The card game market


1.1 Definition

Definition of the card game market

The card game market in France is a fully-fledged segment of the board game market in France. A deck of cards can be chance , from strategy or from collection . With the digital advent the market is diversifying and new actors card games appear, often offering a paid game mode, especially with poker and other online card games.

The the main traditional card games on the French market are, according to a bVA report of 2017 "The French and games":

  • The belote and the tarot
  • The success
  • The rummy
  • The 7 families
  • The battle
  • The poker game
  • The Queen of Spades and the Frog
  • The corner
  • The bridge

For a long time practiced with only games of traditional cards (poker, belote), they are nowadays played more and more with specific cards such as Uno or Jungle Speed. Another trend that emerged at the beginning of the 21st century is that of games and card collections such as pokemon cards and Yu Gi Oh Yu cards! .


History of card games

According to an article by Bicycle cards , playing cards would have appeared in the 9th century in China . From there, they gradually spread to India, Persia and then to the Muslim world, to arrive in Europe in the 14th century . Indeed, an ordinance of 1367 issued in Bern prohibits its use. The cards are then produced manually by craftsmen, sometimes embroidered with gold, and represent exceptional products . In 1418, map manufacturers in Ulm, Nuremberg and Augsburg began to use woodcuts to produce mass maps. In the 15th century, the tarot appeared in Italy, in a form similar to that which still exists today.

If the separation of the cards into four colours and the values they represent stabilises very quickly, the colours change until 1480 the date on which the French people are starting to produce maps using the colours we know today heart, spades, clubs and diamonds. The form of card games would not undergo any major changes until today, with the exception of the promotion of the Ace as the highest card (following the French Revolution) and the introduction of the joker in the 1870s.

Before industrialization, paper was relatively expensive, and maps did not spread to all levels of society. It's only with the establishment of industrialists that maps are beginning to be produced and disseminated in mass with in particular the establishment of the Grimaud district in France in 1848.



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