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The French market for industrial joints is estimated at around 60 million euros.

The global market for industrial gaskets, valued at around US$8.39 billion, is growing strongly, with projections reaching around US$11.58 billion by 2022, largely propelled by demand from the petrochemical infrastructure and energy sectors.

In recent years, the French gaskets market has become an important sector, mainly due to the pressing demands of various industries that rely heavily on sealing solutions.

The French gaskets market, according to Eurostat definitions, encompasses multi-faceted items made from metal combined with other materials or layered metals.

Gaskets are indispensable for ensuring the safety and efficiency of equipment in all industrial sectors: transport, energy, engineering, fluids, machinery, food, household appliances, railroads, aeronautics, nuclear and renewable energy, petrochemicals and biotechnology.
All these industries need high-performance PTFE seals.

The French market is home to a constellation of players with sales ranging from a few million euros to over 70 million euros.

A player in the industrial seals market

  • Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
  • Technetics Group
  • Techne
  • ERIKS France
  • GEB
  • Groupe Eynard Robin
  • France Joint
  • Anfray
  • Dichtomatik
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

The industrial seals sector is a subset of the sealing devices sector , with a dual function:

  • to prevent leakage of fluid (liquid or gas) from a container
  • to prevent the intrusion of foreign bodies into a device

Seals are essential to guarantee the tightness of mechanical connections used to transport fluids, and are therefore particularly present in piping systems, pumps and turbines. Their importance lies at the level of the fittings, whether fixed or mobile, and they guarantee the smooth operation and safety of a wide range of equipment and machines. Manufacturing processes therefore call for high-precision mechanisms and special know-how: the sector therefore requires a high level of technical expertise.

There are many different types of seal, differing from one another in shape, material, size and, of course, use. Seals are often metal-plastic. The material must be able to withstand the pressure and temperature differences of the fluid in question, as well as its chemical composition. While there are simple seal systems, others can be far more sophisticated, enabling wear to be monitored remotely, for example. In addition, there are other similar systems for guaranteeing sealing in certain specific cases: such as mechanical seals and sealing rings .

The French market for industrial seals was worth almost €59 million in 2020.

The main fields of application for industrial seals can be grouped into several segments:

  • Transport (Automotive / Rail / Aeronautics / Space / Naval / Agricultural machinery & construction)
  • energy (Nuclear / Wind / Hydraulic)
  • Medical / Biochemical
  • Food
  • Metallurgy / Iron & Steel
  • Chemicals / Petrochemicals
  • household appliances
  • Industrial machinery

As each type of application does not require the same type of seals and the same requirements, players tend to specialize in certain segments to meet specific customer needs.worldwide, the market has experienced strong growth in recent years, driven by the petrochemical and energy sectors in particular. Major players include Germany's ErlingKlinger, Sweden's Trelleborg and the USA's Flexitallic.

These include global players such as ErlingKlinger and Trelleborg, as well as French players such as Techné, France-Joint and Eriks France.

The growing importance attached to sustainable development is a buoyant segment for the seals sector, as seals help to save energy and prevent the leakage of harmful substances. What's more, manufacturers have to keep pace with their customers' production and adapt to their demands. The sector therefore requires substantial R&D investment and innovation to keep pace with new production challenges.

1.2 A growing global market

The global gaskets market peaked at US$*.** billion in ****, and according to Markets and Markets it should be around **.** billion by ****.

Sales of the global industrial seals market World, ****-****, in US$ billions Source: ****

According to Markets and Marketsthe main growth drivers are :

Demand for petrochemical infrastructure , particularly in developing countries. ...

1.3 The French gasket market

The French gaskets market

Insee groups the gaskets segment in activity **.**B - Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery, under nomenclature **.**.**, which includes mechanical seals and sets of seals in different materials.

Eurostat defines the category as follows: Gaskets and similar seals in sheet metal combined with other materials or in two ...

1.4 French trade balance

France has been a net importer of seals since ****.

French trade balance in gaskets and seals France, ****-****, in millions of dollars and in % UN COMTRADE HS code ******

France's trade balance for gaskets has seen fluctuating trends over the ****-**** period. Note impressive export growth between **** and ****, with an increase of ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Levers of demand: the transport sector

Seals are ubiquitous in the transport sector: cars, trucks, trains, bicycles, scooters, boats and more all rely on seals.

As a result, the market for gaskets and seals is largely dependent on developments in the global transport market, and especially on its two most important markets: automotive and aerospace. These two ...

2.2 Demand drivers: the energy sector

Virtually all energy production systems have seals that contribute to their smooth operation. These include

nuclear power plants thermal power plants hydroelectric dams wind turbines

Breakdown of primary energy consumption in France France, ****, as a percentage of volume Source: ****

For example, nuclear power, France's main source of electricity, relies heavily on ...

