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In France, the industrial cleaning market can be estimated at around €3 billion. Dry ice blasting is a small niche of this market.

The global dry ice blasting market, a subset of the industrial cleaning market, is expected to reach $58.2 billion by the end of 2024, with an average annual growth rate of 4.5%.

Recognized for its efficiency and environmental benefits, dry ice blasting remains a niche sector in France, with significant market potential.

The major groups that dominate the sector offer dry ice blasting as an ancillary service, alongside smaller, specialized companies.

The market is experiencing a trend towards technological innovation, affordability and a wider range of applications, such as weed control.

While equipment and operating costs are substantial, service rates vary considerably, with dry ice blasting interventions estimated at between €1,500 and €2,000.

Demand is being driven by high-growth industries such as mechanical subcontracting (14.4%) and consumer goods (13.7%), as well as healthcare, which are moving towards more environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.

Analysis of dry ice blasting market trends and prospects in France

In France, the dry ice blasting market has promising growth potential. With its multitude of advantages, such as time-saving, corrosion-free, water-saving, chemical-free cleaning and elimination of secondary waste, dry ice blasting is an attractive option for a variety of industries. It is particularly attractive because of its non-polluting, environmentally-friendly nature.

Demand comes mainly from large companies able to invest in this relatively expensive technology.

Technological advances in recent years have made dry ice blasting more accessible, and improved performance and lower consumption of air and dry ice have enabled the market to expand.

The market's potential, which stems in particular from the absence of any need to dry and disassemble the parts to be cleaned, is significant, as illustrated by comparisons with Germany, where the number of machines is around ten times greater than in France.

Dry ice blasting is not confined to industrial cleaning, but extends to sectors such as aerospace, metallurgy, automotive and even urban cleaning. This technology is used to clean delicate surfaces in the aerospace industry and to maintain cleanliness in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The market remains a niche in France. There are fewer than two dozen companies entirely dedicated to dry ice blasting or related activities. Some are regional and small-scale, while others are large groups offering dry ice blasting as part of a broader package of services.

The dry ice blasting market is also part of a general trend in the industrial cleaning market, which is seeking to reinvent itself.

Key players in the dry ice blasting market

  • Coldjet: pioneer in cryogenic technology

  • ICEsonic: ICEsonic has been involved in dry ice blasting since 2000.

  • Kärcher: Cleaning giant Kärcher is present with its Ice Blaster machine.

  • Delta-Diffusion: This industrial cleaning company is diversifying its portfolio to include dry ice blasting services.

  • Veolia: launches dry ice blasting services

  • LNC (Le Nettoyage Cryogénique): extensive distribution network throughout France, BENELUX, Switzerland and North Africa, the only exclusive distributor of ICEsonic in these regions.

  • Cryo' Tech: focused on the cryogenic environment, selling, renting and manufacturing machines, as well as distributing high-density dry ice.

  • ECOCRYO Technologies: engineering and services company in the technological cleaning sector.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Market overview and definition

Dry ice blasting is a chemical-free, waterless cleaning method. The principle involves projecting particles of ice or dry ice onto the surface to be cleaned, using a stream of compressed air. The combination of intense cold and mechanical shock causes the waste to detach.

The special feature of this type of cleaning is that it offers several advantages over other methods. Cryogenics is :

  • non-polluting
  • non-abrasive
  • non-toxic
  • non-conductive;
  • generates no secondary waste;
  • environmentally friendly.

Finally, this technology also has the advantage of being much faster than traditional cleaning, significantly reducing machine downtime.

The French dry ice blasting market is part of the wider industrial cleaning sector, which is growing rapidly and is set to continue doing so for years to come. This market is constantly attracting new players, and the number of new companies established in the sector is well above average .

The dry ice blasting market is divided into equipment sales and rental, and cleaning services. Companies of very different sizes are present, with SMEs and VSEs offering cleaning services alongside well-established brands of cleaning machines.

