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The dry ice blasting market - France

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1.1 Overview and definition of the dry ice blasting market

Dry ice blasting is a form of waterless cleaning . This process uses dry ice pellets (CO 2 solid) projected at a temperature of -78°C onto the surface to be cleaned

Dry ice blasting has several advantages over other methods such as manual, chemical, water or soda blasting. Cryogenics is non-polluting, non-abrasive, non-toxic, non-conductive, does not generate secondary waste and respects the environment . And, this technology also has the advantage of being a lot faster than traditional cleaning .

The the French dry ice blasting market is part of the larger and growing cleaning sector and which should remain so for years to come. The market attracts new players and the number of companies created in the sector is well above average. The market activity concerns to a very large extent the office cleaning.

The dry ice blasting market is divided into sale or rental of equipment and activities of service provision of cleaning From the companies of very different sizes are present , SMEs and VSEs offering cleaning services alongside well-established brands of cleaning machines.

The technology is still not widely used but has a growth potential relatively high. Due to its ecological properties, but also its efficiency, it attracts many sectors such as the agri-food sector. However, its use can be applied to many other cases such as the oil, electricity, plastic and automotive industries. Dry ice blasting is also a solution for cleaning of urban areas that can seduce communities and municipalities


1.2 A very dynamic French cleaning market

The dry ice blasting market is more broadly included in the cleaning market, whose turnover has been growing steadily since **** (***). According to the Research Department of the Cleaning World **.* billion in **** and had more than **,*** companies. The turnover of cleaning companies has been growing steadily since **** with a rate of average ...

1.3 Le marché du nettoyage cryogénique Français

Le nettoyage par cryogénie est une technologie de propreté sans solvant, ni détergent, parfaite pour les opérations de dégraissage sur les machines-outils dans tous les secteurs industriels. 

Ainsi, lorsqu'on s'intéresse au marché du nettoyage cryogénique, il convient de regarder l'évolution du marché du nettoyage ...

1.4 Les pénuries d'eau, une opportunité pour le nettoyage cryogénique ?

Alors que les épisodes de sécheresse se multiplient, l'accent porté à la préservation des ressources en eau est de plus en plus fort.

La cryogénie prend alors tout son sens, on utilise de petits morceaux de CO* solides appelés pellets qui sont renvoyés sur la surface à nettoyer ...


2.1 A low technology base and high growth potential

However, the use of dry ice blasting has not yet become more widespread in France and mainly concerns large groups . This is due in particular to rental costs that are often higher than for traditional cleaning machines. Some companies such as Hygie Care and SMART offer affordable dry ice blasting services ...

2.2. A market dependent on the activity of many sectors

The cleaning services (***). Nevertheless, about **% of companies use a cleaning company, which does not leave a significant growth margin for this market. Nevertheless, demand is evolving towards cost optimization and diversification of the offer.

Industries such as metal construction or aeronautical metallurgy , customers of dry ice blasting services, are experiencing strong ...

2.3 A technology that appeals for its respect for the environment

Compared to other cleaning methods, dry ice blasting is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Indeed, this technique does not produce no hazardous waste or residues . Here is a comparison with other cleaning methods:

Source: ****

In the cleaning market, the enthusiasm for the development of more ecological and sustainable solutions is strong, ...


3.1 A market divided between SMEs and large structures

The market for cleaning services is composed of **% - in number of companies - by structures of less than * people but **% of the employees are in structures with more than **** employees. So we have a market shared between very small companies

Given the initial investment to be able to offer a ...

3.2. Cryogenics and its applications

Dry ice blasting is a form of waterless cleaning . This process uses dry ice pellets (***) projected at a temperature of -**°C on the surface to be cleaned, which produces three effects

u n mechanical shock due to the pressure used to expel dry ice u n thermal shock related to ...

3.3 Des grands groupes fabriquant des machines, et des plateformes de vente en ligne

La distribution de machine, se fait quant à elle sur un modèle très classique, on distingue donc :

Les grands groupes qui fabriquent les machines:

Ceux-ci ont la particularité, d'être assez peu sur le marché et d'être souvent des spécialistes du nettoyage et de l'outillage en général ...


4.1 Sale or rental and cleaning services

The players in the dry ice blasting market generally offer two types of services to their customers

The sale and rental of equipment.

Several companies manufacture the machines such as Kärcher (***). The prices of these machines vary according to their size and power. For example

Model name: Kärcher IP ...

4.2 Purchase and service charges

With regard to dry ice blasting, beyond the workforce (***), compressed air energy cost and electricity consumption.

The growth in the prices of services (***), due to very strong intra-sectoral competition and great pressure on prices. The margins generated by service providers have stagnated at around *% on average over the last * years

The ...

4.3 Other applications for dry ice blasting

Another trend concerns the innovative use of technology, which beyond cleaning equipment can also be used for the weeding . The process still needs to be improved but opens the field to new opportunities and therefore new customers. Veolia and Suez have already shown an interest in the machines and are considering ...


5. Necessary equipment and safety precautions

The necessary equipment

Special equipment is required to implement a dry ice blasting unit.

According to the Messer the main equipment is: - U n liquid CO* tank or dry ice in isothermal containers; - A r compressed air network or a compressor-dryer; - A dry ice blasting machine with lance ...


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Reviews (3)

Reviews (3)

The dry ice blasting market - France

Publicado en 10/11/2022 by M Merzkane

Assez complète mais quelques données intra-sectorielles manquent

The dry ice blasting market - France

Publicado en 03/11/2022 by Christophe Janin - CPJ Conseil

Une des seules et rare étude disponible sur le marché du nettoyage cryogénique en France.

The dry ice blasting market - France

Publicado en 03/10/2022 by Damien Deste - ADD Technologies

Il y a une bonne base de travail, néanmoins il manque des informations sur les acteurs les plus important du marché : Coldjet et Cryonomic qui repentent probablement plus de 50 % du parc installé en France.

Businesscoot Response:

Merci beaucoup Damien pour cet avis constructif ! Nos analystes vont revoir la segmentation de ce marché et nous vous enverrons ensuite gratuitement l'étude mise à jour :D

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