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The concierge market - Spain

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1.1 Introduction

Reception services and building concierge services refer to all the services provided to visitors and residents of a building. The market can be divided into several segments:

  • The concierge service for residential buildings: which takes the form of a guard in charge of the surveillance and maintenance of the building.
  • Office building reception services: often outsourced to a company in the context of shared offices or directly entrusted to a member of the company.
  • Hotel concierge services: included in the hotel's services.

The study focuses on the first two segments, which are activities in their own right, not included in a more global service.

Urbanization on a global scale is the primary factor driving market growth. Spain, with its high urbanization rate, is also a leading market, as it is also the first European country in terms of population living in apartments. Spain is therefore a buoyant market thanks to its own characteristics, and all the more so because the tourism sector linked to Airbnb also carries this demand.

The concierge market is currently undergoing many changes and is evolving to meet a multiform demand. Some co-owners now prefer outsourced concierge companies to independent concierge services. Digitalization, affecting more and more sectors, is also interested in concierge issues; although contrary to other European markets, the Spanish market seems to be less developed.although the Spanish market, unlike other European markets, seems to be underdeveloped in relation to these issues, real opportunities seem to be available in this sector.

1.2 The global market

The global market for building reception and concierge services is driven by the premiumization of services offered in office and residential buildings in the world's largest cities. From New York to Melbourne, via London, Paris and Frankfurt, reception and concierge services are taking their place at the entrance of buildings. As ...

1.3 The domestic market

The janitorial profession belongs to the Spanish statistical code CNAE "**** Servicios integrales a edificios y instalaciones". This code includes all activities related to the maintenance of buildings such as cleaning, security services, janitorial services, garbage disposal, guarding etc... There is an increase in turnover of **.**% between **** and ****. The year **** with the ...


2.1 Urbanization, the primary driver of demand

The rate of urbanization is a determining factor in estimating the population's need for janitorial services. The concierge service is a service that operates in the city within buildings. In ****, Spain is a country with a high urbanization rate, with **% of its population living in cities. Since **** there has been a ...

2.2 Expected skills of janitors

Paying attention to the customer (***) are the two skills most requested by customers for the position of concierge. Contrary to the European average, it can be seen that the Spanish are less interested in the skills of "language" and "adapting to change", which are the most valued expectations of Europeans for ...

2.3 Shared buildings and coworking, a new demand driver.

Co-Working Growth:

Co-working spaces may represent additional demand for the outsourced concierge sector. There were **** of them in Spain in ****, representing *,***,*** m*. **,**% of the coworkers in Spain are present in Barcelona, **,**% are from Madrid and the remaining **,**% are spread over all the other Spanish territories. It is a growing sector. In ...


3.1 A fragmented market

The market for reception and janitorial services is fragmented and includes many players, ranging from independent building janitors to specialized BtoB companies.

An ancestral profession :

The building janitor's job is primarily aimed at residential buildings, since the original role was to organize travelers' visits and ensure the safety of the inhabitants. ...

3.2 Value Chain

3.3 Companies in the market

In ****, there were *** outsourced janitorial companies in Spain. The concentration of the head offices is in the Community of Madrid -Autonomous Community consisting of a single province. This province constitutes **,**% of the head offices of the private concierge companies. Most of the groups have a local importance without obtaining a national ...


4.1 Various services

If the concierge is above all a privileged contact in the building, the reception and concierge services are multiple. They depend first of all on the clientele to be addressed. For office buildings, it is mainly a matter of welcoming visitors and orienting them in the building. The receptionists are also ...

4.2 The development of concierge services for Airbnb

The development of Airbnb in Spain is an additional growth factor for concierge services, especially for outsourced concierge services. Indeed, with $*.*** billion spent in the Spanish market, it was already the third largest for the company. ***,*** accommodations were offered by Airbnb in Spain in ****, and with inflation, the company recorded an ...

4.3 Reception and digital concierge services

Unlike the French or Belgian markets, fully digitalized concierge services are not very developed in the Spanish market.

However, we can observe the beginning of a progressive digitalization of the business, but only on the hotel side:

In ****, the famous Spanish public hotels founded by King Alfonso XIII, "Paradores de Turismo" ...


5.1 Professional regulations.

The "Real Decreto ***/****, de ** de mayo", is the law that ensures the registration and filing of collective agreements in relation to a profession. Published in ****, "la ordonanza nacional de Trabajo para empleados de FIncas Urbanas" is the first collective agreement of the profession.


There are no professional qualifications required to ...


6.1 Positioning

  • Adecco Group
  • Senesant 2000
  • Valco Servicios auxiliares
  • Grupo Berni servicios integrales
  • Avan servicios externos s.l.
  • EHDC
  • Limcalo
  • Suddath
  • Linetor
  • El conserje

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Reviews (3)

The concierge market - France

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The concierge market - France

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L’étude est assez intéressante, mais cela serait plus intéressant de voir l’étude plus récente ;)

The concierge market - France

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