Due to the high barrier to market entry, the technology is not yet widespread, but has relatively high growth potential. Because of its ecological properties, but also its efficiency, it is appealing to many sectors, such as the food industry. But it can also be used in many other sectors, such as the oil, electrical, plastics and automotive industries. Dry ice blasting is also a solution for cleaning urban spaces, which can be very attractive to local authorities and municipalities.

1.2 Growth in the global industrial cleaning market

The dry ice blasting market is a sub-market of the industrial cleaning market. The global industrial cleaning market is enjoying strong growth momentum. According to marketsandmarkets, this market was worth $**.* billion in **** and is expected to reach $**.* billion by ****, with a CAGR of *.*%.

Growth in this market is driven in particular ...

1.3 The French dry ice blasting market

Dry ice blasting is a solvent-free, detergent-free cleaning technology, perfect for degreasing operations on machine tools in all industrial sectors.

So, when we look at the dry ice blasting market, we need to look at the evolution of the industrial cleaning market.

In France, industrial cleaning accounts for the vast majority ...

1.4 Water shortages: an opportunity for dry ice blasting?

With droughts on the increase, the emphasis on preserving water resources is growing ever stronger.

This is where cryogenics comes into its own, using small solid pieces of CO* called pellets which are returned to the surface to be cleaned, rather than using water-hungry cleaning systems such as Kärcher. Dry ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Weak, concentrated demand despite strong growth potential

Despite a host of advantages that make this cleaning solution an ideal response to the main concerns of demand, including:

Time-saving ; No corrosion ; water-saving; No chemicals ; No secondary waste

Dry ice blasting does not yet play a major role in France, and few people really know what it involves. As a ...

2.2. Demand linked to a general market in search of reinvention, in which cryogenics is an outsider

Around **% of companies already use a cleaning company, which doesn't leave much room for growth in this market. Nevertheless, the market depends above all on the general state of certain industries, and demands are evolving towards cost optimization and diversification of supply, which highlights the advantages of dry ice blasting.

Industries ...

2.3 A technology seduced by its respect for the environment

Compared with other cleaning methods, dry ice blasting is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. It produces no hazardous waste or residues. Here's a comparison with other cleaning methods:

Source: ****

In the cleaning market, interest in developing more ecological and sustainable solutions is strong, as demonstrated by the contract awarded to Derichebourg ...

3 Market structure

3.1 A well-defined general cleaning market split between SMEs and large groups

In terms of the number of companies, **% of the cleaning services market is made up of structures employing fewer than ** people, but **% of employees work for structures employing more than *** people. We therefore have a market split between small and medium-sized businesses on the one hand, and large structures on the ...

3.2. Very few exclusive players in the region

In ****, only one industrial dry ice blasting company existed in France, according to the website tracesecrites. The website cryoblaster, which claims to be a directory of dry ice blasting companies in France, lists only ** exclusive companies in the following categories in ****:

Training ; Dry ice sales ; Equipment rental ; Dry ice cleaning ; Equipment ...

3.3 Large machine manufacturers and online sales platforms

As for machine distribution, it is based on a very classic model:

Large groups that manufacture machines:

These have the particularity of being relatively few on the market, and are often specialists in cleaning and tooling in general, and do not only produce dry ice blasting machines. Kärcher (***) are just ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 An offer split between equipment sales and service provision

Players in the dry ice blasting market offer their customers two types of service:

Equipment sales and rental.

Several companies manufacture machines, including Kärcher (***). Prices vary according to machine size and power.

Dry ice, on the other hand, is manufactured and supplied either by the same machine manufacturers (***). Or, in ...

4.2 Machine diversification for broader use

How do I choose a dry ice blaster?

You should always look out for the fact that it has a dry ice consumption variator as standard , as well as a pressure regulator . The latter makes it easier to clean fragile surfaces and perform tasks requiring more power. (***)

What's the difference?

