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The camping market - France

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1.1 Presentation and definition of the camping market

Camping, or open-air hospitality, refers to a tourist activity that consists of living in the open air, in a tent, a caravan or a motor home or other similar accommodation. A campsite is thus an area equipped for camping, but there are also other types of camping, such as wilderness camping or camping in the home.

The activity of camping sites is registered under the following NAF code

  • 55.30Z: Camping grounds and parks for caravans or recreational vehicles

A campground can be classified as either Tourism or Leisure.

  • The Tourism classification applies when more than half of the pitches are intended to be rented out by the night, week or month, to a visiting clientele.
  • The Leisure mention applies when more than half of the pitches are intended to be rented for more than one month, by a clientele that does not take up residence there.

There are 2 categories of classified campgrounds: star-rated campgrounds (from 1 to 5 stars) and natural area campgrounds.

The global camping market grew at a CAGR (combined annual growth rate) of 5.6% from 2015 to reach $49.9 billion in 2019. It is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, especially due to the growing interest of millenials in camping and populations for outdoor activities.

The French camping market is also growing strongly and has seen a 15% increase in visitation between 2011 and 2019, reaching 129 million overnight stays in 2019. The sector's revenue growth is also being driven by the market's move up market in response to customers' growing demand for ever-increasing comfort. Campsites are being modernized and made more comfortable, and the proportion of high-end campsites (4 and 5 stars) in the French market is increasing.

Once reserved for the working classes, the business has evolved considerably in recent years. Professionals have invested heavily to improve the infrastructure and attract a new clientele. The two most popular types of accommodation for campers are the mobil-home and thepersonal tent. The recent success of themobile homehas largely contributed to the revival ofcamping.

The majority of campsites are independent (87% of campsites). The other campsites are organized into integrated chains (Eurocamp, CapFun, Homair Vacances, etc.), franchises (Flower Campings, Yelloh! Village) or groupings (Sites & Paysages, Les Castels, Welcome Campings).


1.2 The global market is growing and concentrated in North America and Europe

The global camping market grew at a CAGR (***) of *.*% from **** to reach $**.* billion in ****. In ****, the Covid-** related epidemic has resulted in an estimated market decline of -*.*% with revenue estimated to be $** billion in ****.

However, recovery is expected to take place as early as **** and the camping market is expected ...

1.3 The French market is growing and moving upmarket

The graph below highlights the sector's growth in volume, which is reflected in the increase in the number of overnight stays spent at French campsites. In the outdoor hotel industry, visitation increased by *.*% in **** to *** million overnight stays. This figure is on a steady rise as the number of overnight stays ...

1.4 The effect of Covid-19

The Covid-** epidemic has had several consequences on the camping market, the first being the drop in turnover during the containment period as illustrated in the graph below. In April and May ****, the turnover of French campsites lost more than **% of its value, only to increase again from June ****.

Nevertheless, the ...


2.1 Customer profile and habits

Camper profile

In ****, approximately **% of overnight stays at French campsites were made by French people while **% of overnight stays were made by foreign residents. Moreover, the latter are mostly from Europe since only *.*% of overnight stays were made by customers who came from non-European countries. Thus, in ****, the first countries of ...

2.2 Microeconomic determinants: customer choice criteria

The added value of camping The quality-price ratio is the main reason for choosing camping for one's vacations. Camping is therefore seen as a way to go on vacation at a lower cost, but also as a place appreciated for its leisure facilities (***) and its conviviality. The following reasons are the ...

2.3 Macroeconomic determinants: aging, climate and standard of living

If the quality-price ratio and the quality of the pitches are the first determining factors of the customers' choices, some factors beyond their control also influence the dynamics of the demand. In recent years, several factors have strongly influenced the evolution of demand in the camping market. Among them, the main ...


3.1 Geographical distribution of campsites: a concentration on the coasts

With *,*** campsites in ****, France has the largest number of campsites in Europe and the second largest in the world, after the United States. [***]

More specifically, the map below highlights the high concentration of campsites by the sea or ocean. There are more campsites on the coastline. Thus, the departments with the ...

3.2 The organization of campsites: independents still in the majority

Campsites can be organized in * ways:

Integrated chains: Eurocamp, CapFun, Homair Vacances, Campéole, Siblu, Sandaya

The integrated chains operate on the basis of a branch system, with a parent company and subsidiaries that are dependent on it.

Franchise chains: Flower Campings, Yelloh! Village, Tohapi

Franchisee chains are made up of ...

3.3 Classification of campsites

In ****, there were *,*** campsites in France that can be divided according to their number of stars. [***] The most numerous were the *-star campsites, with **** establishments, followed by the non-classified (***), these three types of campsites representing a total of **.*% of French campsites. It is therefore the campsites with * star or * stars that ...


4.1 Typology of campsites and their offer

There are several types of campsites:

The traditional campsite: offers rental pitches to pitch your tent, park your caravan or motor home and can also offer serviced pitches The residential leisure park: offers mainly light leisure dwellings (***) Luxury campsites: * or * star campsites that offer superior comfort and high-end services such as ...

4.2 Upgrading of the offer

The general price increase The increase in the range of campsites on offer is reflected in a general rise in prices in the sector. The graph below, which also takes into account youth hostels, highlights this increase in prices, which have risen by almost **% in ** years, from **** to ****. Consumer price index ...

4.3 Supply trends and development areas


Glamping is the association of the words "glamour" and "camping" and designates a type of high-end camping that offers atypical accommodation combining comfort, nature and respect for the environment. [***]

The graph below illustrates the types of accommodation that glamping places can offer. Tree houses are the most popular and have ...


5.1 Regulations concerning campsites

The opening of a campsite

Several steps are necessary to open a campsite:

Choose the type of campsite which determines the status of the campsite (***)

For a declared campsite, you just have to make a declaration to the town hall of the place where the site is located. To do so, ...

5.2 Regulations concerning campers

Wilderness camping

Wilderness camping, i.e. camping in isolation and outside of a developed site, is authorized provided that the owner of the site agrees, but in some places it is prohibited.

It is forbidden to camp, even temporarily:

On public roads and highways In classified or pending natural sites In ...


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The camping market - France

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