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Wholesale trade in hardware, including locksmiths, is estimated at €4 billion in 2022.

Global sales in the access control industry are estimated at $10 billion. The broader locksmithing market includes lock, access control and hardware manufacturers, as well as metalworkers.

The access control segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.4% between 2023 and 2028, driven by technological innovations and wireless security systems. In France, the sector grew by 5.88% in 2022, boosted by a strong price effect, with Germany remaining a major trading partner. The USA remains the leading producer of metal locks and hinges.

Burglaries rose by 11% in 2022, after falling during the Covid-19 crisis. Consumers' security concerns are on the rise and driving the market.

The sector faces the challenges of a slowdown in real estate, a decline in new housing construction, a drop in real estate transactions and an increase in Chinese imports. conversely, connected locks and smart home technology are booming markets.

French exports of locks have reached 196 million euros in 2022, slightly down on 2021, while the French market for doors and windows has defied expectations.ais window and door market has defied economic downturns with resilient growth, but could slow down as 61% of managers anticipate a decline in 2023.

The locksmith accessories market is also linked to the furniture market. The French furniture market remains a renewal market, with growth of 2% to 14.85 billion euros in 2022, albeit with an illusion fuelled by inflation. The automotive sector has seen a drop in car sales and production, which has had an impact on demand for locks and fittings.

The hardware wholesale business, which includes locksmithing, is valued at €4 billion, and grew by 8.51% in 2022.

Industry leaders such as Assa Abloy and Gretsch-Unitas are foreign subsidiaries that dominate the French market.


Market trends in the French locksmith industry

The French locksmithing market is growing slowly in a landscape marked by the advance of new technologies. This dynamic sector comprises two main activities: the manufacture of locks and hardware, and metalworking services, locksmithing and the armoring of exterior doors and installation of fire doors.

The French access control market is set to grow significantly over the next few years. This growth is attributable to the rapid adoption of new technologies, concerns about rising crime rates and new wireless security systems.

The sector is experiencing a revival thanks to smart connected locks. These innovative products, often controlled by smartphones, support the booming home automation market.

Traditional locksmithing production is set to grow by an average of between 3% and 4% a year between 2015 and 2022. It is keeping pace with market trends.

2023 will be a difficult year due to the downturn in the real estate market, new housing construction and a decline in real estate transactions.

The balance of trade in the locksmithing sector will be in deficit by 250 to 350 million euros in 2022. The locksmith industry is concentrated in the north and northeast of France.


Leaders in locksmithing excellence


  • Assa Abloy France SAS: Subsidiary of the Swedish locksmith giant
  • Bricard subsidiary of the British group Allegion
  • Fichet Groupe
  • Ferco (Gretsch-Unitas Group): This German group has a wealth of traditional know-how and industry-leading innovation. Its French subsidiary, Ferco, manufactures a range of hardware, door and window components.
  • Minibea Access Solutions France: a subsidiary of Japanese industrial giant MinebeaMitsumi brings cutting-edge technology to the sector.
  • TB Industrie (Tordo Belgrano Groupe): known by its market name Torbel, this group is a benchmark for shutter hardware, hinges and locks
  • U Shin Japanese group
  • Latchable
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Presentation and definition of the locksmith market

Apart from the first lock designs that appeared in Ancient Egypt over 3,000 years ago[], then by the Romans with metal locks, the first "modern" locks appeared during the reign of Louis XVI, also known as the locksmith-king. A true locksmith's enthusiast, he promoted this art, particularly in Picardy and more specifically in Vimeu, with modern locks similar to those we know today. [Igloohome] The modernization of locksmithing was both aesthetic and technical, with the advent of combination locks and padlocks.

This study will focus on two distinct activities:

  • lock and hardware manufacturers;
  • metalworkers and locksmiths (armoring of exterior doors, installation of fire doors, etc.).

The global access control market is expected to grow by an average of 8.4% over the next five years, driven by the development of new technologies and access control systemsnew technologies and wireless security systems. The market in the USA, the world's leading producer of metal locks and hinges, is growing, and should continue to do so over the next few years.

In France, the locks and fittings manufacturing business is set to grow by 5.88% in 2022, driven by a strong price effect. Germany is the sector's main trading partner, being the leading customer and supplier of locks and fittings products, followed by China, Spain and Italy for imports, and Spain, Belgium and Morocco for exports.

The locksmith's market is largely dependent on a number of factors, including the new construction market, windows and doors, and feelings of insecurity. Recently, the locksmith's market has seen a revival with smart connected locks .[Connected objectthese locks can be locked and unlocked remotely using a smartphone or other terminal, usually with a Bluetooth connection. The market for connected locks is booming, supported by the growing popularity of home automation.

Despite significant growth of nearly 6% in 2022, 2023 promises to be a more complex year for the sector. Faced with international crises in the real estate sector, the industry's main customers are experiencing a significant reduction in new housing construction, as well as a drop in transactions in existing property, combined with a decline in household purchasing power . This deterioration in the economic context represents a major challenge for the various players in the sector. In addition, theincrease in Chinese imports, which are taking up an ever-greater share of the market, combined with a worsening balance of trade, represents another problem facing industry players.

1.2 A booming global market

Worldwide access control market

The global market is expected to grow steadily between **** and ****, at a CAGR of +*.*%. [***]Growth in the access control market is being driven by the massive adoption of new technological solutions due to rising crime rates in some parts of the world, technological advances and the deployment ...

