The alarm and video surveillance market is a fast-growing sector that includes a range of products such as alarm sirens, video cameras, sensors and detectors. Aimed at different types of customer, including private individuals, professionals and public institutions, the market is driven by a growing concern for security and the adoption of advanced technologies such as IP cameras. Worldwide, the market size was around $88.7 billion in 2021, with growth forecast at $126.9 billion by 2026, reflecting an annual growth rate of 10% for video surveillance and 4.8% for alarms. The French market is showing robust growth, with particularly high potential in the home segment due to a lower equipment rate and the perceived effectiveness of systems. In 2020, the SNPES has noted a 2.2% drop in the sector's sales due to the pandemic, but demand is expected to rise, stimulated by technological innovations and heightened security awareness.

Despite a pandemic-related drop in burglaries of main residences in 2020, down 21%, the overall rate has stabilized since peaking between 2010 and 2013. The feeling of insecurity in France remains stable, which influences the adoption of security solutions. Regulations govern the use of these devices, including strict rules on the decibel level of outdoor alarms, the ban on filming public thoroughfares without authorization, and the length of time images can be kept. The market offers a wide range of products, to suit different budgets, and is characterized by a mix of manufacturing and service companies, spread across several segments.

Demand trends in the French alarm and video surveillance sector

Analysis of the French alarm and video surveillance market shows that demand is following an upward trajectory, fueled by a feeling of insecurity shared by the French population. Technological advances and a solid legislative environment are bolstering the market's growth prospects. Worldwide, the video surveillance market is booming, with a remarkable average annual growth rate of around 10% to 2023. At the same time, the global alarm market, although developing at a slower pace, is forecast to grow steadily over the coming years. In France, the security sector is currently enjoying strong growth, with sales of between 7 and 8 billion euros in recent years, testifying to the strength of the industry despite a slight dip due to the COVID-19 crisis.

An eclectic clientele characterizes the market, with large corporations, public institutions, small and medium-sized businesses, private-sector professionals, property managers and private individuals. The market's enthusiasm for high-tech solutions, such as IP cameras, reflects a thirst for sophisticated equipment, particularly in the professional sector, where the aim is to update existing systems. The demand spectrum in France presents an intriguing dichotomy: the residential segment has immense untapped potential due to current low penetration rates, while business customers are mainly looking to rejuvenate existing systems. This bifurcation gives rise to a two-speed market development - dynamic for individual consumers and more measured for businesses.

The complexity of demand is reinforced by the fact that society is faced with the impact of burglaries on its peace of mind. While burglaries have ostensibly plateaued at an annual figure of around 230,000, fear of such incidents is clearly influencing the market, with women reporting a higher sense of insecurity than men. This perceived vulnerability has a direct impact on the security equipment market, creating new avenues for growth, particularly in less well-equipped areas such as alarms connected to external monitoring centers. In addition, new residential development strategies are becoming a focus of interest. Although the volume of housing starts reflects a downward trend, falling by over 18%, new building standards requiring security systems are breathing life into demand for alarms and monitoring devices.

In short, the French alarm and video surveillance market is a web of opportunities influenced by technological drivers, changing customer needs and socio-economic factors. A booming residential segment, full of potential, and a professional segment focused on improvement and sophistication define the present.

Key players in the alarm and video surveillance market

The alarm and video surveillance market is characterized by the presence of a diverse range of players, each bringing their unique expertise and product offerings to bear on different consumer needs. Here's an overview of some of the key players highlighted in the above text:

  • Verisure: Specializing in installation and maintenance, Verisure is a leading company in the field of security solutions. Recognized for its core business in electronic security systems, it offers complete alarm systems for private and professional customers, ensuring peace of mind through effective monitoring and responsive service.
  • Securitas: A specialist in surveillance and security, Securitas has earned a solid reputation for the reliability of its services. The company is known for providing a wide range of security options, from guarding to alarm response services, demonstrating its versatility in the field.
  • Delta Dore: A company that has embraced product diversification, Delta Dore is identified as a home automation specialist. It offers intelligent solutions for homes and businesses, integrating alarm systems into the broader context of intuitive building management.
  • Vinci: Part of one of the world's largest construction and building management groups, Vinci includes security solutions in its horizontal integration model. This enables it to offer sophisticated alarm and video surveillance systems as part of a holistic approach to infrastructure development and maintenance.
  • Rexel: A generalist in electrical systems and industrial automation, Rexel demonstrates vertical integration by offering a range of products and services that includes the production and distribution of alarm and video surveillance equipment. Their expertise extends from initial design to ongoing maintenance of installed systems.
  • Bosch Security Systems: As a vertically integrated company, Bosch produces high-quality, reliable security equipment, including alarms and video surveillance systems. Its extensive sales network enables it to provide local after-sales service, guaranteeing long-term customer satisfaction.

These players, with their different approaches to market positioning and service provision, collectively contribute to a dynamic and competitive alarm and CCTV market. Their offerings ensure that there is a security solution for every type of customer segment, from private residences to large corporations and public institutions.

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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

The alarm and video surveillance market covers all technological devices and appliances used to ensure security and prevent theft or intrusion.

The market includes the following products

  • alarm sirens ;

  • video cameras ;

  • sensors and detectors.

These various security tools are aimed at different types of customer: private individuals, professionals, public facilities and buildings.

Prefectoral authorization, prohibition of filming on the public highway, retention period or authorization to view recorded images- the use of surveillance devices is governed by very specific legislation, depending on the context of use.

The global video surveillance market is booming, and is expected to grow at an average annual rate of almost 9.2% between 2023 and 2028. Similarly, the global alarm market is expected to grow steadily over the next few years.

