The mattress market

Update 09/10/2019


1.1 Definition

The mattress market covers mattress producers and distributors and is a sub-segment of the bedding market, which integrates "everything concerning bed equipment (bed base, mattress, pillow, opening etc.)" according to the definition from the Larousse dictionary. This bedding market itself can be considered as a segment of the furniture market.

The sector has undergone a revival with the arrival of competition from Internet start-ups in the field, which has enabled the market to grow: in 2016, according to The Echos , the sector's turnover was €1.3 billion in France, an increase of 5.5% compared to 2015.

More than just a comfort product, the mattress also responds to a health problem, of which the French are more and more aware. According to the newspaper DNA if the French think that their quality of sleep is essential for good health, and on average get enough sleep ( 7 hours of sleep per night ), 55% of French people say they suffer from poor sleep quality.

These mattresses can guarantee cushioning in different ways, either by the material they are made of or by the integration of springs. They can be made of simple foam, latex, shape memory foam, or high resilience foam, and may or may not incorporate springs.



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