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Since 2020, the global audiobook market has been on a significant growth trajectory, primarily driven by the convenience and accessibility of audiobooks through digital platforms such as smartphones and smart speakers. In Italy, the digital format book market (encompassing e-books and audiobooks) has expanded from €388.0 million in 2019 to €444.0 million in 2022, a growth of 14.4%. Specifically, the Italian audiobook sector saw a substantial increase in spending on platform subscriptions, which surged by 177.8% from €9 million in 2019 to €25.0 million in 2022. The number of Italians consuming audio entertainment displayed a 37.1% growth from 2018 to 2023, showcasing consumer demand for engaging content that provides entertainment, information, and the flexibility to multitask. Globally, the audiobook market is expected to burgeon from a 2022 valuation of $5.36 million to $35.04 billion by 2030, with a notable CAGR of 26.3% from 2023 to 2030. Major industry players include Amazon, Storytel AB, Google, BookBeat, Kobo Books, and Apple Books. The entry of Spotify into the market in 2023 could further intensify competition and innovation, potentially altering existing business models and consumer habits..The audiobook market in Italy is witnessing a dynamic evolution characterized by significant growth and the emergence of new consumer habits. As audiobook platforms proliferate, the number of Italians indulging in audio entertainment, such as audiobooks and podcasts, has surged by around 37% from 2018 to 2023. This exponential uptake has added a million more listeners to audio content from 2022 to 2023 alone. The demand is shaped by Italians’ appreciation for the convenience of audiobooks, which offer entertainment, education, and an escape from screen fatigue. The portability of audiobooks allows them to engage with content while multitasking, with a noticeable preference for content that explores specific topics or delves into news and current affairs. The major push factors leading consumers toward audiobooks and podcasts include the desire for information, discovery of new content, and a deep dive into specific subjects. Remarkably, there has been a 7% rise in the use of these mediums for in-depth knowledge from 2022 to 2023. The trend indicates a shift towards using audiobooks not just for leisure but as a powerful tool for learning and staying informed. Listeners demonstrate specific preferences regarding when and where they choose to listen. Over one-third prefer the post-work hours or the evening for tuning in, while the weekend stands out as a favored time for around 29%. Importantly, over half of the consumers have a preferred listening spot, with the majority opting for the comfort of their homes. The trend reflects a well-entrenched habit of coupling relaxation or wind-down time with audiobook consumption. Geographically, the distribution of demand varies with the Northwest of Italy having the highest average monthly household expenditure on books, whereas the South and the Islands exhibit relatively lower spending. This points to regional disparities in reading and listening practices and potential market opportunities. Italian publishers are also keenly adopting the trend, with the audiobook divisions of prominent publishing houses such as Mondadori and Einaudi experiencing significant revenue growth. The adaptation of literature into audio formats opens new distribution channels and potentially extends the reach of these publishers to a broader international audience. Spotify’s foray into the audiobook industry in Italy represents a disruptive trend that could alter the competitive landscape. The company will likely draw on its existing user base and recommendation algorithms to offer a personalized and integrated audiobook experience. This move may trigger competitive responses from other players in the market, as well as novel pricing and subscription models. As of 2023, major companies are investing in.### Key Players Shaping the Audiobook Landscape in Italy The audiobook market in Italy, as it stands today, is a dynamic field with a constellation of influential players, each contributing to the fabric of digital literary consumption. Below is a roundup of these major companies, shaping the way Italians consume storytelling and knowledge in audio format. #### Audible As one of the juggernauts in the audiobook sphere, Audible—now a subsidiary of Amazon—is synonymous with spoken word entertainment. With a history dating back to 1995, this trailblazer has been pivotal in bringing the audiobook to the mainstream, with an extensive library of titles narrated by both professional voice actors and celebrities. Audible's integration with Amazon has only fortified its presence, making it a formidable figure in the Italian audiobook market. #### Storytel Hailing from Sweden, Storytel is a global subscription service that has spread its wings across various markets, offering a vast selection of audiobooks and e-books in multiple languages. Since its inception in 2005, Storytel has made a name for itself as a company that champions accessibility and range, offering subscribers the ability to immerse themselves in stories across different genres and languages. #### BookBeat Also rooted in Sweden, BookBeat has emerged more recently in the audiobook domain and quickly established its prominence. As a subsidiary of the Bonnier Group, BookBeat has access to a deep well of publishing resources. The service prides itself on a user-friendly app and a sizable catalog that spans both bestsellers and classic literature, accommodating the tastes of a diverse listener base. #### Kobo Books Operating out of Canada, Kobo Books, or simply Kobo, is not just an audiobook provider but also a notable e-book retailer and manufacturer of e-readers. Their digital platform is lauded for its simplicity and adaptability, offering readers and listeners a seamless way to toggle between formats, be it audio or text. #### Apple Books Formerly known as iBooks, Apple Books is the tech giant's foray into the literary world. Integrated within Apple's ecosystem, it provides seamless access to a broad array of audiobooks and e-books on iOS and macOS devices. The platform's design focuses on user experience, presenting a polished interface for literary enjoyment. These market players are not just service providers but pioneers charting the course for a new wave of cultural consumption. By offering diverse means of accessing literary works, they are collectively enriching the Italian audiobook market and transforming it into a thriving
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1 Synthèse du marché

1.1 Introduction

The audiobook market refers to the production, distribution, and enjoyment of books in audio format, which allow users to listen to narratives instead of reading texts.