Market customers include both professionals (companies of all sizes and public institutions) and private individuals.the French security market is also growing, driven by numerous technological innovations and benefiting from the feeling of insecurity shared by many French people. Private markets account for the highest proportion of the sector's sales in France.

The 2024 Olympic Games will increase demand for video surveillance systems in France, particularly from public institutions.

1.2 The global market continues to grow

According to Markets&Markets, the global video surveillance market will be worth $**.* billion in ****. This is a rapidly expanding market which, according to the same source, will grow at a CAGR (***) of *.*% over the period ****-****, to reach a size of over $** billion. One of the key drivers of this market ...

1.3 French market boosted by growing demand

Security market France, ****-**** Source: ****

The security market in France has evolved gradually over the period ****-****, as shown in the graph. Initially valued at *.** billion euros in ****, the market fluctuated slightly until ****, hovering around *.* to *.* billion euros. from **** onwards, a significant upward trend was observed, marking a steady increase until ...

1.4 A trade deficit

French customs provide trade statistics for "electric alarms for protection against theft or fire and similar appliances" (***). France's trade balance for this type of device is in deficit. In fact, in ***, the value of exports was *** million euros, while that of imports was ** million euros, i.e. a negative balance of ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Typology of demand

The main customer markets for remote surveillance in France are as follows:

Corporate customers

Private companies are the main customers for alarm and remote surveillance manufacturers, and use electronic security systems that cover fire protection, intrusion detection and access control.

Public institutions

Public institutions are the second-largest customer market for security ...

2.2 Burglaries of principal residences

The trend in the number of burglaries of main residences recorded by police and gendarmerie services in France from **** to **** shows significant variations over the years. In****, there is a noticeable drop, with only ***,*** burglaries recorded, perhaps due to travel restrictions linked to the COVID-** pandemic. by ****, more than ***,*** burglaries of ...

2.3 French people's sense of insecurity

Change in feeling of insecurity France, ****-****, %, %, %, %, %, %, %, %, %, %, %, %, % Source: ****

The evolution of feelings of insecurity in France between **** and **** reveals significant variations over this period. In January ****, the percentage of respondents expressing a feeling of insecurity was **%, then rose to **% in July ****, marking a notable increase in the space of a few ...

2.4 Typology of consumer demand

Rate of people with the following protection systems France, ****, in Source: ****

**% of respondents have at least one piece of protective equipment (***) are the most widespread equipment. Only **% of French people own an armored door.

Feeling of effectiveness of current equipment to prevent burglary France, ****, % (***) Source: ****

Perceived effectiveness of security systems France, ...

2.5 New construction market

The number of new housing starts has an impact on the security and surveillance equipment segment. Between **** and ****, the number of new housing units will fall by -**. *%, from ***,*** to ***,***. Then, between **** and ****, the number of housing starts rose by *.*%, with a total of ***.* new housing starts in ****. This increase can ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Market organization and dynamics

In the alarm and video surveillance market, it's important to distinguish between the different companies that provide the services in question, as well as the customers for whom there is genuine diversity.

However, it may be interesting to distinguish several categories within the alarm and video surveillance equipment manufacturers and installers ...

3.2 Production: an increase in the number of companies and employees in the sector

Companies operating in the alarm and video surveillance sector in France are registered under NAF code **.**Z: "Activities related to security systems". This category includes :

surveillance and remote monitoring of electronic security and alarm systems such as burglar and fire alarms, including installation and maintenance the installation, repair, refurbishment and adaptation ...

3.3 Distribution

There are three types of distribution in the alarm and video surveillance market:

Distribution to businesses; Distribution to public bodies; Distribution to private individuals.

Distribution to each customer segment is carried out according to specific procedures, requiring further development.

Distribution to companies

The means used by companies to monitor their warehouses ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Types of alarms and video surveillance equipment

According to protection-surveillance.fralarms are generally used to protect and prevent the risk of theft and intrusion in :

A home (***) ; A business: professional alarm; Vehicles.

There are also several alarm systems, such as:

Wireless alarms ; GSM alarms; Wired alarms ; Presence detectors; Intruder alarms; Fake alarms ; Fire alarms; Alarms for the ...

4.2 A multitude of products

The alarm and video surveillance market is made up of a very wide range of products that are identical in terms of purpose (***), but differ in terms of quality and functionality.

Alarm and video surveillance devices may vary in design or technical features, whether generic or customized - in the case ...

4.3 Prices to suit all budgets

Thanks to the development of new technologies, video surveillance equipment is no longer reserved for the big bucks and professionals. There are devices at every price point, depending on use and budget. The following price ranges have been provided by the website Oorekaa specialist in online price comparisons.

Source: ****

4.4 Modernizing the offering with biometrics and algorithmic video surveillance


Faced with the challenges posed by document fraud, identity theft, the threats of terrorism and cybercrime, and changing international regulations, new technological solutions are gradually emerging. Among these, biometrics is rapidly emerging as a relevant approach to reliably and rapidly identify and authenticate individuals, based on unique biological characteristics.

Biometrics ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Alarm regulation

Regulations for outdoor alarms and sirens

Before installing an intruder alarm system, you need to make a declaration to the local council. This enables the mayor to issue guidelines concerning the maximum sound level authorized in your commune. In accordance with article R****-* d of the French Public Health Code, ...

5.2 Video surveillance regulations

However, the installation of video surveillance systems is more strictly regulated, since it also concerns the privacy of those filmed. It should be pointed out that this legislation applies to all video surveillance systems filming on or in the public highway.

A distinction must first be made between :

Private places: any ...

List of charts

  • World market for alarms and video surveillance
  • Security market size
  • Breakdown of sales by type of market
  • Breakdown of security sales by business sector
  • Number of burglaries of main residences recorded by police and gendarmerie services
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