The global market for building reception and concierge services has been experiencing growth, spurred by urbanization and a heightened demand for security and well-being in residential and office buildings. In particular, the sense of insecurity in cities like Brussels has driven demand for reception and concierge services. With urbanization in Belgium, there's an increasing trend in apartment living, necessitating concierge services despite the dominance of single-family homes. The market faced a slight downturn in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic's impact but bounced back strongly in 2021, with the market for combined building-related support activities reaching 384 million euros, a 40% increase from 2021. The industry is diversifying, with reception services catering to office buildings and Airbnb accommodations. There's a growing demand for premium services, and remote working trends have led to a reduction in traditional office space, affecting the demand for in-person concierge services. Nonetheless, coworking spaces continue to grow, offering new opportunities for the market. Digitalization has also influenced the sector, with companies offering fully digital services to manage building access and security. The proliferation of private concierge services poses competition, providing personalized task delegation for individuals. Companies in the Belgian market range from independent janitors to specialized BtoB service providers, with a fragmented structure and entry of new players offering sophisticated services..**Belgian Market Trends in Reception and Concierge Services** As cities advance in modernity and sophistication, the demand for reception and concierge services in Belgium has been growing. This sector has been shaped by several driving factors, including urbanization, the premiumization of services, and the rise of security concerns among residents. With about 77% of Belgians preferring to dwell in houses, the shift towards urban living has consequently spurred the growth of apartment complexes, thus creating opportunities for janitorial services. One of the most pronounced trends in Belgium’s demand for reception and concierge services is the burgeoning need for security. Half of the residents in big cities like Brussels experience periodic concerns about break-ins, leading to a heightened interest in building surveillance systems and concierge services. Alongside security, there's an increasing emphasis on work-life balance, pushing businesses towards services that promote employee wellness. This trend is driven by a desire for a balanced lifestyle, accentuated by the recent pandemic. The Belgian market is also witnessing a change in office dynamics, as there’s a movement towards downsizing office spaces. Despite the declining office take-up rates, estimated to have decreased by around 12%, the demand for concierge services remains buoyed by the premiumization trend where large companies enrich their amenities with services like cleaning, maintenance, and reception to attract and retain top-tier staff. Amid the fluctuating demands in the office real estate segment, flexible workspaces, such as coworking establishments, have emerged as a beacon of potential growth for the sector. Projected to constitute between 20% to 30% of office areas by 2030, coworking spaces necessitate the provision of reception services, a development that plays into the hands of concierge service providers. Moreover, the advent of digital solutions has revolutionized the market. Companies are innovating with offers that include smart access systems, remote reception, and digital concierge services that allow individuals to manage daily tasks. This digital transformation brings convenience but also introduces new competition. The Belgian market for reception and concierge services is not without its challenges. The private concierge sector, targeting wealthy clientele with personalized, on-demand services, has created a competitive front. These services often overlap with those offered by building concierges, adjusting the dynamics of demand. Last but not least, the Airbnb boom in major cities has birthed a distinct niche for concierge services that cater to the platform’s landlords. With an array of tasks to manage—from guest reception to property maintenance—the need for specialized Airbnb concierge companies has.Title: Key Players Shaping the Landscape of Building Reception and Concierge Services in Belgium As the market for building reception and concierge services in Belgium matures, several key players have established themselves as front-runners, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from residential buildings to corporate offices. Companies in this sector are recognized for their ability to deliver a suite of services that not only address the basic needs of security and maintenance but also aim to enhance the day-to-day experience of tenants and employees. Custom services have carved a niche for themselves by offering an array of reception and concierge services tailored to the precise needs of their clients. They stand out for their bespoke solutions that cater to both the corporates and individual residents—ensuring a smooth operation of facilities and the well-being of occupants. Whether it's traditional door duties or modern digital interfacing, Custom services have demonstrated adaptability and attention to detail. Welcome at work is another notable entity in the field, which brings a more holistic approach to their offerings. Their services go beyond the conventional reception responsibilities, delving into the realm of employee wellness. By including perks like press availability, snack corners, and car wash services, they contribute significantly to the work-life balance that modern employees seek. On the other hand, Concierges Brussels provides a blend of classical and novel concierge services. With a range of clientele that includes corporate giants and individual consumers, this firm has mastered the art of delivering quality with a personal touch. They promote a level of service indicative of the luxury sector, taking ordinary concierge duties to extraordinary heights with their commitment to client satisfaction. HM & FS are recognized for their dual focus on hospitality management and concierge services, demonstrating their ability to multitask and deliver comprehensive support. Whether it's through physical on-site presence or managing services that ease day-to-day living for building occupants, they offer a robust package that addresses both functionality and comfort. BM Conciergerie specializes in attending to the more architectural aspects of building maintenance. They offer detailed technical diagnostics, drawing on both technical expertise and the soft skills necessary to foster positive relationships between tenants and owners. BM Conciergerie adapts its offerings to the scale of the building, ensuring tailored services for residents and visitors alike. Protexys services, renowned for their efficiency, particularly shine in the corporate environment. Their professional handling of visitor reception, call routing, and email management helps streamline operations within high-traffic business settings, leading to an enhanced corporate image and smoother day-to-day functionalities. Savviva adds a touch of opulence to
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Reception services and building concierge services refer to all the services provided to visitors and residents of a building. The market can be divided into several segments:

  • The concierge service for residential buildings: which takes the form of a guard in charge of the surveillance and maintenance of the building. Concierge services are sometimes provided by more premium companies, which offer additional services.
  • Office building reception services: often outsourced to a company in the context of shared offices or directly entrusted to a member of the company.
  • Hotel concierge services: services often included in the hotel's services.