2.3 Demand drivers: fluid engineering and machinery

*/ Fluid engineering

Fluid technology" (***) is widespread in municipal installations such as drinking water and wastewater pipes. They are also widely used in factories in the form of industrial pumps and valves in various manufacturing processes. [***]

The chart below outlines sales trends in the manufacture of pumps and other compressors in France: ...

2.4 Demand drivers: food and household appliances

*/ Food industry

Sealing solutions are used in food packaging to :

prevent food leaks (***) prevent contamination by external intrusion prevent contamination of the product itself, which requires system sterility (***)

They are also used in many production machines, and their smooth operation helps to limit production maintenance [***]

As sealing solutions are linked to ...

2.5 Microprocessors: one of many growth sectors

Growth sectors:

The microprocessor market has enjoyed stable growth in recent years. The sector's market size is expected to increase by **% between **** and ****!

Sales forecasts for the microprocessor sector World, ****-****, in billions of US$ Source: ****

Other sectors of the future include robotics, e-mobility and medical equipment .

Other sectors not developed ...

2.6 Summary

3 Market structure

3.1 Segmentation and player dynamics

The main value chain for seal manufacturers includes :

Upstream, suppliers of raw materials (***) Downstream, gasket manufacturers are highly dependent on major customers and their gasket requirements.

Players in the gaskets sector must support their customers' innovations by adapting to new production challenges. They must develop newmanufacturing techniquesand innovate to meet more ...

3.2 The challenges of seal production

The diagram above depicts four pillars of the seal production challenge. By contributing to each of these pillars, a virtuous circle can be set in motion, since they are interdependent.

*/ Safety

Compliance with technical standards is essential not only for regulatory reasons, but also to guarantee the safety of installed ...

3.3 The main distribution channels

Some manufacturers of industrial seals have their own distribution channels - especially the larger players - but others rely on external distributors. Most manufacturers offer both types of distribution. Most of the time, large orders go through their own distribution channels, whereas sales via specialized intermediaries are more likely to be ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Types of joints

Static joints vs. dynamic joints:

Static seals are designed to withstand high pressure and compression, whereasdynamic seals are designed to withstand extreme conditions and repeated movement. dynamic seals are designed to withstand extreme conditions and repeated movements (***).

Nevertheless, certain types of seals - such as O-rings - can be static or ...

4.2 Raw material costs and price analysis

Manufacturers depend on world prices for the raw materials used in the production process. Take the example of steel sheet and strip, the price of which has been falling since ****.

Producer price index for hot- and cold-rolled steel sheet and strip World, ****-****, in index values Source: ****

Trend in French industry's ...

4.3 Seals at the heart of today's energy challenges

Environmentally-friendly production is the order of the day in all the seal manufacturers' customer sectors. Seals are one of the key elements in this more energy-efficient take just one example, the emerging trend towards fuel-efficient vehicles has led to increased demand for lightweight components (***). Technological advances have led to ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulations

Regulations governing joints are specific to each of the industries for which they are intended: automotive, aeronautical, nuclear, etc. The following are just a few examples.

A decree dated **/**/**** covers the safety of pipelines for transporting combustible gases, liquid or liquefied hydrocarbons, and chemical products. This decree defines the minimum requirements ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Segmentation

Other companies in Artema's "Sealing" group include:

CYCLAM: dynamic seals. EagleBurgmann France: seals, gaskets and rings. Fluiten SpA Mechanical Seals: metal seals. John Crane, a Part of Smiths Group: mechanical seals Industrial Sealing Solutions - GROUPE LATTY Machined seals | SKF

  • Precision Polymer Engineering
  • Tremco Illbruck (CPG)
  • Trelleborg Group
  • Technetics Group France
  • Techné
  • Eynard Robin
  • France Joint
  • Anfray Etanchéité
  • Dichtomatik (Groupe Freudenberg sealing)
  • PXL Seals
  • Emka Beschlagteile
  • Eriks
  • ElringKlinger
  • Tremko Illbruck (DPG Europe)
  • Frenzelit
  • Mursec
  • EGP Dépannage
  • Protoumat
  • SES sterling
  • TC Concept
  • Soletanche Bachy
  • Le joint technique
  • Kalicom
  • AdhésionXtrem
  • AJTM

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Worldwide sales of industrial seals
  • Share of domestic and export sales in the aerospace sector
  • Motor vehicle sales (end June 2023)
  • Breakdown of sales in the aerospace sector
  • Sales in the aerospace sector
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Companies quoted in this study

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Precision Polymer Engineering
Tremco Illbruck (CPG)
Trelleborg Group
Technetics Group France
Eynard Robin
France Joint
Anfray Etanchéité
Dichtomatik (Groupe Freudenberg sealing)
PXL Seals
Emka Beschlagteile

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