The global market for business gifts, estimated at between 77 and 125 billion euros, is growing, with customized products accounting for over 40% of the market. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the market held up well in 2020, as companies continued to focus on motivating employees and expressing gratitude to customers. The crisis led to an increase in demand for virtual cards due to the boom in online sales and the distribution of COVID-related items, such as branded protective masks and hand sanitizers, as corporate gifts.

Budget preferences for customer gifts average between 30 and 65 euros, with a notable trend towards personalized gifts without a company logo, as they are perceived as more authentic and less like marketing material. In addition, there is strong interest in ecological and "Made in France" products, while the distribution of promotional items continues to be effective at direct events and personal exchanges.

Trends in the French business gifts and promotional products market

The French market for business gifts and promotional items has proved dynamic and adaptable, with the emergence of innovative trends to meet changing demand. In France, the business gifts segment alone is estimated to be worth more than 850 million euros by 2020, while the broader communication par l'objet market is worth around 1.3 billion euros. An interesting trend is the diversification of demand across sectors, with service sectors such as communication and culture leading the way. It is interesting to note that these gifts are mainly used for loyalty-building, the maintenance of professional relations - which accounts for almost 78% of motivations - and the celebration of events.more than half of those surveyed use them to stimulate and motivate their partners and employees.

In terms of recipients, customers are the main ones, at around 90%, followed by company staff, partners, at around 50%, and suppliers, at just over 20%. Small and medium-sized companies, particularly those with between 1 and 50 employees, form the largest group of buyers, but large companies with over 500 employees also play an important role.

The market is not only focused on quantity, but also on the quality and personalization of gifts. The trend towards high-tech and environmentally-friendly products is palpable, with a notable demand for products made in France and Europe. Over 75% of companies consider "Made in France" to be an influencing factor, showing a strong preference for locality and sustainability in their purchasing.

The budget allocated to employees is slightly lower, with almost 47% of companies allocating less than 30 euros to employee gifts. One of the significant shifts in demand is the move away from company-branded gifts to more personalized and memorable options. This is due to the fact that items bearing the company logo are perceived more as marketing material than as genuine gifts, leading to a drop in recipient satisfaction.

Finally, the arrival of COVID-19 has also shaped market dynamics. Although the pandemic brought business to a halt in April 2020, the rest of the year saw no radical changes in sales figures. Companies continued to use business gifts to motivate their employees and appreciate their customers. The pandemic prompted the emergence of new types of gift, such as e-cards, masks and hydroalcoholic gels, in line with the growing importance attached to health and safety.

In conclusion, the French market for business gifts and promotional items is varied and dynamic, with a penchant for innovation, durability, personalization and adaptation to current world events

Key market players in the business gifts and promotional products industry

The business gifts and promotional products market landscape features an eclectic array of specialist companies. Each brings its own unique approach to meeting the corporate gifts and promotional products needs of a diverse customer base. Here, we take a closer look at some of the key market players who are making their mark.

  • Vegea is a leading distributor of corporate gifts and promotional items, tailoring its offering to a wide variety of corporate gifting events and marketing campaigns. With a focus on innovation and customer loyalty, Vegea provides tailor-made solutions that aim to create lasting impressions.
  • Cadactuel operates with the clear intention of offering a range of business gifts designed to maintain and foster professional relationships. Their catalog of corporate gift solutions is carefully designed to meet the demands of a discerning corporate clientele looking to make a statement with their gifts.
  • Igo stands out in the market with an impressive selection of promotional items. Their strategy focuses on products that offer longevity and visibility, ensuring a competitive return on investment for their customers by selecting items that will be retained and cherished by recipients.
  • Cecop has built a strong market presence by understanding the value of building a strong brand image through gifts. Their thoughtful selection of promotional items is designed to resonate with the brands they represent, reinforcing customer loyalty and brand recall.
  • Jorden is another major player specializing in the distribution of business gifts and promotional items. It focuses on personalizing the customer experience, ensuring that its product offering matches current trends while retaining the traditional appeal of office accessories.
  • PF Concept France has a considerable influence on the sector, and stands out for its wide range of promotional items. Their arsenal includes everyday items as well as innovative and technological gifts, responding to the growing demand for high-tech and environmentally-friendly promotional items.
  • Adler has a reputation for offering a collection of personalized business gifts. They understand the impact of a well-designed personal touch and strive to provide products that reflect appreciation without becoming mere marketing tools.
  • SubjectRama is a key distributor of promotional products that has carved out a niche for itself by focusing on events where hand-delivered products enhance the value of the gift through personal interaction.
  • SOL'S is well known in the industry, although its financial figures have not been disclosed. Nevertheless, its presence is felt through its commitment to offering quality promotional clothing and a wide range of customizable items.
  • Lagardere stands out for its considerably larger scope, encompassing quality products and services.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Business gifts and promotional items are marketing tools which allow to create a direct contact with the intended target, whether it is prospects, customers, suppliers, partners or employees for example. They can be decisive in a company's marketing strategy as they can be used to thank customers, capture the public's attention, motivate staff, build a strong brand image, create a dialogue between the company and customers or prospects and accompany an advertising campaign. They can also accompany the launch of a new product or service, the opening or inauguration of an establishment, etc.

