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The generator market - France

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1.1 Definition and presentation

Generating sets are self-contained devices that produce electricity and consist of an internal combustion engine that drives an alternator. They come in a wide range of models, from a few kilograms to several dozen tons in weight. Power is measured in volt-amperes (VA), kilovolt-amperes (kVA) or megavolt-amperes (MVA). The most powerful gensets are powered by diesel engines or gas turbines.

The genset market can be segmented according to several criteria:

  • Electrical capacity (< 75 kVA, 75 - 350 kVA and > 350 kVA)
  • Use (commercial, residential or industrial)
  • Fuel type
  • End application (standby, Prime/Continuous Power and Peak Shaving Power)

For all sectors of use (from events and construction to the food and health industries), the presence of generators in the structure is particularly important in the event of a power cut.

The generator market can be divided into three main categories:

  • High-power generators, built by manufacturers with very large industrial engines (Caterpilar, Jenbacher...). These are standby generators purchased by large-scale industrial consumers, hospitals and public authorities, and by installers of cogeneration plants. This market is currently driven by the considerable worldwide growth in data centers. These units are manufactured to special order.
  • Medium-power generators mass-produced by genset manufacturers (Pramac, etc.) are used mainly in the construction and public works sectors, and in the events industry to meet one-off power or electrical safety requirements. Most of these gensets are rented for short periods.
  • Small, mass-produced generators distributed by DIY superstores and specialist retailers. These sets are often manufactured in China, using engines produced by the world's leading engine manufacturers (Honda, Kipor....)

A new trend on the French market is the rental of medium-power generators. Even if the French electricity grid is highly reliable, many industrial sectors need to secure their energy requirements in the event of a power cut. This is why several market players have emerged in the generator rental sector(Kiloutou and Loxam, for example).

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on the global genset market. This was the consequence of several lockdowns that led to the closure of retail outlets as well as many manufacturing plants, and thus a reduction in global electricity demand.however, in 2022, several factors promise new growth for the genset market, including rising energy demand from the manufacturing industry and the growing need for emergency backup power solutions.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict, underway since February 2022, has also had a significant impact on the French electricity market. Prices have risen considerably, with the price per MWh for 2023 exceeding 1,100 euros in August 2022, compared with an average of just over 80 euros in August 2021. This represents an opportunity for the genset market, which could be used to a greater extent during peaks in electricity consumption, particularly in winter.

1.2 The global market

The global genset market was valued in **** at $*.** billion, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of *.**% over the period ****-****, reaching a market value of * billion by the end of the decade. [***]

Global market size for generator sets World, **** - **** Source : Precedence Research * forecasts

it should be noted that ...

1.3 The domestic market

In order to study the size of the genset market, we will look at the market for the manufacture of motors, generators and electrical transformers (***), of which it is a part.

sales trends in the market for the manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers France, ****- Jan-Sept ****, in billions of ...

1.4 Foreign trade

In order to study the foreign trade data for generating sets, we looked at data relating to customs code ****, which defines: "Generating sets and electric rotary converters."

trend in the level of exports of generating sets and electric rotary converters France, ****-****, in millions of euros Source: ****

Exports of generating sets ...


2.1 Demand for electricity determines demand for gensets

The most consumptive sector remains that of businesses and professionals, followed by the residential sector with almost **% of final electricity consumption, and finally large-scale industry, which accounts for **% of the total volume.

Furthermore, while business customers are those connected to the public distribution network for professional use, and whose subscribed power ...

2.2 Demand explodes with rising energy prices and fears of power cuts

In the past, the use of generators was much more common. This was the era of the EJP "peak-shaving" scheme. Since ****, EDF had been encouraging businesses to buy powerful generators to produce electricity and sell it at low prices on winter days, when peaks in electricity demand could destabilize the grid. ...

2.3 Focus on residential demand

The use of electricity

Electricity is used by households to power several appliances. The average breakdown of electricity consumption in France is shown below. It shows that heating, cooling, washing, information and communication technologies and domestic hot water account for the majority of electricity consumption.

Average breakdown of residential electricity consumption ...

2.4 Focus on electricity demand in business and industry

In the service sector, retail is the activity that consumes the most electricity, as shown in the graph below. In ****, the retail sector consumed **,*** gigawatt-hours. The following activities consume the most electricity: public administration and defense, human health, education, wholesale trade and telecommunications.

Economic activities in the tertiary sector that consume ...


3.1 Industry forces and organization

To examine the forces at work in the genset market, we'll look at data relating to NAF code **.**Z, which defines the "manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers". This aggregate includes the following activities:

Manufacture of electric motors (***) Manufacture of electrical distribution transformers Manufacture of arc-welding transformers Manufacture of fluorescent ...

3.2 Type of generator depending on use

The type of genset required depends on its intended use. The table below summarizes the different options according to the desired use:

Source: ****

3.3 French players

According to Europage, a sourcing platform for companies in the BtoB business sectors, there are ** players positioned in the generator set segment in France. They are divided into several categories. The four main categories (***) are listed in the table below:

note the presence in the above table of several French generator ...


4.1 Offer typology

Not all generators have the same capacities or the same technologies. There are three main types on the market: gasoline-powered generators, diesel-powered generators and soundproof generators.

Gasoline-powered generators

Gasoline-powered generators are appreciated for their versatility. They are suitable for domestic use, for DIY enthusiasts for example. They are available with electric ...

4.2 Production price trends

The price of electric motors, generators and transformers varies enormously, depending on the technology used and the power required. However, INSEE indices show that the production price of electric motors, generators and transformers in France will have risen by almost *.* percentage points in **** compared with ****.

French industry production price index trends ...

4.3 Best-selling model prices

The Amazon marketplace lists the best-selling products in the "generators and energy" category. The top ** products are listed in the table below (***):

Source: ****

*Prices "from"

In the table above, we can see the presence of several generators that recharge electrically. Indeed, with the growing concern about carbon impact, the offer ...

4.4 Supply trends

A greener offering

In view of the climatic and noise nuisances associated with conventional generators, many players are looking for solutions to provide reliable, non-polluting and quiet sources of electricity when power is needed.

at the Alès international conference on green vehicles, Enedis, in partnership with Schneider Electric, presented the ...


5.1 Hours-of-use regulations

As with any engine-powered machine, the use of generators in urban areas or close to neighborhoods is subject to noise regulations.

The law prohibits the use of noisy engine-powered tools outside the following time slots:

on working days: from *:** a.m. to ** p.m. and from *:** p.m. to *:** p.m. ...

5.2 Generator location regulations

Under ERP (***).

The genset must be located in an approved room:

Access to the room is restricted to qualified personnel. The room is identified and easily accessible to the emergency services. The walls and high floor of the room are not in direct communication with rooms accessible to the public. Installation ...


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Reviews (2)

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The heat pump market - France

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