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The concierge market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

The term 'concierge' refers to one of the most important figures working in an accommodation facility such as a hotel or wellness center. Generally, the concierge stands at the reception desk to welcome guests. In addition to this task, which is the most important, the concierge is also responsible for watching over the property and checking if there are any problems within the property. Usually, unless there is a concierge office, the concierge is responsible for providing guests with information about excursions, restaurants, local attractions and much more.

Globally, the concierge services market was valued at USD 537.6 million in 2018 and between 2019 and 2025, the CARG is estimated to be 5.6%. The determined factors driving the market trends are the growth in disposable income of the population and the economies of various countries.

As far as the Italian market is concerned, the figure of the concierge is mainly linked to a type of luxurious and exclusive holiday. If, on one hand, with the increasing use of Bed and Breakfast, the traditional figure of the concierge has disappeared, on the other, the idea of the "Luxury concierge" for increasingly limited and high-level experiences is becoming established. In this regard, the luxury market in Italy is growing at a fast rate and aims to offer increasingly personalised experiences for its customers.

Thanks to the digitalisation of the tourism market, the trend within the market is to no longer use a physical person to offer this service, but rather a dedicated online service.  In order to improve the customer experience and make it more personalised, most establishments send an email to the customer one day before arrival welcoming them and offering them the service of being able to speak with a digital concierge immediately.






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