1.3 Slow growth in the French market

This study distinguishes two distinct business segments. On the one hand, manufacturers of locks and fittings, whose main activity is to produce all types of locks, bolts, padlocks and fittings for the building and furniture markets, as well as for automobiles, for example. [***]

These two areas of activity correspond to the ...

1.4 Dynamic French foreign trade

In ****, France exported a total of *** million euros worth of base metal locks and other clasps. This figure is down *.*% on ****.

Exports remained very stable between **** and **** (***)

Export figures (***) France, ****-****, Million€ Source: ****

Imports increased by *.*% on average over the ****-**** period, peaking in **** at $*** million. By ****, imports had nevertheless fallen ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 A sluggish new construction market

The volume of activity in the locksmithing sector is strongly correlated withew housing construction

New housing market :

In terms of new housing sales, we have seen a significant drop in the number of sales orders and reservations since the beginning of ****, coinciding with the arrival of the pandemic.

from the first ...

2.2 The window and door market: A market that's weathering the economic storm

Window and door manufacturers need locksmithing products to design their own products. This market is strongly linked to the favorable regulations governing the energy renovation of buildings.

A study by TBC Innovations reveals that around ***,*** entrance doors were sold in ****.

According to the same study, the typology of doors sold shows ...

2.3 The furniture market: growth in the dark

Locksmiths and lock manufacturers generally include in their range of models hinges, clasps and padlocks, generally used in furniture manufacture. The French furniture market is primarily a renewal market, with low annual variations. In ****, market sales will total €**.** billion . This represents *% growth in value compared to ****.

In ****, thanks to the growing ...

2.4 The automotive industry in decline

the number of new cars sold in France will fall sharply between **** and ****, with an average drop of almost *%. This drop in the number of cars sold is due to the delivery crisis in the sector.

Trend in the number of cars sold in France France, ****-**** Source: ****

In ****, we see ...

2.5 Burglary and feelings of insecurity

The need for locksmithing and ironmongery products is strongly influenced by feelings of insecurity and the incidence of burglaries. Demand for these products is directly impacted by changes in these two factors.

Lhe insecurity factor

According to the study published each year by Insee (***), people's feeling of insecurity at home varies ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Erosion of the industrial fabric, highly concentrated in northern and northeastern France

Since ****, the number of establishments has fallen steadily, from *** to ***, equivalent to a drop of more than * establishments per year on average.

Number of establishments (***)

The number of employees has also fallen sharply between **** and ****, by almost *% per year (***). This was accentuated by the covid crisis in ****. The sector has been ...

3.3 Hardware wholesaling, a growing distribution channel

In the value chain, hardware wholesalers are positioned between hardware and DIY suppliers and manufacturers, and industrial building and civil engineering professionals. They are therefore clearly dependent on the economic performance of the latter sector, which in turn depends heavily on the housing construction and renovation market (***)

The retail hardware market ...

3.4 A relatively concentrated sector

The main lock manufacturers in France are in fact subsidiaries of foreign groups; the top four companies together accounted for around ***.* million euros in **** on French territory. [***]

Assa Abloy

With sales of **.* billion euros in ****, the Swedish group Assa Abloy is the world's leading manufacturer of locks and door opening solutions ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Lock operating principles and types

In spite of the different lock mechanisms, the following components are generally found in all locks:

The bolt, a moving part that locks the bolt to the jamb to keep the door closed. It is indirectly activated by the cylinder or handle to lock or unlock access; The striker plate, the ...

4.2 Production prices for locks and fittings

From **** to ****, production prices in the locks and fittings industry rose by a very modest *% per year on average. However, in ****, due to the economic recovery, supply problems and inflation (***), prices rose significantly. In ****,prices rose by *.*%, and this trend continued in **** with a further increase of *.*% compared to ****.

French industry ...

4.3 Pricing by lock type

Locksmith service prices are based on lock replacement or installation services.

In the event of lost or stolen keys, the locksmith can change the lock without damaging the door.Replacement can cost from *** euros to *** euros before tax, depending on the complexity of the new lock

Here are price estimates for ...

4.4 The rise of a more technological offering

Whether directly on locks or on substitute products, the market for door and window security, and more generally for home and building security, is being turned upside down by recent technological innovations promising improved security.the market for door and window security, and more generally for home and building security, is ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulations

In France, the locksmith and hardware market is governed by various laws and regulations, particularly those relating to the safety of goods and people. Here are some of the main laws and regulations that apply to this sector:

Activity in this sector is reserved for individuals who hold a professional qualification, ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Segmentation

The following segmentation is used for locksmith market players:

  • Assa Abloy
  • Gretsch-Unitas
  • U-Shin
  • Tordo Belgrano
  • Atrya
  • FPEE Industries
  • Descours et Cabaud
  • Rubix Europe
  • Würth
  • Havr
  • Latchable
  • Bricard (Allegion plc Groupe)
  • Allegion
  • Fichet Groupe
  • Pollux
  • Pinet Industrie

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Estimated worldwide sales in the access control industry
  • Sales of lock manufacturers, metalworkers and locksmiths
  • Main countries supplying locksmith products
  • Main countries for locksmith products
  • Export value (Padlocks, locks and bolts: Customs code: 8301)
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