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The global market for electrical and communication cables has been experiencing growth, with predictions of continued expansion in the short to medium term. As of 2020, the market was estimated to be growing, driven by the demand in key sectors like automotive—especially with the rise of electric vehicles—industry, and aeronautics, which combined constitute 85% of the market sales. The automotive sector's gradual shift towards electric and hybrid vehicles has notably spurred growth, with a significant increase in the number of electric vehicles registered, indicating a strong trajectory for further expansion. France plays a pivotal role in sectors like aeronautics, with its sizeable contribution to the European space budget promising market share opportunities in the connector segment. Additionally, the French government's "France Très Haut Débit" plan aims to boost the optical fiber network, propelling the demand for connectors. Major market players in France include Nexans S.A., Prysmian Cables Systèmes France, and Silec Cable SAS, with the market being characterized by a variety of connector products and a fragmented manufacturing process. The market also needs to adhere to European and French regulations regarding electrical products. Despite this positive outlook, threats from wireless technologies like WiFi and Bluetooth pose potential risks to the market's future..Exploring the Dynamics of the French Connector Market: Trends and Key Figures The French connector market, focusing on the critical segments of electrical and communication cables, is a bustling landscape where the intersection of multiple disciplines like plastics processing, chemistry, mechanics, and electronics takes place. This market, representing 25% of the overall electronic components market, is vibrant due to the constant technological advancements that keep shaping its demand. Despite the introduction of wireless systems like WIFI and Bluetooth, the emergence of new technologies such as optical fibre has revitalized the sector, offering a balance of challenge and opportunity for market players. The market analysis reveals a global connector industry in expansion, with an estimated value of between $65 and $85 billion in recent years. Expected to grow significantly towards the mid-2020s, Asia, primarily through China, and North America, led by the United States, command the largest market shares, with Europe, considered as a whole, not far behind. France holds a significant position within Europe, with its national market sized at approximately €2.7 billion, carried predominantly by the energy cables sector. In particular, three key sectors: automotive, industry, and aeronautics and defence, are propelling the connector market, accounting for 85% of its revenue. The transformative shifts in the automotive industry, especially towards electric and autonomous vehicles, have led to a surging demand for connectors, which is bolstered by the push for electric vehicles in France, demonstrating growth by over 1,500% in less than a decade. Moreover, the expansion of charging infrastructure to accommodate these vehicles is creating a growing demand for connectors. France also holds promise within the aeronautics sector owing to its substantial contribution to the European space budget, which opens opportunities for its connector companies. Similarly, the nationwide rollout of the optical fibre network, led by the "France Très Haut Débit" plan, underscores a significant market opportunity, with France already being a leader in household connections. Key players in the French market include leaders like Nexans S.A. and Prysmian Cables Systèmes France, although the market share seems to be slightly fading in favor of upcoming competitors like Silec Cable SAS. The overall number of companies in the connectivity sector had seen a downward trend until a recent recovery fueled by the increase in companies manufacturing fibre optic cables. The manufacturing process of connectors in France is quite fragmented, and while the range of products is diverse, the market is not universally competitive due to the specialized nature of different types of connectors. European and.### Key Market Players in the French Electrical and Communication Cables Industry The French market for electrical and communication cables is a dynamic segment with several major companies that have established strong positions through innovation, extensive product lines, and strategic market coverage. These players are instrumental in driving the industry forward and are poised to capitalize on growing opportunities in various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications. **Nexans S.A.** stands out as a leading force in the market, known for its comprehensive range of cable solutions that cater to a wide array of industries. With its prominence in the market, Nexans demonstrates a commitment to quality and durability, ensuring that its products meet the rigorous demands of modern electrical and data transmission applications. **Prysmian Cables Systèmes France** is another significant contributor to the market, offering a vast selection of cable products for different uses. The company has a reputation for innovation and excellence, delivering solutions that embody the latest technological advancements and meet the strictest industry standards. **Silec Cable SAS,** although a newer entrant compared to the previous two giants, has swiftly climbed the ranks to become a key player. This company has carved out a niche through specialization and the provision of unique cable solutions that address specific needs within the electrical and communication cable market. **Alcatel Submarine Networks** has a specialized focus on undersea cable systems, playing a pivotal role in international data and communication networks. Their expertise in this area is crucial for the global connectivity infrastructure, ensuring that continents remain connected through high-speed data links. **Acome** is regarded for its innovation in cable manufacturing, particularly in the fields of automotive and telecommunication infrastructure. Their progressive approach to cable technology makes them a significant entity within the market, constantly pushing the boundaries of performance and reliability. The synergy between these companies fosters a competitive and vibrant market landscape in France, facilitating advancements in cable technologies and production methods that benefit both the industry and consumers alike. Their collective efforts and collaborative spirit are further shaping the future of connectivity, signaling a promising trajectory for the market's continued growth and evolution.
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1.1 Presentation and definition of the market

