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The alarm and video surveillance market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and presentation

The video surveillance and alarm market refers to all those systems used in public and private places for the purpose of protecting public order and safety, preventing, detecting or suppressing crime. This market is one of the most active and diverse, is constantly being updated, going hand in hand with the evolution and development of technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing (Video Surveillance as a Service). By product type, the video surveillance and alarm market is mainly divided into: Hardware, Software, and Services. The two current world leaders in the video surveillance equipment market are Dahua and Hikvision.

The size of the video surveillance systems market is estimated at72.79 billion dollars in 2023and is expected to reach128.9 billion by 2028, growing at aCAGRof12,22%during the forecast period (2023-2028).

Future market trends in which surveillance and alarm systems will be an integral part are Smart Cities and Smart Buildings. While, in the early years of its existence, the concept of Smart Cities and Buildings was mainly associated with solutions that sought to manage and optimize energy in order to save energy, it has now begun to broaden, incorporating new categories that can provide new types of services: comfort, health, and most importantly, safety and security.

There are new players from other sectors on the horizon, vying for a slice of the huge pie of public investment. Video surveillance is being promoted, for example, by Huawei, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies.

1.2 The global market

The global market for video surveillance systems is a rapidly expanding sector, characterized by a growing interest in security in both the private and public sectors. The market size of video surveillance systems is estimated at $**.** billion in **** and is expected to reach $***.* billion by ****, growing at a CAGR of **.** percent ...

1.3 The domestic market

The Italian market in the security and firefighting sector in **** resumed an expansive path, registering a +**.* percent annual increase in aggregate sales at current values, recording revenues of *.* billion euros. The trend is across the board for all product segments, with faster rates for video surveillance (***); the intrusion segment is also ...

1.4 The foreign market

The foreign market for signaling apparatus(***) has seen increasing demand globally. Companies in the industry have adapted to international regulations, creating products that comply with legislation and expanding their presence in foreign markets. Emerging technologies, such as integration with Artificial Intelligence, have redefined the industry landscape, offering competitive and efficient solutions. ...


2.1 Demand characteristics

The average monthly household expenditure item on Security Services is susceptible to different influences. First, the level of crime in the area where the household resides can have a significant impact: the continuity of higher crime rates can lead to increased demand for security services, directly affecting household spending. However, this ...

2.2 The safety of individuals

Citizen security is a pivotal element in building individual and collective well-being, as well as an essential dimension that drives the market for the production and installation of alarm and video surveillance systems. The sense of insecurity and the fear of being subjected to criminal acts can be a factor influencing ...

2.3 Geographical distribution of demand

The spending of Italian consumers on safety equipment is proposed below. It can be seen that demand is concentrated in Northern Italy, followed by Central and, finally, Southern Italy. This suggests that the most profitable market where to land is concentrated in the Northern regions of the Peninsula.

In **** , the Lombardy ...


3.1 The size of the market

The following is an analysis of enterprises engaged in the retail trade of security systems and services related to security systems. The first item includes security and alarm systems (***).

In the period between **** and **** (***), businesses operating in the retail trade of security systems grew significantly, by **.* percent. These systems include video ...

3.2 Value Chain

The value chain in the alarm and video surveillance market includes several key stages:

Research and Development: phase in which efforts are made for technological innovation, new product development, and integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Essential stage to maintain competitiveness in the market. Manufacturers of ...

3.3 Distribution channels

The distribution of security installations reflects a growing awareness of the importance of protection in residential and business settings. Among enterprises active in the installation of electrical and electronic systems, the security sector occupies a significant role. The relative stability in the number of enterprises active in the sector, with a ...

3.4 The main market players

There are several companies in Italy that stand out in the alarm and video surveillance system manufacturing sector:


4.1 Overview of the Offering

Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance involves surveillance carried out through a system of cameras connected to a control and coordination center. The purpose of a video surveillance system is to capture images of a scene, process them and transmit it to an operator. Therefore, a video surveillance system consists of security ...

4.2 The prices charged in the market

Video surveillance cameras

There are a variety of camera types on the market, developed for different types of applications.

Cameras with special features

To complete the list of different types of cameras on the market, models with special functions should also be shown:


Video surveillance system installation


Complete alarm ...

4.3 Video surveillance and artificial intelligence

One of the most relevant developments of the moment is the combination of Artificial Intelligence with video surveillance systems. These systems combine the ability to capture video in real time with the advanced analytical capabilities offered by AI. One of the keys to this breakthrough lies in facial recognition, which is ...


5.1 Rules and regulations

Safety installations

Italian regulations governing the installation of security systems are outlined in national standard CEI **-**. Introduced in ****, this standard defines the design, implementation, verification and maintenance characteristics of security systems. It applies to intrusion alarm systems and burglar alarm systems, even when the installation is independent of each other. ...

5.2 Bonus Security

The Video Surveillance Bonus **** is part of the building renovation bonus and provides a ** percent tax deduction on the cost of installing security or alarm systems in a home. The tax deduction is claimed through the tax return (***). The works included in the bonus are as follows:

reinforcement, replacement or installation ...


6.1 Segmentation of actors

  • Vitekna
  • Verisure Italia
  • Sicuritalia
  • Surveye
  • RISCO Group

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Reviews (1)

The alarm and video surveillance market - France

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