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The medical laboratories market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Medical biology laboratories (LBM), formerly known as medical analysis laboratories (LAM), are places whose function is to perform diagnoses and medical follow-ups from sampling of various fluids in human biology. They are managed by biologists.

The French market includes suppliers of reagents and consumables (gloves, masks, etc.), the various groups of laboratories, the sampling sites, the technical platforms and finally the state bodies (the Health Insurance)

Sales in France have stabilized in recent years after a period of decline in the previous year of strong growth Between 2013 and 2018, the turnover of medical biology laboratories grew by 28.6%

Similarly, the consumption of medical care and goods (CSBM) by analysis laboratories has increased in recent years to reach a record level in 2019 Nevertheless, this growth is in line with the more general growth of the CSBM (2.4% in 2019), so the share of analysis laboratories in the total CSBM has remained the same

The market is in restructuring, the number of laboratories has dropped considerably over the past 10 years and mergers and acquisitions have multiplied. Nevertheless, the number of collection sites and the number of employees have remained stable despite the rationalisation of the sector

The business is driven by a demand for general analysis which concerns all profiles. Indeed, nearly one in two French people were prescribed an analysis in 2018. However, the largest amounts are made by a specific request related to certain pathologies

The Covid-19 crisis tested the rationality of the sector, which was able to test its adaptation capacity while test demand has caused supply tensions throughout 2020

1.2 Health expenditure in the EU

Europe presents a rather broad panorama of medical biology laboratories. There are many differences between countries. These differences are reflected in the health care systems and the differences in health care spending by European country

An article by EM consults produces a typology of health systems in Europe:

The Bismarckian wage-based ...

1.3 Medical laboratories in the consumption of health care and medical goods

Each year, the Institute of Information and Professional Conjunctures (***) publishes a report on the Extra-Hospital Medical Biology Laboratories

Similarly, each year, DREES publishes the results of the health accounts. The **** edition Health care spending in **** reports and updates health data

The CI annual reports (***) and DREES data are used to obtain ...

1.4 The profession's turnover

The latest annual industry reports of the IC provide us with the evolution of the turnover of medical biology laboratories

Sales of medical biology laboratories (***) France, **** / **** - ****, billion euros Source: ****

Sales have stabilized in recent years after a period of growth around *.* billion in ****. The fact that turnover is stagnating after ...

1.6 Biology laboratories in high demand in 2020

Testing laboratories have been at the heart of the global pandemic. It is clear that they have not suffered too much from the crisis, benefiting both from the continuity of activity even during containment and from the increased demand for Covid-** testing

The test was widely used during the year ****. Its ...


2.1 Client profile and test use by disease

Biological tests throughout life

In December ****, Medicare published the Benchmarks - Issue **. This issue focuses on the medical biology sector in ****. According to this issue, in ****, a medical biology analysis was prescribed for nearly ** million people, or **% of the population.

Distribution of persons having had a prescription for a medical analysis ...

2.2 The main prescribers of biological analyses

The Benchmarks - Issue ** (***) also presents **** data of the most active private prescribers for medical biology procedures

Source: ****

General practitioners are therefore the biggest prescribers (***). Gynaecologists, cardiologists and anaesthetists come next. It can be said that the majority of procedures prescribed by general practitioners are low-cost procedures: in fact, they prescribe ...

2.3 The star acts of demand: amount and volume

The most reimbursed procedures in ****

The IC branch report, reveals the ** medical biology procedures that were most reimbursed in ****

Source: ****

The top of the ranking has changed very little. The top of the ranking of the most reimbursed examinations is mainly composed of general check-ups such as haemograms and ionograms which ...


3.1 Local sampling sites: a constant territorial network

The profession on the territory includes all the local sampling sites and the laboratories that manage these sites. The sites are registered in the Insee nomenclature under the following NAF code, **.**B Medical analysis laboratories.

The ACOSS database of the national URSSAF network allows us to obtain the evolution of the ...

3.2 Laboratories: mergers and rationalization of the sector, key players

Number of laboratories

The industry report for the IC sector shows this decline in the number of laboratories employing at least one employee.

Number of laboratories (***) with at least one employee France, **** - ****, in units Source: ****

Over the past ** years, the profession has been restructured. Faced with the challenges of cost ...

3.3 Financing of medical laboratories

Overview and **** - **** evolution of CSBM funding for testing laboratories

Medical laboratories are financed by various bodies: social security, complementary organizations and households. The table below shows the breakdown of CSBM financing for analysis laboratories according to the various public and private financiers

Source: ****

Financing by social security

In the DREES ...

3.4 Salary structure

Gender of staff

The activity report of the branch, conducted by the IC in ****, allows us to approach the panorama of the sector's salaried workforce in ****.

Distribution of employees of analysis laboratories by gender France, ****, in % Source: ****

The activity therefore employs a large majority of women. This distribution has not changed ...

3.5 Business expenses: payroll and training

The wage bill

Still, according to the branch's activity report, the gross wage bill in **** amounted to *.** billion euros: that is, **.*% of the profession's turnover. The share of laboratories with a profit-sharing agreement in **** is **%, yet only **% of profit-sharing agreements resulted in a payment, a share that has dropped drastically since ...


4.1 Breakdown of medical biology expenditure by pathology: a range of diagnostics

The Benchmarks - issue ** (***) presents medical biology expenditures by pathology:

Breakdown of medical biology expenditure by pathology France, ****, in % * Pain relief or anti-inflammatory treatment ** : with or without pathologies, treatments or maternity *** Chronic respiratory diseases (***). Source: ****

Nearly **% of laboratory expenditure is general expenditure that is not linked to a specific disease. These ...

4.2 Changes in the MBP price index for medical analysis laboratories

The **** edition of the results of the health accounts (***) reports the evolution of the price index in the consumption of medical care and goods for analysis laboratories.

Annual change in the CSBM price index for analysis laboratories France, ****-****, index *** in **** and % Source: ****

This index has therefore been falling steadily for ...

4.3 The two main types of laboratories

Two types of laboratories can be distinguished on the market:

Routine biology laboratories

Non-specialized laboratories are the most present on the territory. Their role is to respond to a classic demand for medical analysis. These laboratories are often grouped around technical platforms. A place that gathers equipment shared by several health ...


5.1 Legislative developments

Legislative history

The LBMs are mainly operated in the form of SELs (***).

Order in Council **** In order to balance the need for funding with professional independence, this decree :

Limits capital ownership and voting rights to non-biologists to **%; Limits the participation of non practising biologists to * LETS of biologists; Prohibits certain industrialists ...

5.2 General regulations

Constraints on installation :

The professional must have a State diploma of Doctor of Medicine or Pharmacy as well as a Diploma of Specialized Studies in Medical Biology.

To form a company, the majority of the capital must be held by one or more biologists responsible for the company (***). The number of ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Inovie
  • Biogroup-LCD (Holding)
  • Synlab France (Holding)
  • Cerba
  • Unilabs France
  • Eurofin Analytics France
  • Oriade-Noviale

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