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The custom-made suit market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

A made-to-measure suit is one that is adjusted to the individual's morphology. The tailoring process can vary, from handmade craftsmanship to industrial production, and a distinction is made between made-to-measure (also known as grande mesure) and half-measure:

  • Made-to-measure (or grande mesure) requires the creation of a new pattern created for each customer, which corresponds to a long process (initial appointment and intermediate fittings).
  • In the case of half-measure, the tailor starts from an existing pattern and then makes anatomical modifications (short sleeves, back shape, shoulders...) as well as those that are in line with the customer's tastes (slim fit, colors...).

However, industrial half-measure brands can sometimes create confusion by using the unregulated term "sur-mesure". As a result, it is possible to buy industrial half-measure under the name of "made-to-measure".

The global costume market is dynamic: valued at $29.675 billion in 2022, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.77% to 2028. This growth is driven by the world's growing population, rising living standards in developing countries, and the development of office work. Europe has the largest share of the global market with 26%, closely followed by North America with 22%.

In France, the outerwear market is growing, but suit sales are declining. The reasons for this are the same as those cited above, although new trends are contributing to demand, such as sartorialism, the development of e-commerce and the growing popularity of second-hand clothing.

The period of the health crisis was extremely difficult for companies in the sector, so they had to reinvent themselves. Some companies, like Tailor Corner, rely on technology to reduce costs. Others, such as Lanieri with its "made in Italy" made-to-measure range, and Jonas & Cie, which offers ready-to-wear, half-measure and made-to-measure products, are seeking to differentiate themselves with a different business model, while large-measure houses such as Arnys, Camps de Luca and Smalto continue to capture a share of the market.

Finally, despite the threat posed by the rise of telecommuting and streetwear, suits, particularly made-to-measure, seem to retain a good image with consumers, and could regain market share thanks to a skilful blend of innovation and tradition.

1.2 A growing global market

The global men's suit market was valued at $**.*** billion in ****, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of *.**% to ****.

Global men's suit market size projection World, **** - ****, in $ billions Source: ****

Population growth and rising incomes in emerging countries are the main factors driving market growth. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding ...

1.3 A national market in structural decline

The made-to-measure suit sector is an extremely specific one, about which we unfortunately have very little information. We can, however, draw on a broader market, encompassing made-to-measure suits, to identify trends in this segment.

In INSEE's NAF nomenclature, made-to-measure suits come under subclass **.**Z: "Manufacture of outerwear". This subclass includes :

The ...


2.1 A must-have in every French woman's wardrobe

Made-to-measure is both an act of pleasure and, increasingly, an act of responsibility. unlike compulsive purchases, a made-to-measure piece is thought through, imagined and created. Made-to-measure fits perfectly into a sustainable approach to consuming less and better. Made-to-measure also reflects a quest for elegance and distinction, far removed from the bland, ...

2.2 Demand hit hard by the rise of Friday wear, startups and telecommuting

The latest trends in workplace clothing:

Adopted in France since the early ****s,"casual Friday" offers employees the opportunity to dress down on Fridays and leave behind the eternal suit and tie. However, far from being confined to Fridays, this movement has gradually gained ground and is now applicable to every ...

2.3 A generation Y demanding made-to-measure suits

Paradoxically, despite the end of the compulsory suit era, Generation Y pays close attention to what it wears and refuses to put the suit to death. The rejection is more that of uniform-type clothing, destined to be worn every day. The demand for elegant, sophisticated outfits still exists , and while the ...

2.4 E-commerce and second-hand: two major fashion trends that are also appealing to the made-to-measure suit market

The e-commerce sector is becoming increasingly important in the fashion market. In ****, the fashion/clothing category was the most popular sector for online purchases, accounting for **% of all sales, followed by footwear at **% and bags and luggage at **%. According to Fevad (***), **% of French people believe that e-commerce saves them time[***]. Hockerty ...

2.5 Weddings: a source of demand for made-to-measure suits

With ***,*** weddings in ****, this ceremony represents a major source of demand for made-to-measure suits[***]. There is a willingness on the part of brides and grooms to reduce the costs of their wedding by making savings on various expenditure items. However, outfits are only the *ᵉ expenditure item on which the French are ...

2.6 Seasonal demand

We can study the seasonality of sales using Google Trends, which gives us the frequency with which search terms are used.the results provided by the site indicate the frequency of use of a specific keyword in a given region and during a defined period, compared to the region where this ...


3.1 A structural decline in the number of jobs and companies in the outerwear manufacturing industry

In the INSEE NAF nomenclature, made-to-measure suits come under subclass **.**Z: "Manufacture of outerwear", which comprises several categories (***).

Number of establishments and workforce in the Outerwear Manufacturing industry France, ****-****, in units Source: ****

The number of establishments in the outerwear manufacturing industry has been declining for over a decade. Between **** and ...

3.2 Focus on tailoring in France and the return of women's tailoring

The tailor's trade encompasses the manual production of iconic garments for men's wardrobes, including suits consisting of jacket, pants and sometimes vest, tuxedos and coats. The tailor's trade can also extend to the production of women's suits.

Until the ****s, made-to-measure suits were widespread among French men. Since then, however, the ...

3.3 The main players in the made-to-measure suit market and competition with ready-to-wear garments

The made-to-measure suit market is made up of many small players (***), but some major luxury fashion groups also offer made-to-measure services.

The LVMH group, for example, offers this service in its Paris boutique on avenue Montaigne through its Louis Vuitton brand[***]. LVMH is the most valuable fashion group on the stock ...

3.4 French players' strategies

The use of new technologies:

More and more brands are using the help of technology to speed up costume creation processes and improve the quality of the final products. One example is Tailor Corner, which uses a computerized system to ensure a seamless process. Patterns are adjusted using specific software in ...


4.1 Typology of the made-to-measure suit offer

There are several categories within the world of made-to-measure suits, the two main ones being custom-made and made-to-measure.

Choice of style:

Thermobonding: the interlining is attached to the outer fabric with a hot iron and resin. This is an inexpensive technique, but less resistant to the passage of time. Semi-interlining: traditional ...

4.2 Clear deflation in the made-to-measure suit market

In INSEE's NAF nomenclature, made-to-measure suits come under subclass **.**Z Manufacture of outerwear, which comprises several categories (***).

Producer price index for the Other outerwear market France, October **** - August ****, index base *** in **** Source: ****

Production prices for outerwear have been on a downward trend for several years. In ****, they were more than ...

4.3 Price examples for made-to-measure suits

The table below shows the prices of several French tailors in different ranges.

More generally, prices vary mainly according to the level of technical expertise required:

Ready-to-wear: between €** and €*,***; Demi-mesure: from €*** to €*,***; Made-to-measure: prices from €*,***[***].


5.1 Strict regulation of the made-to-measure suit market in France

The art of tailoring:

The January **** decree law for the defense of the tailor's art governs the use of technical terms of the tailor's trade such as "made-to-measure", "tailor-made" or "traditional manufacture". It includes several articles defining what tailoring is and under what conditions the related vocabulary can be used to ...

5.2 The law on the fight against waste and the circular economy :

Law no. ****-*** of February ** introduced or reinforced several rules relating to waste and the circular economy. Summarized in a study by the Fédération française du prêt-à-porter féminin, the main measures concerning ready-to-wear are as follows:

Ban on the destruction of unsold non-food items

Article ...


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Reviews (5)

The men's ready-to-wear market - France

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The men's ready-to-wear market - France

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