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1 Market Overview

1.1 Introduction

Wellness centers are facilities dedicated to the care and improvement of individuals' physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These spaces offer a wide range of services and treatments, which may include spa, massage, beauty treatments, holistic therapies, physical activities such as yoga and pilates, and more. The main goal of a wellness center is to promote health and relaxation, helping people detach from their daily routine and stress, and encouraging a healthier, more harmonious lifestyle.

The existence of wellness centers is rooted in the growing awareness and importance attached to personal well-being in modern society. In an era characterized by hectic schedules, work pressure, and constant digital connection, the need to find spaces and moments for relaxation and self-care has become increasingly evident. These centers offer a haven where people can focus on their well-being through practices that rebalance the body and mind.Additional services that can be found within a spa, but not generally found in a spa, definitely include:

  • Massages: the wide variety of treatments available is carefully designed to meet and satisfy the needs and preferences of a diverse audience: from specific treatments for the reduction of skin imperfections, such as the effect known as "orange peel," aimed at a female clientele who aspire to a refined silhouette, to Hawaiian-inspired massages designed for those seeking a deeply relaxing experience. For couples who wish to celebrate occasions of intimacy and romance, massage sessions performed with aromatic candles or exclusive treatments are offered. In addition, for connoisseurs of gustatory virtues, massages employing elements such as chocolate or coffee are offered, offering a sensory journey that combines palate pleasures with physical well-being.
  • Chromotherapy treatments: also known as color therapy, it is based on the principle that colors have the ability to influence an individual's mood and physical condition. Each color emits a specific frequency and possesses unique properties that can stimulate healing and improve overall well-being. In wellness centers, color therapy treatments can be integrated into various wellness experiences such as ambient illumination, colored water and guided visualization.
  • Aromatherapy treatments: rely on the use of essential oils extracted from plants, flowers, herbs and trees to promote physical and emotional well-being. These oils can be diffused into the environment, applied directly to the skin during massages, or added to hot baths. Each essential oil has unique properties and can be used to treat different ailments or promote specific states of mind
  • Halotherapy treatments: this type of treatment has ancient origins and involves recreating the natural environment of salt caves found in countries such as Poland, Germany, and Russia. The walls and ceiling are completely covered with salt, which is ionized by a special machine and nebulized into the room so that it can be inhaled. Inside the room the humidity varies from 40° to 60° while the temperature is around 20°. The main beneficial effects of this practice are mainly on the respiratory tract.
  • Vinotherapy treatments: this is a relaxing bath inside a barrel totally filled with red wine. Lambrusco, Sauvignon and Chianti are the most commonly used wines to fight free radicals and give the skin a younger, more toned appearance or to fight cellulite.

In 2023 the world market for spas and wellness centers reached a total value of 87.63 billion dollars. Sustained growth in the industry is expected in the near future. For the period 2023-2030 a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.76 percent under which the global market could reach a value of 259.25 billion dollars. The wellness tourism market is estimated at $650.7 billion in 2022. Again, sustained growth is expected globally. A compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.6 percent is estimated between 2022 and 2027, under which the global market could reach a total value of $1396.4 billion in 2027.

This study focuses on the specific wellness center market in Italy, analyzing consumption trends, competitive dynamics and growth prospects for the sector. For information on related markets, such as spas, see the specific studies available in the Businesscoot catalog.

1.2 The global market

In ****, the global spa and wellness center market reached a total value of $**.** billion. Sustained growth of the industry is expected in the near future. A compound annual growth rate (***) of **.**% is projected for the period ****-**** under which the global market could reach a value of $***.** billion by the end ...

1.3 The Italian market

With regard to the Italian wellness center and spa market, there was a sharp decrease in the total turnover of the sector between **** and ****. During the period analyzed, total turnover fell from ***.* million euros to ***.* million euros, representing a contraction of **.* percent. The outbreak of the pandemic in **** seems to have ...

