The global building reception and concierge services market, with a focus on janitorial services in residential buildings and office building reception services, is experiencing a trend of premiumization, driven by urbanization and the growth of real estate markets. The market, worth $750.8 million in 2021, is expected to grow at a 6.1% CAGR from 2021-2030. Demand is highly localized in cities' business districts and affluent areas, with a notable proportion of employees in the Paris region. The rise in luxury real estate promotes the inclusion of concierge services as an amenity for residents' security and convenience.

The office real estate sector also portrays a resurgence, with "new generation" office buildings incorporating concierge services to attract talents and support employees' work-life balance. Digitalization has led to the advent of 100% digital solutions in building security and reception. Despite a decline in combined building support activities turnover in France due to the health crisis and changing industry patterns, the French concierge service market remains buoyant with specialized players catering to corporate and Airbnb rental needs and the emergence of digital platforms. Private concierge services have seen doubled revenues from 2011 to 2017, reflecting the French populace's demand for personal time-saving services.

French Market Trends for Building Reception and Concierge Services

In the ever-evolving landscape of building reception and concierge services within France, several patterns emerge underlining the preferences and demands of the market. Real estate developers, co-ownerships, and companies are the primary consumers of these services, often seeking a fusion of operation management and resident care.

In France, the notion of a concierge service is increasingly viewed as a valuable amenity that enhances the desirability of residential buildings. Approximately 20% of French citizens have shown interest in concierge services to manage daily activities, a percentage that reflects a rising trend towards convenience and security. Indeed, these services play a central role in ensuring the security and maintenance of buildings, a fact reiterated by respondents who believe the security role of concierges is of significant importance.

The demand in this market is also shaped by shifts in office real estate, with companies investing in offices laden with services such as concierge provisions that support employee well-being. The post-Covid era sees enhanced investment in office spaces, particularly in central Paris, stimulating demand for concierge services. Companies are now reassessing their offices, considering the work-from-home model, to ensure that their work environments reflect an attractive employer brand and aid in talent recruitment.

The French market is representative of a fragmented arena where independent concierges coexist with specialized BtoB service providers. There is a noted presence of companies that cater specifically to corporate concierge and/or reception services, residential concierge services, and temporary janitorial services with an impressive range of revenue generation, hinting at a market that, although affected by the health crisis, stands resilient. The sector has also seen a leap towards digitization. Innovative platforms that offer everything from digital concierge applications to personal assistant services stand at the forefront, appealing to a digitally-savvy customer base.

In terms of regulation, no strict requirement holds contractors to a real estate professional card unless they manage real estate transactions. Yet, as with any sector, the market is subject to labor laws and collective agreements that govern employment terms. Lastly, the intersection of the sharing economy with this market, notably via Airbnb concierge services, marks a niche but rapidly growing aspect of the industry. The digital concierge for Airbnb rentals stands out as an example of how the market adapts to contemporary demands, addressing the.

Key Players Shaping the Reception and Concierge Services Landscape in France

As the demand for building concierge and reception services continues to evolve, a spectrum of specialized companies emerge to cater to the diverse needs within the French market. This segment has witnessed the growth and diversification of services, ranging from traditional janitorial duties to high-end concierge offerings.

EasyLife stands out as a vital player in the corporate segment, adapting its concierge services to facilitate daily tasks for employees, including handling postal services and vehicle maintenance. Additionally, they transcend conventional offerings with event organization and office management solutions.

The residential domain sees companies like Fidensio bridging the gap between luxury and pragmatism by providing residents with comprehensive concierge services. They cater to the daily needs of communities, emphasizing both convenience and well-being through various offerings such as wellness and shopping delivery services.

Jours de Printemps Conciergerie carves its niche by not just offering concierge services, but also extending their prowess towards company reception and event hosting, showcasing their versatility and dedication to meeting corporate demands.

Digital transitions have led to companies like My Digital Lobby and Wiidii, which are instrumental in bringing a tech-driven perspective to concierge services. They utilize digital platforms and applications to ensure efficient and seamless user experiences in both residential and office settings.

The niche of Airbnb concierge services cannot be overlooked, with UpperKey at the forefront, providing end-to-end rental management and ensuring property maintenance. They incorporate innovative solutions with their guaranteed rent program, which offers financial stability to property owners.