The study focuses on the first two segments, which are activities in their own right.

Global urbanization is the primary driver of market growth. Nevertheless, Belgium, despite having a very high urbanization rate, stands out for the preponderance of single-family homes rather than shared buildings. The market for reception services must therefore primarily rely on the growing demand for office buildings. The sense of insecurity is also a growth driver for the sector; since reception and concierge services, while welcoming and guiding visitors, are also used to monitor entrances and exits of the building.

The building concierge market is now undergoing many changes and evolving to meet a multifaceted demand. The rise of Airbnb in the major Belgian cities is creating new problems in terms of apartment management and building security. The digitalization, affecting more and more sectors, is also interested in the problems of concierge services; and more and more companies are proposing 100% digital solutions to ensure the reception and security of buildings.

1.2 The global market

The global market for building reception and concierge services is driven by the premiumization of services offered in office and residential buildings in the world's largest cities. From New York to Melbourne, via London, Paris and Frankfurt, reception and concierge services are taking their place at the entrance of buildings. As ...

1.3 The domestic market

It is very difficult to estimate the overall market for reception and janitorial services in Belgium. Nevertheless, by looking at code **.* Combined support activities for buildings, we can obtain a rather reliable approximation of the market. The companies registered under code **.* are those offering the following services in buildings: routine interior ...

2 Analysis of the demand

2.1 Urbanization, the primary driver of demand

In ****, without taking into account the state cities or islands, Belgium was the *th most urbanized country in the world behind Kuwait, China and Qatar[***].

Urban population in Belgium Belgium, **** - ****, in % of population Source: ****

A large majority of Belgians live in houses, rather than in shared buildings. In fact, in ...

2.2 Security and well-being, the two raisons d'être of the concierge market

Residents in constant search of security

One of the reasons for the development of concierge services in apartment buildings is the search for greater security. Indeed, the primary role of the building janitor is to monitor the entrances and exits of the building. However, the feeling of insecurity is on the ...

2.3 Premiumization and diversification of demand

Deserted office buildings

The office real estate market is going through a period of instability in Belgium, as companies are still defining their hybrid strategies. Brussels is by far the region with the highest concentration of office buildings (***). By ****, take-up has decreased by **% in Belgium. This phenomenon is explained by the ...

3 Market structure

3.1 A fragmented market

The market for reception and janitorial services is fragmented and includes many players, ranging from independent building janitors to specialized BtoB companies.

An ancestral profession

The building janitor's job appeared as early as the Middle Ages, and was then similar to the function of knight, whose role was to protect the ...

3.2 Value Chain

3.3 Companies in the market

We can identify several types of companies present on the market of reception and concierge services in Belgium.

Companies specialized in residential and/or corporate concierge services: Custom services, Welcome at work, Concierges Brussels, HM & FS, BM Conciergerie, Protexys services, Savviva... Event management companies offering concierge services such as DDM Prestige. ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 Type of offer: various services

If the concierge is above all a privileged interlocutor in the building, the reception and concierge services are multiple. They depend first of all on the clientele to be addressed. For office buildings, it is mainly a matter of welcoming visitors and orienting them in the building. The receptionists are also ...

4.2 The development of concierge services for Airbnb

The Airbnb craze in the major Belgian cities

The development of Airbnb in the major Belgian cities is growing rapidly. Indeed, more and more local owners are making their properties available on the platform. The number of new hosts in Belgium has doubled between the second quarter of **** and ****[***].

The different ...

4.3 Digitalized reception and concierge services

As for many other sectors, the trend is towards digital concierge services. Thus, more and more companies are offering ***% digital services for the reception of individuals in buildings. These new offers are aimed at the same clientele as the "physical" service companies, but the offer is necessarily more limited.

4.4 Private concierge services, new competition

The services offered within buildings are competing with private concierge services, which allow individuals to delegate everyday tasks. These concierges take the form of personal assistants, available on an as-needed basis to perform a multitude of activities: from making appointments to childcare. The private concierge offers similar services to premium concierge ...

5 Regulation

5.1 National regulations

Regulations concerning the building janitor profession

Building janitors are grouped together in the Joint Committee for Building Management, Real Estate Agents and Domestic Workers (***).

Working hours

The working time for a full-time employee is fixed at ** hours per week. All working hours must be stated in the work regulations. Under certain ...

5.2 Regional regulations


The regulations concerning the janitors of schools and extracurricular establishments vary from one municipality to another and are established by municipal decrees.


A decree of the Executive fixes the rules concerning janitor services for buildings belonging to the Walloon region or rented by it and assigned to its services: ...

6 Positioning of the actors

6.1 Segmentation

  • Custom services
  • Welcome at work
  • Le Concierge de Bruxelles
  • HM & FS
  • BM Conciergerie
  • Protexys services
  • Savviva
  • Optimalis
  • Bringme
  • EasyDay
  • Teleportel

List of charts

  • Concierge services market
  • Turnover of companies registered under code 81.1
  • Urban population in Belgium
  • Number of buildings and apartment buildings
  • Are residential burglaries a problem in your neighborhood?
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