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The holiday village market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

A holiday village is a tourist facility (also called holiday resort) that welcomes tourists for longer or shorter stays. Usually within these structures families have the possibility to buy a package where several services are included (accommodation, catering or individual means for preparing meals, recreational activities).

In Italy, holiday villages are legally defined as hotel villages. These structures are usually located in areas equipped for accommodation and organised leisure activities. 

At a global level, this type of market has certainly suffered a lot during the recent health crisis due to the widespread stoppage of tourism, but recently a recovery can be observed thanks to the reopening of borders and the facilitation of tourism implemented by the various states. 

The Italian tourism market, and in particular that of holiday villages, has also been greatly affected by Covid-19, but the signs of recovery recorded in recent months are clear.

During the summer of 2021, Italy observed a positive trend of growth in holiday bookings and, above all, this positive trend also led to an increase in the occupancy rate of hotels and holiday villages.  

The most popular month for Italians to go on holiday in a resort was August and the most visited places were those close to home. This trend is also a result of the pandemic, which has generated fear in Italians, leading them to choose destinations closer to home. 

Another important trend to be taken into account is that of sustainable tourism, with particular reference to holiday villages. These types of structures can be very harmful to the environment because, given the large number of guests, they produce a lot of waste every day and use a lot of resources such as water and energy. Italians are increasingly asking for more "green" and sustainable options such as, for example, the abandonment of disposable plastics and the installation of solar panels to save energy. Valtur villages have already drawn up a strategic plan that is in line with the ESG criteria.  

In addition, it is becoming increasingly common for holiday villages to transform themselves and, in addition to being holiday resorts, organise activities to support local communities and the flora and fauna of the places where they are located. 






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