1.4 The consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in February **** led to, among other things, a general increase in price indexes. The sector related to wellness and personal care is not exempt. Between January **** and January ****, the consumer price index for personal care goods and services shows an increase of *.* points. This means ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Demand in Italy

in order to analyze the demand for wellness centers in Italy, the preferences of Italians for their trips, the trend in the number of wellness trips in Italy, and the interest index of the Italian population are analyzed.

Regarding the first aspect, in **** **% of Italians say they have taken a health ...

2.2 Demand drivers

in order to analyze the drivers of demand, Italians' preferences for the time of year they prefer to go to the spa, the reasons for a spa vacation, and the aspects of life Italians want to devote more attention to are analyzed.

Regarding the first aspect, in **** **% of Italians say they ...

2.3 Geographical distribution of demand

In order to visualize the geographic distribution of demand, two maps were created with the geographic distribution of the Google Trends index of interest for wellness centers and the geographic distribution of average monthly household spending on personal care goods and services.

Regarding the first aspect, between **** and **** the Islands have ...

2.4 New demand trends

The growing demand for holistic wellness treatments reflects a shift in the health and wellness priorities of people around the world. This interest in the holistic approach is based on the understanding that wellness is not just about the absence of disease, but includes an individual's physical, mental, emotional, social, and ...

3 Market structure

3.1 The market structure

In order to analyze the structure of the wellness center market in Italy, active enterprises under Ateco Code **.**.* "Services of physical wellness centers (***)" are considered. In particular, trends in the number of active enterprises and the number of employees as well as the legal form of the different activities are ...

3.2 The main actors

A list of major players in the wellness center industry in Italy is offered below:

Wellness centers

QC Terme Roma: Within a historic estate on the Roman coast rise the resort and wellness center of QC Termeroma. Bathtubs, solariums and waterfalls set in a majestic centuries-old garden for a rejuvenating experience ...

4 Supply analysis

4.1 Type of the offer

Wellness centers offer a variety of services designed to promote relaxation, physical and mental renewal, and general well-being. These venues can vary widely in terms of size, luxury, location, and type of services offered. Wellness centers may offer a range of activities and treatments, such as massages, yoga sessions, fitness programs, ...

4.2 The prices

Looking at the consumer price index for personal care goods and services, there is a marked increase between **** and ****. During the period analyzed, the value of the index increased from *** in **** to ***.* in January ****. This means that over a period of * years, prices grew by an average of **.*%. However, as also ...

4.3 New supply trends: sustainability at the core

Spas and wellness centers are increasingly adopting sustainable practices, incorporating eco-friendly treatments, using environmentally friendly materials and technologies, and promoting the use of local and organic products. Sustainable spas are distinguished by adopting environmentally friendly practices ranging from using natural treatments with local zero-mileage products to designing bio-friendly buildings that minimize ...

5 Regulations

5.1 The legislation

Law number * of **** and Ministerial Decree number *** of March **, **** provide regulatory support for the activities of beauty and wellness centers. The contained rules govern the opening and operation of the two types of activities, indicating the necessary steps and criteria to be met. Within the articles is some of the information ...

6 Positioning of actors

6.1 Segmentation

  • QC Terme Roma
  • QC Terme Torino
  • Terme di Saturnia s.p.a
  • Lefay Resort Dolomiti s.r.l
  • Terme E Grandi Alberghi Sirmione s.p.a
  • Aquardens s.p.a

List of charts

  • Active enterprises under Ateco Code 96.04.1 "Services of physical wellness centers (excluding spas)"
  • Employees in enterprises active under Ateco Code 96.04.1 "Services of physical wellness centers (excluding spas)"
  • Legal form of active enterprises under Ateco Code 96.04.1 "Services of physical wellness centers (excluding spas)"
  • Evolution of the number of wellness tourism trips
  • Travel choices (with overnight stay) in the past 5 years
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Terme E Grandi Alberghi Sirmione s.p.a
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