The market for business gifts and promotional items covers two very specific segments However, in many situations, they come together:

  • Business gifts are defined as gifts, usually of medium value, to a customer or buyer to maintain good business relations. But the the business gift market generally encompasses corporate gifts in the broadest sense This is used to build loyalty and stimulate employees and is often done at the end of the year.
  • Promotional items These are objects that generally include the name and logo of the brand and are offered to customers and prospects of the company. These objects are distributed as part of a global campaign. But the trend today is different from mass campaigns, since the niche of gift personalization is growing.

Generally, the buyers of business gifts and promotional items are companies, local authorities as well as independent employees.

1.2 The global market for business gifts

It is difficult to estimate the size of the business gifts market, given the diversity of products that enter this market

The global market for business gifts is worth between ** and *** billion euros, according to the estimates of the various studies conducted on the subject. [***]

Nevertheless, it can be said that ...

1.3 The French market

The business gifts market is a dynamic market estimated to be worth more than *** million euros in ****. [***]

According to the *FPCO The market for communication by object represents the third largest media in France and is worth approximately *.* billion euros in ****

There are many reasons to give business gifts, as well ...

1.4 The effect of Covid-19 on the business gift market

From a financial point of view, the health crisis did not affect the business gift market so much in ****. Apart from the month of April when business activity came to a complete standstill, companies did not see their sales figures change in the other months. In **** more than ever, companies needed ...

2 Analysis of the demand

2.1 A varied demand

According to OMYAGUE's **** study, the service sectors are the most represented among business gift buyers, led by the communication and culture sectors according to the graph below

Sectors of activity of business gift buyers France, ****, in Source: ****

According to the survey, business gifts are mainly given to build loyalty, maintain professional ...

2.2 Budget for business gifts

As the following graph shows, **.*% of gifts for clients are worth between ** and ** euros; this is the preferred range for business gift buyers

Budget for business gifts for clients France, ****, in Source: ****

On average, a smaller budget is spent on gifts for employees. Indeed, **.*% of companies spend less than ** euros on ...

2.3 Growing and changing demand

The "gift" budget of companies is constant or increasing from one year to the next according to the companies surveyed

Survey: Evolution of the "business gifts" budget France, ****, in % Source: ****

Companies are looking for gifts that are both memorable and personalized, but preferably without a logo. Indeed, gifts with the company ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Main types of gifts and market players

The market for business gifts is made up of a set of other markets, provided that these objects are intended to be given for business purposes.

However, there are companies that specialize in business gifts, or in the personalization of objects for advertising purposes

Types of business gifts purchased France, ****, in ...

3.2 High ROI as a market characteristic

On the other hand, promotional items are distinguished from other promotional media by their duration of distribution . The more durable a promotional item is, the higher the ROI (***).

According to CB News Three elements explain the ROI of promotional items:

the longevity and visibility of objects are high (***) ; the average cost ...

3.3 Places and processes of production

Business gifts and promotional items are locally produced (***). In France, according to Brand your customers there are about *** types of wholesalers promotional items and more than **** distribution companies

Thus, the following diagram of the *FPCO to show how the promotional products industry is organized and operates in France

It can be ...

3.4 Fairly diverse distribution channels

Business gifts and promotional items are distributed via different distribution channels .

The *FPCO indicates that, of those surveyed who received promotional items :

**% said they received them at a trade event, show or fair, **% in a store, **% at a sporting or cultural event, **% at home, **% at work.

Among these different channels, ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 An extremely wide range of products

The choice in the field of promotional items is wide-ranging . Examples include: pens, t-shirts, bottle openers, caps, calendars, personalised biscuits, decorative items, notepads or even personalised USB keys. The budget, the quality and the quantity desired have a significant impact on the choice of the promotional item.

According to Avenir Communication ...

4.2 Prices vary greatly depending on several parameters

As far as the price of business gifts and promotional items is concerned, there are great variations from one company to another, depending on the size of the company, the type of gifts given, the frequency of distribution of the products, etc. Thus, these products have no constant price, and can ...

4.3 Some trends

We are currently witnessing a very strong development of the high-tech segment business gifts and promotional items. Indeed, companies offer more and more innovative objects, connected objects in particular, even if the traditional office accessories remain successful products because they remain useful and durable.

In addition, there are a strong demand ...

5 Regulation

5.1 Regulatory framework and taxation

The market of business gifts and promotional items is subject to a increasingly regulated in France as indicated by Manager Go . Thus, gifts that visibly and indelibly bear the company's identity are considered promotional items. The distribution of these products is regulated by the tax authorities, which establishes the principle of ...

5.2 Regulations governing suppliers of promotional items

Suppliers of promotional items are subject to very strict regulations. The objective is to oblige them to respect the manufacturing standards:

- The ROHS standard It consists in limiting the use of dangerous products (***) in the design of electrical and electronic equipment.

- The REACH standard It prevents risks on the ...

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  • Secteurs d'activité des acheteurs de cadeaux d'affaires
  • Destinataires des cadeaux d'affaires
  • Objectifs des cadeaux d'affaires selon les acheteurs
  • Taille des entreprises acheteuses de cadeaux d'affaires
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