the bottled water market

Update 07/11/2019


1.1 Introduction

The bottled water sector concerns spring water and mineral water, still or sparkling, as well as water made mineral by treatment .

Natural mineral waters (Badoit, Contrex, Evian...) cannot undergo any treatment and have a constant minerality. Indeed, these waters are systematically derived from the same source (for example, Vittel water is always extracted from the Vittel source), which gives them constant mineral properties. All activities, including source exploitation, bottling and transport are strictly regulated. These waters cannot claim to have beneficial effects on health

Spring waters are of underground origin and must not undergo any treatment before being bottled, just like mineral waters. However, they come from different sources and therefore do not have a constant minerality. Like mineral waters, these waters cannot claim to have beneficial effects on health

Distribution and table water they must be processed to be made drinkable.

In addition to the diversity of bottled waters, the traffic jams themselves are the subject of heavy investments in both the material used and the design

Faced with global and European growth and increased margins per unit sold, the sector nevertheless faces competition from each other, which leaves them little room for manoeuvre, as well as competition from alternative products such as flavoured waters, which have gained market share in recent years

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