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The influencer marketing market has experienced robust growth and is becoming increasingly structured, fueled by the prevalence of social media and a young, engaged audience. By 2020, the global influencer market was booming, reaching around $16.4 billion. The French market alone was estimated at 786 million euros, with around 150,000 influencers. Fast-growing social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok captured the attention of Generation Z, which is the key demographic for brands due to its receptivity to brand communication and its expectations of authenticity and personalized experiences.

Agencies reported healthy sales figures, with Reech and Jin at the helm in France, earning 8.313 million euros and 8 million euros respectively. Influencers mostly cover lifestyle topics and are remunerated through partnerships, which increased by 15% in 2020, with high-paying agencies doubling their salaries. Despite the pandemic, influencer activity has increased, with 40% of French internet users joining new social networks during blocking periods, and influencer satisfaction with their profession has risen. Legal requirements for influencers to disclose sponsored content have been tightened, and companies continue to develop ancillary services to support the growing market.

The rising tide of influencer marketing in the country

The influencer marketing landscape in the country has experienced a robust wave of growth, largely fueled by the increased engagement of young people in social media. As brands vie for the attention of the elusive Generation Z, influencers now play a key role in purchasing decisions and brand perception.

The size of the influencer market in the country is remarkable, probably in the order of 750 to 800 million euros in recent years, underlining the powerful economic impact of influencers in digital marketing. A wide range of sectors make use of this powerful marketing tool, with lifestyle, leisure, cultural and business content leading the way.

When it comes to the demographics of social media platform users, the most striking use is by the 18-29 age group, with a usage rate that decimates other age groups on all major networks. It's worth noting that platforms like Facebook continue to have an influence on older users, particularly the over-65s, with a usage rate of almost 50% in this age bracket.

The gender breakdown also shows some interesting trends, with women tending to dominate platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, while men are more inclined to use Twitter and YouTube. In a country where the younger generation spends over 5 hours a day on computers and phones, these platforms provide fertile ground for influencers.

Generation Z, in particular, is emerging as a highly coveted audience, with influencers in this demographic charging premium prices for their services. The overwhelming majority of Generation Z believe in the importance of authenticity in branding, which means a radical shift in the way brands communicate and market themselves. Interestingly, the presence of influencers varies from platform to platform. Instagram is the leading network for influencers.

However, newer platforms such as TikTok are making considerable inroads, capturing the interest of influencers and younger users, demonstrating a contagion effect compared to older networks such as Facebook.

Market segmentation reveals a vibrant mix, with various agencies serving different slices of the influencer pie, from boutique operations to behemoths run by the influencers themselves. The influencer profile is also characterized by a predominance of women, who make up the lion's share, with a large proportion of influencers in the 19-35 age bracket. Remuneration for influencer services is evolving rapidly.

While a significant number of influencers still engage in unpaid partnerships, there is a growing trend towards higher average remuneration. Brands' quest for influencer endorsement is particularly popular among fashion and accessories companies, which tend to lead the majority of influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing's main competitors: Agencies and personalities shaping the scene

In the exciting field of influencer marketing, a diverse range of players each bring their own unique flair and expertise to the tapestry that makes up the digital marketplace. Central to the influencer landscape are the agencies that orchestrate the dance between brands and content creators.

  • Reech stands out as a pioneering force, leveraging its insight to connect companies with the ideal influencer personalities to amplify their messages.
  • Close behind, Jin brings a fresh perspective with innovative strategies that resonate across all digital platforms.
  • Woô, another notable player, leverages its wealth of experience to develop impactful campaigns that drive market dynamism.
  • Junto, although younger in the field, is driven by an audacious spirit that has quickly positioned it as an essential resource for brands seeking a solid digital presence.
  • Follow Agency, despite its more modest beginnings, has carved out a niche for itself thanks to personalized campaigns that resonate with target audiences.
  • Influence4you prides itself on its expertise, deftly navigating the ever-changing social media landscape to deliver content that speaks to today's consumers.
  • Influenzzz, while smaller in comparison to its contemporaries, stands out for targeted campaigns that drive engagement. What's more, the market is also graced by creative agencies born of the influential minds of popular personalities.
  • Tibo Inshape's D2AM, Squeezie's Bump and Norman Thavaud's Miniprod are testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of influencers who are extending their reach beyond content creation into influencer marketing itself.

The synergy between these agencies and influencers creates a dynamic ecosystem that feeds the influencer market. At the confluence of this digital river are the influencers themselves, who are the lifeblood of the sector.

  • Names like Squeezie and Nabilla Vergara don't just rack up millions of followers - they've become synonymous with the influencer movement in France, as icons of a generation that communicates, entertains and inspires through the power of social media.
  • Norman Thavaud and Cyprien, who have successfully transported their humor beyond traditional boundaries into the digital age, are other figureheads.
  • Fitness aficionado Tibo InShape and lifestyle enthusiast Lena Situations show how personal passions can be transformed into influential careers.
  • The diversity of content styles, from Enjoy Phoenix's beauty tips to Mister V's humorous sketches, represents the wide range of interests catered for by the influencer market.

Together, these people and agencies form the pillars on which influencer marketing rests.

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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

The influencer market, or influencer marketing, is made up of four types of players: the influencers, the platforms on which they publish their content, the brands and the influencer marketing agencies. Although the market is young and growing, a clear structure and organization is starting to take shape. Born out of the need to attract young consumers who have moved away from the most common advertising mediums of the past (television, print media), influencer marketing has become the most effective way to reach a growing potential customer base that is highly receptive to communication that feels more authentic.

