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1.1 Definition and scope of study

An air compressor is a mechanical device whose purpose is to increase air pressure to generate energy. Air compressors are available in several products for a wide variety of installations

Many characteristics may vary from one compressor to another: power, power source, capacity, maximum pressure, size and pressurization mechanism. To approach the general air compressor market, one must consider on the one hand, the compressors with a capacity of less than 200 L (intended for use by individuals or construction sites) and the large-capacity compressors, which are more sophisticated and whose features are designed for industry.

Therefore the market brings together a very wide variety of players: from the manufacturers of compressors for construction sites and homes, manufacturers of compressors for the construction industry and for private individuals, manufacturers of distributors of compressors to companies and DIY stores or marketplaces online that provide distribution to individuals.

The world market for air compressors is in a good dynamic. Industry demand is growing around the globe and the innovations in the sector make the products more and more suitable for any kind of industrial situation. Competition between manufacturers is based on innovation. As a result, the product range is gradually becoming more energy-efficient, more efficient and safer.

In France, the market is already well structured, and the players positioned on it are showing a high business stability. The market has thus experienced 0.01% growth over the year 2019. The players in the sector are positioned in the wholesale (business-to-business) trade of various industrial supplies and equipment, but also in the manufacture of pumps and compressors. However, France is very dependent on its imports in pieces regarding the compressor manufacturing capacity and reaches a 15% coverage rate in 2019.

1.2 The global air compressor market

In ****, Global Market Insight conducted a study of the global air compressor market. In the report, GMI provides an estimate of the industry's sales growth between **** and ****.

Change in air compressor sales World, **** - ****, in billions of US dollars Source: ****

Market development was estimated at an average growth rate of *.*% over ...

1.3 The French market

Companies that manufacture air compressors are registered under the following NAF code: **.**Z Manufacture of other pumps and compressors. This NAF code is detailed by the INSEE website as follows:

Manufacture of air or vacuum pumps and compressors for air or other gases ; The manufacture of pumps for liquids, even with ...

1.4 Foreign trade in air compressors

The UN comtrade site collects customs data and allows to establish the trade balances of products traded internationally. In the HS nomenclature, air compressors are taken into account by the codes :

******: Air compressors mounted on wheeled chassis and towable ; ******: Air pumps, air or other gas compressors, filtered extraction or recirculation ...


2.1 Different customers for different types of compressors

There is a wide range of compressors available, in all sizes and with different mechanisms depending on the desired use. Thus, the customer profiles are diverse and, depending on the target, the companies on the market can be divided into very different segments. In fact, air compressors meet two types of ...

2.2 Demand from private individuals on the rise: focus on the DIY sector

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The Federation of DIY stores reports the annual variations in DIY turnover in France. This market is an important determinant of consumer demand for air compressors. In fact, compressors are needed ...

2.3 Demand in industry: all sectors are targets

Comairco is a company present on the Canadian and American markets. It presents itself as a consulting firm for the purchase and rental of air compressors. On its website, customer testimonials reveal the wide range of customers and the variety of demands that are made on air compressors. The following is ...

2.4 Focus on industry: industrial painting and industrial cleaning

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The use of air compressors for industrial painting or cleaning activities is very common. The compressor can be used to power a paint gun or some spraying tools for cleaning. Thus, ...


3.1 Pump and compressor manufacturing activities in the territory

The ACOSS database provides the evolution of the number of companies and the number of employees registered under the code NAF **.**Z.

Change in the number of enterprises and the number of employees for the manufacturing activities of other pumps and compressors France, **** - ****, in units Source: ****

The number of enterprises ...

3.2 Value chain and position of key players

The relationships between the different actors are very diverse. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify some major trends and interactions based on the positions of the different players. The diagram below represents the simplified value chain and highlights the two main dynamics (***) of the market structure.

B*B Players

Large international ...

3.3 Compressor manufacturing companies in France

The BFM verif website allows to realize the table and classification of the companies registered under the NAF code ****Z: Manufacture of other pumps and compressors. In the table below, we have extracted the top * companies positioned in the air compressors segment and their ranking in the BFM verif table. These ...


4.1 Types of air compressors: a very wide range of products and services

An article from the Standad Industrie International website provides a typology of existing air compressors. 

All air compressors available on the market are divided into two categories depending on their mode of operation, screw compressors and piston compressors. In reality, the range of products available depends on other factors, and the ...

4.2 Air compressor management software

Some industrial activities require the operation of several compressors and accessories on the same network. The management of these compressed air networks requires the implementation of specialised software that today enables operators to consult machine data in real time and make significant energy savings while guaranteeing the safety of the ...

4.3 Air compressor prices

Private and construction site air compressors (***)

Air compressors for industry

These compressors are often part of specific installations that require the intervention of a specialised distributor: therefore, quotations are often made to measure. Nevertheless, the France Compresseur website displays its prices :


5.1 General regulations: safety comes first

Order of January **, **** regulating compressors - Version in force as of December **, ****

General provisions (***) Special provisions (***) Transitional provisions (***)

Full details are available on this government site . The main rules are reported below :

Article *

The materials constituting the compressors and their accessories must, by their nature, be sufficiently resistant ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • BOGE
  • Compair France
  • France Compresseurs (Guernet compresseur)
  • KAESER compresseurs SAS (France)
  • Prodif
  • Scheppach (France)

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