4.3 An increasingly comprehensive service offering

The service offering is becoming more sophisticated and more democratic.

Dry ice blasting companies not only offer cleaning services, but also a wide range of other services:


Training courses are designed to teach future users how to :

Handle dry ice Handle cryogenic equipment Learn the different uses of dry ice Introduction ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Necessary equipment and safety precautions

The equipment required

Special equipment is required to operate a dry ice blasting unit.

According to Messer, the main items of equipment are :-A liquid CO* or dry icetank in isothermal containers;- A customer's compressed air network or compressor-dryer;- A dry ice blasting machine with lance."According to the ...

6 Positioning the players

6. Segmentation

We have chosen to segment the sector's companies into several groups:

Generalist groups.

These are companies with a strong presence in the professional cleaning market. They are present throughout France, and sometimes internationally, and generate substantial sales. Dry ice blasting is an ancillary service offered to their customers. This group includes ...

  • Challancin Groupe
  • Samsic Groupe
  • ONET Groupe
  • Atalian Propreté et Services
  • Décap’Soft
  • Labrenne Groupe
  • DeCa Propreté Groupe
  • Cryo’geni
  • Delta Diffusion
  • G&B Cryogénie
  • Artis Cryogénie
  • DLM Cryo
  • Aerogom
  • 195K
  • Adeli
  • Arco Cryo
  • Artimpex nv
  • Atao Propreté
  • BG technologie AD Technolgie
  • Cold Jet
  • Condamin Services
  • Cryo Industrie
  • Cryonord
  • Cryosphere Industrie
  • Cryotech France
  • Cryotrace
  • Ecocryo Technologies
  • Geladoc
  • NSI Groupe
  • LNC Le nettoyage cryogenique Centre Est
  • LNC Le nettoyage cryogenique massif central
  • Messer France
  • Nidd Nettoyage
  • Nord Nettoyage
  • Nova Helios
  • PH Plus
  • Propice cryogénie
  • Protechlav
  • Sevac
  • SID blizzar cyogénie
  • SLMV
  • Sofraser Maintenance
  • ST Nettoyage
  • LNC Île-de-France (Le Nettoyage cryogénique)
  • GROUPE LNC - Le nettoyage cryogénique France
  • ISS Facility Services
  • Karcher
  • A-G-Net groupe A-G-Cryo

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Size of the industrial cleaning market
  • Global industrial cleaning market by application sector
  • Breakdown of companies and jobs in the cleaning market
  • Number of employers and number of employees in the industrial cleaning sector
  • Mechanical engineering sectors
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Latest news

Danish cleaning group ISS wants to sell its activities in France - 07/09/2023
  • The ISS Group employs over 14,000 people in France.
  • ISS has achieved sales of over 10 billion euros by 2022.
  • The group employs around 350,000 people worldwide.
Corporate services: Danish giant ISS plans to downsize in France - 11/08/2023
  • ISS is one of the world's leading operators in the business services sector.
  • ISS France employs over 18,000 people.
  • The group is committed to a strategy called "OneISS", launched at the end of 2020, aimed at focusing the group on an integrated services offering.
  • The ISS Group has over 350,000 employees worldwide.
  • Total group revenue amounted to around €10.3 billion.
  • The French business services market is highly competitive, with companies of all sizes, including heavyweights such as Atalian, Bouygues Energies & Services, Elior Services, Samsic, Sodexo and Vinci Energies.
Elisabeth Coquet-Reinier, the female Onet, has passed away - 21/01/2023
  • 68,000 employees worldwide
  • 30,000 customers
  • Present in 9 countries (including Spain, USA and Brazil)

Companies quoted in this study

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Challancin Groupe
Samsic Groupe
ONET Groupe
Atalian Propreté et Services
Labrenne Groupe
DeCa Propreté Groupe
Delta Diffusion
G&B Cryogénie
Artis Cryogénie
DLM Cryo

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