In fact, influencers have much more emotional capital than the brands they collaborate with, which makes collaborations more effective but also raises legal and ethical issues. Paid collaborations and partnerships between brands and influencers go beyond the realm of traditional advertising and erase the barriers usually established between organic content and paid advertising. This is all the more true as the audience of influencers is young. Social platforms and networks as well as regulators are trying to enforce the rules related to advertising content with more and more success, but the sector remains quite uncontrolled. The amount and speed of content publication on platforms is a big problem for regulators.

Influencer marketing has been growing steadily on all fronts for several years. The number of social network users, influencers as well as the budget allocated to influence by brands are all growing, driven by a basic trend and then accelerated by the health crisis. The various confinements have led to an increase in time spent on social networks and a growth in e-commerce in general. Today, the main challenge is to structure the market to eliminate regulatory and fiscal risk and benefit from the structural growth of the sector.

1.2 A fast-growing global market

The global influencer marketing market has been experiencing exceptional growth for the past few years. Representing *.* billion dollars in ****, if the forecasts for **** prove correct, this will mean that the market will have multiplied by almost ** in only * years. This exponential growth is due to many factors, which we will detail ...

1.3 The French market in full expansion

According to Reech, there are ***,*** influencers in France today. Although it gives an order of magnitude, this statistic should be taken with a grain of salt, since it lists the pages with more than **** subscribers who publish posts to be commented or shared. By multiplying this figure by the weighted average ...

1.4 The impact of the health crisis

The health crisis had a twofold impact on infuence marketing:

Users spent significantly more time on social networks: according to Harris Interactive, **% of French Internet users said they created an account on a social network or instant messaging application during the containment Creators had more time to cover different topics, improve ...

2 Analysis of the demand

2.1 Characteristics of adult users

Differences by age

Logically, the **-** age group is the one that uses social networks the most, reaching the highest percentages of users of the four social networks we have selected. Note that YouTube data is not included in the graph because it does not correspond to the age groups we ...

2.2 Focus on Gen Z

The first observation is that Gen Z is the most valuable demographic for brands. In fact, influencers from this age group are by far the most expensive:

Price of Gen Z influencers' services World, ****, dollars Source: ****

The reason why services are so expensive is because the Gen Z audience is extremely ...

2.3 Demand from brands

Although in purely economic terms social network users are not the source of demand for influencer marketing, we decided to include them here since influencer marketing is a marketplace where services (***) are exchanged in order to sell products that brands want to sell. We therefore considered that social network users are ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Value chain and players in the influencer marketing market

The influencer marketing market is organized around four types of players

Brands, which seek to reach a targeted audience by paying influencers, and influencer agencies to gain access to influencers' communities via sponsored content. Brands can either contact influencers directly or pay an influencer agency to find the best profiles Influencer ...

3.2 Influence is not counted in number of visits

Young consumers are orchestrating a switch to Instagram and TikTok

At first glance, it would make sense to say that Facebook should be the preferred platform for influencers. With a wide dominance in terms of daily visits and high penetration across all age categories, all signs would suggest that this is ...

3.3 A highly segmented market based on age

Each social network has its own user base, more or less young, which explains the following curve. The youngest creators go to the networks that have the youngest users and vice versa.

Average age of influencers according to the social network France, **** Source: ****

We find Snapchat and Tiktok at the bottom ...

3.4 Ancillary services that are beginning to develop

The number of services offered to brands and influencers is growing. Companies offering paid services such as influencer discovery, marketplaces, e-commerce tools, etc. are flourishing every day.

Number of companies offering services related to influencer marketing Europe, ****-**** Source: ****

This phenomenon is the result of a growing demand for specialized services, ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 Influencer profile

Gender breakdown:

Influencers are overwhelmingly female. They represent **% of the total. Men account for only a quarter of French influencers, and groups of people for *%.

Distribution of influencers by gender France, **** Source: ****

Age distribution:

**-** year olds dominate the market, representing **% of the total. However, a quarter of influencers are ...

4.2 Average compensation for benefits

Although one might think that the influencer market is all about paid partnerships, this is far from being the case. In fact, **% of influencers even declare that they have not received any partnership requests in ****.

Share of paid partnership requests France, ****-****, % of total requests Source: ****

The average partnership remuneration increased ...

4.3 Brands that have used influencer marketing the most

Influencer marketing is particularly sought after by fashion and accessories companies. In ****, nine out of the ten brands that launched the most influencer marketing campaigns in France offered fashion products. Brands use the image of influencers to promote themselves and also play on the impulse purchases of an often young public, ...

4.4 The most followed influencers in France

5 Regulation

5.1 Current regulations

Today, the only legal requirement for influencers is to clearly disclose if the content they are offering is sponsored or not. If there is a financial link (***) between the brand and the influencer, the influencer must in any case let his community know that this link exists. Two legal texts affirm ...

6 Positioning of the actors

6.1 Market segmentation

  • Reech
  • Jin
  • Woô
  • Junto
  • Follow
  • Influence4you
  • Influenzzz
  • Bump Agency
  • Miniprod
  • Agence Influenceur
  • Trends Paris
  • Tanke
  • Magnave
  • Beastly
  • Dire
  • We Are Influence
  • Tibo Inshape - D2AM
  • Findly Influentia
  • Avisa Partnerts
  • Bump Squeezie
  • Influencia
  • Trainsweateat

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Size of the global influencer marketing market
  • Use of the main social networks by age
  • YouTube usage by age group
  • Social network usage rates by gender
  • The effects of the health crisis on influencers' activities
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Findly aims to democratize the use of influence marketing - 24/04/2023
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  • First round of financing: 1 million euros in 2022
  • Subscription-based platform
  • Platform sales: 300,000 euros (excluding consulting activity)
  • Objectives: position the company on TikTok, enhance the platform with new functionalities (customer reviews, UGC), develop international business, work with Anglo-Saxon influencers

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