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1 Synthèse du marché

1.1 Introduction

The pistachio market encompasses the industry of production, processing and marketing of pistachios and pistachio products, ranging from shelled pistachio nuts to pistachio pastes, from essential oils to pistachio ice creams and desserts. Offerings include:

  • Pistachios in shell or shelled: green or roasted pistachios, salted or unsalted, whole or chopped.
  • Pistachio products: pistachio pastes, spreads, pistachio butter, pistachio oil.

Pistachio is a dry fruit with ancient origins, with archaeological finds testifying to its presence since the Paleolithic period. Its history is linked to myths, legends and sacred texts, and the Arabs helped increase its cultivation in Sicily in the 9th century. Cultivation has spread to different parts of the world, but it is in Italy, particularly Bronte, that it has found the ideal habitat to grow and develop. Despite accounting for only 1 percent of world production, Italian pistachio is considered a niche of excellence. Pistacia Vera is one of the main species, but there are also other varieties grown in different regions of the world. Studies and research have been conducted on the genus Pistacia for its contribution in combating desertification. The pistachio therefore has great cultural importance, especially in Sicily. [Pistacia]

Iran is the largest producer of pistachios in the world with an annual production of 551,307 tons, the United States follows in second place with 447,700 tons, and Turkey is the third largest producer with an annual production of 240,000 tons.[Atlasbig]

The global pistachio market is expected to increase from $4.50 billion in 2023 to $5.60 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 4.47 percent during the forecast period(2023-2028).[Mordorintelligence]

The study focuses on the pistachio market in Italy. For information on complementary markets, such as nuts in general, please refer to the specific studies available in the Businesscoot catalog.

1.2 The global market

The global pistachios market was valued at $*,***.** million in **** and is expected to reach $*,***.** million by ****, registering a compound annual growth rate (***) of *.* percent from **** to ****.

Pistachio market value World, ****-****, millions of dollars Data Bridge

The rise of health-conscious consumers who see pistachios as a health food, coupled with awareness ...

1.3 The Italian market

To calculate the value of the domestic pistachio market, an estimate will be made based on domestic production, imports, exports and the average price of this product.

Domestic production:

More than ** thousand quintals of pistachios were produced in Italy in ****, a figure that has been steadily increasing in recent years. Between ...

1.4 Import - Export

Italy is a net importer of pistachios. From **** to ****, Italian trade in pistachios increased in both imports (***). Despite this increase, the coverage ratio, which indicates the proportion of imports financed by exports, remained stable, hovering around *.**. This suggests a growing demand for pistachios in Italy, but also a greater recognition of ...

1.5 The impact of recent economic conjecture

In recent years we have seen the outbreak of war in Ukraine, coupled with an inflationary movement that strains consumers' ability to buy. The overall consumer price idice is, as of February ****, ***.*. This means that prices have increased by **.* percent compared to ****.

Consumer price index for the whole of Italy, ****-****, ...

2 Analyse de la demande

2.1 Demand in Italy

The demand for nuts in Italy is marginal compared to that of other fruits and vegetables, but still significant. In ****, nuts composed *.* percent of Italian households' fruit and vegetable purchases by value.

Composition of household agri-food purchases Italy, ****, % Ismeamercati

Going to analyze nut purchases in more detail, we note that pistachios ...

2.2 Demand drivers

The main drivers of dried fruit demand in Italy are:

health benefits:[***] Dried fruit helps reduce bad cholesterol, thanks to the action of omega-* and * fatty acids It also promotes cardiovascular function and protects the heart Since it also has antioxidants, eating **-** grams of almonds, walnuts or pistachios a day ...

2.3 The geographical distribution of demand

To visualize the geographic distribution of demand, a map was created with monthly household spending on nuts by Italian macro-region, which is assumed to be in line with monthly household spending for the pistachio subgroup.

The north presents the highest figure, with *.** €/month, in the center the expenditure is *.** €/month while, ...

2.4 New demand trends

Pistachio consumption trends in Italy, according to research conducted by American Pistachio Growers in collaboration with mUp Research, are:[***]

Popularity among Italians: Pistachios are much loved by Italians. They are a favorite among nuts. Nearly ** percent of respondents regularly consume pistachios, and more than ** percent say they have always consumed them. Mode ...

3 Structure du marché

3.1 The market structure

The structure of the Italian pistachio production market is very particular, as almost all of the cultivated area is located in Sicily, particularly in the municipality of Bronte, part of the metropolitan city of Catania.[***]

Between **** and ****, the area in Italy dedicated to pistachio production increased by **.** percent, from *,*** to *,*** ...

3.2 The value chain

3.3 Distribution


As of ****, in Italy, there are *** companies active in the wholesale trade of preserved fruits and vegetables, a category in which dried fruits are included. This number has increased in recent years.

Number of enterprises active in the wholesale trade of preserved fruits and vegetables Italy, ****-****, in number ...

3.4 The main manufacturers

The main producers of pistachios and pistachio products in Italy are:

Caudullo Frutta Secca: founded in **** by Antonino, it is now led by his sons Nunzio and Alberto. It specializes in the processing and trade of dried fruit, with particular emphasis on pistachios produced in Bronte. Pisti: is a Sicilian company ...

4 Analyse de l'offre

4.1 The pistachio

Pistachio is a tree that can live up to *** years and has an ancient history, mentioned in the Old Testament and in Greek texts. Grown in several regions, including Syria, Persia and India, in Italy the most common variety is the Bianca. The tree blooms in spring, with the fruit harvested ...

4.2 The prices

The average price of pistachios has increased over the past year. Starting from a stable price of €**.**/kg between May and September ****, there is an increase from October ****, reaching €**.**/kg in June ****. The percentage change between May **** and June **** is **.**%.

Average price of pistachios Italy, ****-****, €/kg Ismeamercati

The following are ...

4.3 The growth of derivative products

One of the most important supply trends in the pistachio sector is the increase in products using this seed as an ingredient. This trend is supported by good consumer acceptance. In fact,GS* Italy's Immagino Observatory, a biannual study that in this **th edition cross-references information on the labels of nearly ...

5 Règlementation

5.1 The legislation

The pistachio market, as with many other agricultural products, is regulated by various laws and regulations at both the national and European levels. These laws are concerned with ensuring the quality, food safety and origin of the product. Some of the main laws and regulations for the pistachio market in Italy ...

6 Positionnement des acteurs

6.1 Segmentation




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  • Main countries of origin of pistachio nut imports
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