The global board games market has experienced notable growth, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 10% from 2018 to 2024. Unfortunately, the specific numerical data for 2020 onwards isn't provided in the text, so we cannot extrapolate or project accurate figures for that period. However, the text does highlight several key trends within the industry. There is a significant community engagement, with 13% of American adults playing board games weekly, and roughly 28% playing at least once a month. The industry is characterized by low barriers to entry, with relatively modest start-up costs compared to other sectors, adding to market fragmentation. Key industry players include Hasbro, Mittel, and Ravensburger. Innovation is a driving force for growth, with strategies such as the development of new strategic products, tapping into global retail trends, and utilizing crowdfunding platforms to stimulate expansion and drive consumer interest..**Trends and Dynamics in the Board Games Market** The board games market has proven to be an enduring segment of the entertainment industry, showcasing significant resilience and adaptability over time. As we delve into the trends and dynamics of the board games market, we identify that this sphere is characterized by games that vary in complexity and typically require the involvement of at least two players, supported by tangible elements like boards, counters, dice, and cards. The industry has been witnessing a strong projected growth trajectory, with an anticipated compound annual growth rate of over 10%, stretching from the year 2018 to 2024. This growth underscores a renewed interest in board games, not just as nostalgic pastimes but as lively hubs for community interaction and engagement. An insightful survey puts the popularity of board games into perspective, indicating that between 10 and 15% of Americans aged 18 to 80 engage in board game activities weekly. Additionally, between 15 and 20% partake in these games a few times each month, and a slightly smaller percentage, around 5 to 10%, do so monthly. Despite these tendencies toward regular play, there's a noteworthy segment of approximately 15 to 20% of respondents who reportedly never indulge in board games. Analysing the structure of the market reveals a fragmented landscape where entry barriers are comparatively low. The absence of a necessity for expensive molding or specialized tooling keeps initial costs to a minimum, allowing new players to enter the market with relative ease. Despite this fragmentation, the existence of major contenders—such as Hasbro, Mittel, and Ravensburger—implies a competitive field where scale and brand recognition continue to play critical roles. Innovation emerges as a key driver of market growth, manifesting in strategic product launches, the harnessing of global retail trends, and the utilization of crowdfunding platforms, which have emerged as potent catalysts for introducing new ideas and garnering public support. Such innovations not only keep the market vibrant but also ensure that board games continue to evolve and appeal to a diverse audience. In conclusion, the board games market is one that is both dynamic and growing. With its unique combination of tradition and innovation, community engagement, and a low barrier to entry, it offers up a world of opportunities for both players and creators alike. The trends observed speak to an industry that is very much alive, with an ability to adapt to contemporary demands while maintaining its cherished time-honored ethos..### Titans of the Tabletop: Key Players Shaping the Board Game Industry The landscape of the board game industry is as varied as the games that populate it, with a blend of traditional classics and innovative new entries. Central to this bustling market are the towering presences of companies that have not only endured but flourished in a digital age. In this modern renaissance of tabletop gaming, key players such as Hasbro, Mattel, and Ravensburger are the vanguards of the sector, each bringing their own unique strengths and strategies to the table. #### Hasbro: Innovating Play and Entertainment Hasbro stands as a colossus in the toy and board game industry. As a brand recognized across generations, it boasts an impressive portfolio of beloved games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and The Game of Life. Hasbro has managed to keep these classic titles fresh through numerous iterations and themed versions, keeping them perennial favorites in family game cabinets around the world. Beyond its commitment to preserving these cherished pastimes, Hasbro also engages in the development of new board games, appealing to the contemporary appetite for strategy and skill. #### Mattel: Crafting Lasting Connections Through Games Another powerhouse in the board game market, Mattel has made its mark with a diverse array of products that cater to different age groups and interests. From the fast-paced fun of Uno to the imaginative realms of Pictionary, Mattel's games are designed to create connections and enliven social gatherings. Mattel's approach often includes an educational component in their games, providing a subtle learning experience for children while ensuring entertainment remains at the core. Their knack for marrying educational value with engaging gameplay secures their position within the industry. #### Ravensburger: Puzzling Over Perfection Ravensburger, a company with a rich history stemming from its inception in 1883, is renowned for its intricately designed puzzles and engrossing board games. Recognized for quality and innovation, the company has expanded its offerings to include a suite of games that cater to strategy enthusiasts and casual players alike. Titles such as Labyrinth and the award-winning series of "Alea" games showcase Ravensburger's commitment to delivering challenging and immersive experiences. By prioritizing craftsmanship and intellectual engagement, Ravensburger continues to carve out a significant niche within the board game community. These industry stalwarts, Hasbro, Mattel, and Ravensburger, continue to lead the way in the board game market through a combination of innovative game development, strategic marketing, and an understanding of what
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and presentation

Board games have distinguished themselves through their ability to survive time and, even today, some games create and bring together entire communities and a myriad of derivative products.

But what is a board game?

Board games are difficult to define in absolute terms, and are generally characterized by:

  • More or less complex game rules;
  • A minimum of 2 participants;
  • The need for one or more material supports (game board, counters, pen, dice, cards).

The global board games market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 10% during the period 2018 to 2024. A survey by researchscape revealed that 13% of Americans between 18-80 yeras play board game every week once or more, 19% a few times a month, and 9% once a month. 17% of respondents never payed board games.

The board games market is fragmented; barriers to entry remain low; the creation of board games does not require any molding or tooling, consequently keeping costs down. Larger players include Hasbro, Mittel, and Ravensburger.

Innovation in the board game market is likely to contribute to growth; this includes measures such as introduction of strategic products, leveraging global retail trends, and crowdfunding boosters paving growth paths. [arizton]

List of charts

  • Board game industry revenues
  • Ce que pense la population des jeux de société
  • Part des femmes et des hommes qui aiment les jeux de société
  • Proportion des différentes générations qui affirment aimer les jeux de société
  • Évolution de l'intérêt pour la recherche "jeu de société" sur Google
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