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The fire detector market - France

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1.1 Presentation and market definition

The fire safety systems include products related to both detection and to shutdown (automatic or manual) of a fire and to the audible and luminous smoke signalling. Among the most well-known systems, we find the fire extinguishers and the smoke detectors. This study covers the fire detector solely.

A fire saftey system device detects anomalies in the air related to smoke or fire. The device is installed in the roof in all types of properties including commercial, residential, industrial etc.

The global fire detector is in full growth and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% until 2027. This growth comes amid stringent consumer adherence to saftey, an increase in consumer spending, and regulation. In France, the latter has proved partcularily important for this market. 

Indeed, since 2015 it is mandatory for all residentials properties in France to have a fire detector installed. Thus, the penetration rate is high with some 89% of households now having a device installed, compared to an equivalent figure in 2012 of 27%. The market is strongly dependant on constructions as a key revenue driver; in 2020 and in light of COVID-19, there has been a temporary plummet of activity and hence industry revenue overall. Nevertheless, this effect looks short term only.

Going forward, connected systems will prevail in France, as they permit the user to have full control of both the type of fire and also its' location. Players should position themselves in this category in order to come out as market leaders. 



1.2 The global market in full bloom

The global fire detector market World, ****-*****, in US$ billion Source: ****

The global fire detector is in full growth; between **** and **** it is expected to grow at a CAGR of *.*% to reach US$**.** billion in ****.

This growth comes from several drivers; first, the awareness around saftey and security is increasing globally. ...

1.3 The French market is growing amid new regulations

In France, there is a fire every second minute. Each year there are around **,*** victims of fire which cause *** deaths, and around ***,*** homes file claims reported to fire insurance per year. If you are French, you have a * in * chance to be victim of a fire during your lifetime. [***] The need ...

1.4 International Trade

This section analyses France's bilateral trade agreements within the signalling apparatus industry. In particular, it includes the following code obtained from UN Comtrade: 

******: Signalling apparatus; electric, sound or visual, burglar or fire alarms and similar, other than those of heading no. **** or ****.

Trade of signalling appartuses France, ****-****, in US$ ...

1.5 COVID 19's impact on the industry

Fire detectors are non-cylical, and, once installed, they only require maintenance. In France it is mandatory for households to be equipped with a device, and most commercial and industrial facilities also have one for security measures. For this reason, and due to the fact that the device is indeed a necessity ...


2.1 The French consumer's relation to fire detectors

More than a third of French people are not aware of the correct behaviour to adopt in the event of a fire, a feeling particularly shared by **% of households with under-age children. [***] Additionally, it seems that maintenance of fire detectors should increase in France, provided by data in the chart ...

2.2 Demand drivers


The law of *th of March **** saw the introduction of a law which makes it a necessity to install fire (***) detectors in residential areas. 

With regards to regulation, construction becomes an important driver in the fire detector market. Indeed, since ****'s law stipulates that all residential properties must be equipped ...

2.3 Analysis: incidents related to fire

According to mysweetimmo in **** there were ***,*** residential fires, with **% coming from electrical sources. This issue is recognized in France, where **% of French people fear that a fire will break out in their home and **% clearly identify smoke as more dangerous than flames in the event of a fire. [***]

Distribution of hospitalisations ...

2.4 Demand trends: connected fire detectors

Ranking of types of connected devices owned France, ****, in % Source: ****

In ****, *% of French households owned a connected smoke detector device. Although this figure in itself is relatively low, it is still the fifth most common connected device in French households. 

Connected fire devices alert users when there is fire and where ...


3.1 Market structure and the geographical clusters

The market for fire detectors in France is fragmented, with a mix between local and foreign players, imported and domestically produced products, and with no clear market leader. 

Data on market shares is scarce. Le Figaro reports that in **** Lifebox was the French leader with **% of the market share, ahead of ...

3.2 The production process

Usine Nouvelle reports that there are ** manufacturers of fire detectors in France, including a mix between local and foreign players. In France, production is concentrated in Ile-de-France where most of the R&D also occurs.

In general, the production of smoke detectors is divided into several steps: 

Fabrication of Am-***: Americium ...

3.3 Distribution

Number of employees and companies in the activities related to security systems (***) France, ****-****, in units Source: ****

The security sector in France has been increasing, both in number of employees and number of firms. Between **** and **** the figures increased by respectively **% and **%. Again, it should be mentioned that this NAF code ...


4.1 Product overview

Moreover, the technology behind fire detectors is based on four fundamentals: [***]

Ionization – these smoke detectors have an electrical current running, which, when disrupted by smoke, triggers the alarm. It is great for identifying quick and fast-burning fires  Photoelectric – works in similar fashion as ionization detectors, but instead of electricity through a ...

4.2 The opportunity in maintenance and installation

As previously highlighted, there seems to be issues with installations of fire detectors in France, both on the demand and the supply side.

First, **% of those with detectors have installed several in their home and in almost * out of ** cases, the detectors are wrongly installed in the kitchen as reported in ...

4.3 Price analysis

Source: ****


5.1 Regulation

French rules and regulations have indeed driven market growth in recent years. Since the law of March *th, **** all dwellings must be equipped with at least one smoke detector in accordance with standard NF EN *****. The process began in **** via the Morange and Meslot law. If the individual is audited and ...


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