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The window market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and presentation

Windows are openings constructed on buildings in order to create an opening to the outside. They are made of different materials, such as wood,aluminum, and PVC. The sale of windows takes place mainly during the construction period or during the period of building renovation.Windows differ according to the type of opening (the movement that the sash makes), among them we find:

  • casement opening;
  • tilt and turn (or vasistas) opening;
  • tilt-and-turn opening;
  • sliding opening;
  • swing opening;
  • folding opening.

Globally, it can be estimated that the window market will experience an increase in demand due to a rapid growth of cities and the process of industrialization, which, in turn, will lead to the development of new residential and commercial building activities. The global market size is recorded at around $233.48 billion in the current year and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5 percent from 2023 to 2030.

The cost of the product is highly dependent on the type of material chosen and the size of the window frame.

1.2 The global market

The global window and door market will experience an increase in demand due to a rapid growth of cities and the process of industrialization, which, in turn, will lead to the development of new residecial and commercial construction activities. The window and door market is also experiencing an increase in demand ...

1.3 The local market

In **** , there is an increase in the window and curtain wall market of **.*%, with an actual value of * billion euros. In addition, in **** there are strongly positive figures in the construction sector, with growth reaching almost +**%, with clear benefits on the demand for windows and doors and facades. Essential in the ...

1.4 The foreign market

To assess the size of the foreign market, it is necessary to examine the different types of categories that comprise it; the most relevant options include windows made of aluminum, plastic, wood, iron or steel. Each material has different characteristics that influence its positioning in the global market, making a detailed ...

1.5 Impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has had a significant impact on the window and door manufacturing industry, leading to higher producer prices.

Geopolitical tensions have generated instability in supply chains, with disruptions in transportation and access to crucial raw materials. This uncertainty has triggered higher operating costs for companies in the industry, which ...


2.1 Demand characteristics

The following is an overview of windows and doors and facades in the period between **** and ****, providing a perspective of the value that will be achieved in ****.

Window frames and facades are crucial elements of a building's architecture. Window frames (***) provide style and regulate natural light and interior ventilation. On the ...

2.2 Demand drivers

The following is an overview of the type of customers, divided between metal windows and doors and facades.

The predominance of business transactions for metal windows and doors occurs in the context of the private sector(***).

Breakdown of sales by customer type - metal windows and doors Italy, ****, % Window Market

Moving ...

2.3 Geographical distribution of demand

The following is an alternative analysis focused on the sector of enterprises active in residential and nonresidential construction. In the absence of precise details, it can be suggested that the larger presence of firms in a particular region reflects a high level of construction activity in that area. The proliferation of ...


3.1 Market structure and dynamics

To visualize the size of the Italian market, the number of firms active in the manufacture of metal doors and windows is presented. The values below are, therefore, specific to the metal product, as the Istat database does not provide values for the manufacture of plastic, iron or wooden windows.

Specifically, ...

3.2 Value Chain

Extraction and Supply of Raw Materials: includes the collection and processing of materials such as wood, aluminum, PVC, and glass, which are needed for window production Manufacturing and Assembly: stage involving the transformation of raw materials into window components (***) and their assembly to create the finished product. Design and development: involves ...

3.3 Main actors

Below are the main players in the industry, identified on the basis of turnover reported in the Companies Report register.

Fossati Serramenti: The company, with a long and successful tradition in the window and door industry, was founded in **** by Giovanni Fossati. It is considered a market leader in the industry ...


4.1 Type of Offering

Windows are one of the main structural elements of a home. In addition to performing the function of protecting the home, they contribute to sound insulation, allowing air and light to enter. Windows are also an important furnishing element as they impact the aesthetic appearance of the building and the interior ...

4.2 Prices

To get an overview of prices, it is necessary to know the determining factors in the choice of the product:

materials chosen; type of windows; type of glass installed.

Type of material chosen

The table shows the approximate prices for a * sq m fixed window.

Type of window

The following table ...

4.3 Smart Windows

Smart windows are a highly technological product, the aim of which is to reduce consumption in buildings and at the same time to regulate the temperature of indoor environments. When we talk about smart windows, we refer to a broad classification of different technologies; there are many experiments being carried out ...


5.1 Rules and regulations

When new window and door frames are installed, it is necessary to comply with the relevant regulations. There are specific rules for the installation of exterior window and door frames, and knowing them allows you to do a great job.

UNI *****: the standard was issued by the Italian Standards Body (***) and ...

5.2 Bonus Fixtures 2024

The window and door bonus is a tax break useful for recovering part of the resources spent on replacing fixtures and windows in homes. The bonus is linked to renovation or energy efficiency interventions in buildings. This government initiative, extended until December **, ****, allows property owners to be eligible for tax deductions ...


6.1 Segmentation

Italian Enterprises

Foreign enterprises

  • Fossati Serramenti
  • Agostini Group
  • Gruppo Finestre
  • Diquigiovanni
  • Cos.Met fratelli Rubolino
  • C.I.M.A.
  • Elledi Finestre in PVC
  • Simar
  • Aluplast Italia
  • Risposta Serramenti
  • Seraplastic
  • Puigmetal
  • Sawinmak PVC Machines
  • LBB Trade-Aluminium Extrusion
  • Stanbrook & Nicholson

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