The market for electrical and communication cables  includes the sale of all the articles of electrotechnical physical connections and electronics (card connectors) as well as data connection industrialists This study therefore excludes small cables for personal and domestic use, such as microcomputer products (motherboards, external connectors), audio, video and telecommunications transmission connectors, as well as plugs, chargers and other small connectors. In order to avoid the multiplication of cables, systems such as WIFI for the Internet or Bluetooth for data transmission have appeared since the early 2000s: this weakens the market while new technologies such as the optic fibre are helping to revitalize it. Connectics thus brings together technologies related to physical connections between devices as well as data transmission and is at the border of several disciplines such as plastics processing, chemistry, mechanics and electronics.

The connector market is thus a segment of the more global market of electronic components The latter mainly concerns the industrial, automotive and aerospace markets, which are its three main outlets. In 2017, connectors and cables accounted for 25% of the electronic components market. [ Ministry of Economy and Finance ]

Today, connectors are used in almost all equipment and systems for the efficient operation of peripherals in the home and office. With the technology upgrades as a result, connectors are increasingly being designed for versatile and long-term use. The latest trend that is gaining momentum in the market is the increasing adoption of automotive electronics . The increasing use of connectors in various automotive electronic devices such as navigation, steering, brakes and cruise control is expected to be a new trend in the connector market. Finally, developments in the construction in France and the investment trends of electricity and telecommunications operators are important determinants of the market.



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Latest news

Nexans completes the acquisition of La Triveneta Cavi, Italy's iconic cable company - 11/02/2024
  • Nexans is a global giant in the manufacture of electrical cables.
  • Triveneta Cavi, an Italian company specializing in low-voltage cables, is about to be acquired by Nexans.
  • This acquisition should bring Nexans more than 800 million euros in additional sales.
  • The deal will add four new sites to Nexans, which already owns three. Triveneta Cavi is present in 30 countries and has 700 employees.
  • Worldwide demand for fire safety cables is expected to grow by +13% between 2021 and 2030.
  • French plants account for 27% of the drop in electricity consumption in France.
Nexans strengthens its position in Morocco with a third plant - 14/12/2023
  • Present in Morocco with two plants - one in Casablanca, the other in Mohammedia - the Nexans Group announces the construction of a third production unit by 2026.
  • An investment of 100 million euros
  • The future plant will develop the production of medium-voltage power cables. Over 200 direct jobs will be created.

Nexans invests in a third cable ship - 28/08/2023
  • Nexans has announced a new cable-laying vessel for 2026 with a capacity of 13,500 tons.
  • The vessel will be capable of laying four cables simultaneously.
  • Nexans has signed a contract worth 1.7 billion euros, the largest in its history, with TenneT
  • The offshore wind market is expected to represent a cable demand of 4 billion euros per year from 2023-2024.
  • Nexans has been awarded a 1.43 billion euros contract for the EuroAsia Interconnector project.
Europe goes on the offensive against Chinese fiber optics - 13/06/2023
  • Anti-dumping duties on Chinese fiber optics manufacturers are set to rise from 14.6%-33.7% to over 60% this autumn.
  • In 2019, massive imports of Chinese optical fiber had led to the temporary halt of production in several European factories.
  • Despite taxes, the price of Chinese optical fiber continued to fall.
  • Energy consumption is seven times more expensive for European fiber optic players than for the rest of the world.
  • Europe is currently 55% covered by fiber optics, while Portugal (91%), Spain (87%) and France (77%) are virtually covered.
  • Chinese fiber optics giants have bought up cable factories in Spain and Poland to produce locally and avoid customs duties.
Nexans signs a record-breaking offshore wind power contract - 05/05/2023
  • Nexans wins 1.7 billion euros order from Dutch power grid operator Tennet.
  • Target of connecting 40 gigawatts of new wind power capacity to land in the North Sea by 2030.
  • Nexans' Italian rival Prysmian signed a 1.8 billion euros contract with Tennet in March.
  • Nexans wins three lots for the installation of more than 2,160 km of submarine and land cables.
  • Projects to be carried out sequentially until 2030.
  • Nexans profit in 2022 up 52% and sales up 11.8% to 8.4 billion euros.
Nexans prepares the future of cable in its new R&D center. - 11/07/2022
  • The group is developing the superconducting cable and the submarine cable for the electricity highways, which carry the power of several nuclear power plants.
  • Today, the 7-billion-euro group is preparing "the third era of electrification".
  • Nexans is stepping up the pace of innovation with its new global R&D center inaugurated in Lyon: a 30 million euro investment in the transport and distribution of the electricity of the future.
  • After equipping Chicago, Nexans is about to install it at the Montparnasse train station: a French first and a world first in the railway world.

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