Lastly, traditional janitorial services that focus on maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of buildings are aptly represented by Planète Gardiens. They ensure that the daily operations within the residential complexes run smoothly by taking care of cleaning and providing daily guard services. These specialized companies collectively represent the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the French market for reception and concierge services, each contributing uniquely to cater to the growing demands of a modern urban society.

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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Reception services and concierge services refer to all the services aiming at welcoming visitors and residents of a building. The market can be divided into different segments:

  • Janitorial services in residential buildings: which takes the form of a concierge in charge of the surveillance and maintenance of the building.
  • Office building reception services: often outsourced to a company in the context of shared offices or directly entrusted to a member of the company.
  • Hotel concierge services: included in the hotel's services.

The study focuses on the first two segments, which are activities in their own right, not included in a more global service.

The building reception and concierge market is driven by the urbanization and growth of the real estate market, both office and residential, but also by the premiumization of the services offered within them.

The concierge market is undergoing many changes and is evolving to meet a multifaceted demand. The rise of Airbnb is creating new problems in apartment management and building security. Digitalization, which is affecting more and more sectors, is also taking an interest in concierge services, and more and more companies are offering 100% digital solutions to ensure the reception and security of buildings.

1.2 The global market

The global market for building reception and concierge services is driven by the premiumization of services offered in office and residential buildings in the world's largest cities. From New York to Melbourne, via London, Paris and Frankfurt, reception and concierge services are taking their place at the entrance of buildings. As ...

1.3 The French market

The market of reception and concierge services includes a large number of different players. Insee figures indicate a decline in the last few years in the turnover of "Combined support activities related to buildings". These activities include routine internal cleaning of buildings, maintenance, garbage disposal, guarding and security, mail distribution, laundry ...

2 Analysis of the demand

2.1 A very localized demand

The main consumers of reception and building concierge services are real estate developers, both in the case of residential and office buildings, as well as co-ownerships or companies directly.

The demand for this type of service is thus logically very localized: it is an urban demand, and located within cities mainly ...

2.2 The premiumization of services within residential buildings

The demand for reception and concierge services in buildings is partly driven by residential buildings and in particular by the market for shared services units and luxury residential real estate. A concierge service can be presented as a major asset to ensure the proper management of the building as a whole, ...

2.3 Office real estate, a growing demand for reception and concierge services

After the period of the Covid crisis that led to the belief that office space was on the verge of extinction, companies and investors are back on the market. The market is now showing remarkable growth in the Paris region, especially in the most central districts. For the year ****, the market ...

3 Market structure

3.1 A fragmented market

The market for reception and concierge services is fragmented and includes many players, ranging from independent building concierges to specialized BtoB companies.

An ancestral profession

The building janitor's job is primarily aimed at residential buildings, since the original role was to organize travelers' visits and to ensure the safety of the ...

3.2 Value Chain

3.3 Companies in the market

Several types of companies can be identified on the market of reception and concierge services in France.

Companies specialized in corporate concierge and/or reception services: EasyLife, Jour de Printemps, Merci La Conciergerie, Guardian, Alizéehôtesses, Agence Diva; Companies specialized in residential concierge services: UpperKey, Urban Service, Fidensio; Companies offering ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 Typology of the offer

The offer in concierge and reception services is very varied; it can go from the concierge of a residential building to a complete service of reception and high-end conciergerie within an office building. Here is a non-exhaustive list of companies and the different services they offer on the French market, knowing ...

4.2 The development of concierge services for Airbnb

The Airbnb rental market in major French cities

The world leader in seasonal rentals, the Airbnb platform offers numerous accommodations in French cities and even generates its second largest turnover in France. The latter has seen strong growth over the past few years, which is a testament to the evolution of ...

4.3 Digitalized reception and concierge services

As with many other sectors, the trend is towards digital concierge services. Thus, more and more companies are offering ***% digital services for the reception of individuals in buildings.

5 Regulation

5.1 Regulations

According to the Ministry of Labor website, a building's concierge "ensures compliance with the regulations of a collective building or a building complex. He/she ensures or coordinates the daily services due to the residents, owners and tenants." His or her missions may vary between the following tasks: "ensuring the opening ...

List of charts

  • Concierge services market
  • The most popular shared services
  • Security role of a building superintendent
  • Do you find it difficult to reconcile your professional and personal lives?
  • Take-up of office space in the Paris Region, by geographical area
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