05/2023
  • Vietnamese footwear manufacturer produces for Nike and Adidas
  • Vietnam is one of the world's largest exporters of textiles, footwear and furniture.
  • 6000 permanent employees of PouYuen Vietnam will lose their jobs.
  • PouYuen is Ho Chi Minh City's largest employer with almost 50,000 employees.
  • The slowdown affected the footwear, clothing, construction and agri-food industries.
  • More than 630,000 people lost their jobs or saw their working hours reduced in 2022, according to the Vietnamese Ministry of Labor.
New Balance will reach $5.3 billion in 2022. - 02/03/2023
  • New Balance sales in 2022: $5.3 billion, 21% growth over the previous year.
  • Number of New Balance stores worldwide: Over 500.
  • Number of New Balance partners: Over 3,000.
  • New Balance has invested $65 million in a factory in Skowhegan, Maine
  • Over the past ten years, New Balance has managed to double its sales.

2021 sales in North America: up 15%.

2021 international sales: up 3%.

Total sales for 2021: $5.7 billion

Wholesale revenues: up 16% to $768 million

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) revenues: up 10% to $720 million

E-commerce growth: 4%, representing 42% of total DTC activity in the fourth quarter.

North American sales: up 15% to $1.1 billion (€972 million).

International sales: up 3% to $461 million (407 million euros).

International sales by region: increase of 24% in EMEA, decrease of 6% in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and 22% in Latin America.

Companies quoted in this study

This study contains a complete overview of the companies in the market, with the latest figures and news for each company. :

Kalenji (Decathlon France)
New Balance
Brooks Running
The North Face
La Sportiva
Under Armour
Salomon (Amer Sport groupe)

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