Since 2016, with the arrival of Audible and Storytel, the digital audiobook market in Italy has experienced significant growth. Easy use through smartphones and smart speakers has made audiobooks accessible during various daily activities. The catalog has expanded, as have the number of listeners and listening hours. Publishing houses, agents and authors became interested in the market, and the adoption of the"all you can listen" subscription model contributed to the growth of the industry. This new model represented a shift away from traditional economic rules based on copies sold. Many exclusive contracts have expired, allowing multiple distributors to have access to titles. Technology continues to advance, with Apple launching a catalog of audiobooks"read" by artificial intelligence. However, there are still open questions about the quality and economic implications of this approach. In 2023, new players such as Spotify will enter the audiobook market, introducing further changes and models.[Questioniorecchio]

Major companies in the industry include[Yahoofinance]:

  • Amazon
  • Storytel AB
  • Google
  • BookBeat
  • Kobo Books
  • Apple Books

The global audiobook market is projected to reach a value of $35.04 billion by 2030, with an annual growth rate(CAGR) of 26.3 percent from 2023 to 2030.[Researchandmarkets]

This study focuses on the audiobook market in Italy, providing an overview of its size, trends, and challenges. For information on complementary markets, such as the e-book sector, please refer to the specific studies available in the Businesscoot catalog.

1.2 The global market

In **** , the global audiobook market was valued at $*.** million and is expected to expand at a CAGR of **.* percent from **** to ****.The flexible and versatile features of audiobooks allow people to listen to content at any time. Audiobooks make content easily accessible on electronic devices, regardless of time and place.

Audiobook ...

1.3 The local market

The market for books in digital format (***), between **** and **** the value of the market declined slightly, by *.*%. Market for books in digital format (***) Italy, ****-****, in millions of euros IEA As for the audiobook sector, again between **** and **** there was a sustained growth in Italians' spending on subscriptions to the various ...

2 Analyse de la demande

2.1 Demand characteristics

Audio entertainment is growing significantly among Italians. It can be seen that from **** to **** the number of listeners grew by **.*%, a crucial trend for understanding the development of this market, which does not seem to have any kind of setback; from **** to **** the number of Italians listening to audio books and ...

2.2 Demand drivers

The main motivations that lead consumers to listen to podcasts and audiobooks are: information, discovery of new content, and in-depth study of a specific topic. Between **** and ****, an increasing trend in the use of podcasts and audiobooks to delve into specific topics was noted, with a * percent increase from the previous ...

2.3 Geographical distribution of demand

In order to visualize the geographical distribution of consumers, an overview of monthly household spending on book purchases is presented, which is useful data to know the number of readers in the Italian macro-regions. In terms of monthly household spending, the Northwest of the peninsula has the highest expenditure, averaging €**.**/month ...

2.4 New demand trends

Listed below are the ** most listened to audiobooks in Italy in ****:


3 Structure du marché

3.1 The market structure

Audible: is a company specializing in the production and distribution of audio content, particularly audiobooks, podcasts and other forms of spoken media. Founded in **** by Donald Katz, Audible has revolutionized the way people listen to books and audio content, becoming a leading provider of digital audiobooks. Audible's headquarters are located in ...

3.2 The value chain

In the value chain of the market taken under analysis, advertisers and service user companies play a crucial and central role.

Authors: authors are the starting point of the entire value chain in the audiobook market. They are the ones who create literary works, whether novels, essays, poems or other literary ...

3.3 Publishers

Publishers play a key role in the audiobook development process, taking charge of the selection of titles and their transformation into audio formats. They oversee the recording, often collaborating with professional narrators or actors to ensure an engaging, high-quality reading experience. Over the years, enterprises active in book publishing have grown ...

4 Analyse de l'offre

4.1 Type of Offering

Audiobooks can be enjoyed through a subscription, a paid service that gives users access to a wide range of audiobooks. There are multiple modes of subscription on the different platforms, each with specific features:

Illumitato subscription: this type of subscription, offered by platforms such as Audible, allows users to access a ...

4.2 The prices

Prices for monthly subscriptions to major audiobook distribution platforms are offered below:

4.3 New supply trends: Spotify's entry into the world of audiobooks

Spotify's entry into the audiobook market represents a significant expansion of their audio content offering. Spotify, already well established as a leading music and podcast streaming platform, has announced its intention to enter the audiobook market to further diversify its library and offer added value to its users.

Here are some ...

5 Règlementation

5.1 The legislation

National legislation

In the audiobook market, copyright law plays a central role; the Law No. *** of April **, **** establishes the rules for the protection of copyright and related rights. Basic principles include:

Duration of protection: copyright lasts for the author's lifetime and for ** years after his death, a period after which the ...

5.2 Youth culture card 2024

Law No. *** of December **, **** (***) introduced new instruments that will be operational starting in ****, namely the Youth Culture Card and the Merit Card, both aimed at enabling the purchase of:

tickets for theater and film performances and live shows; books; subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals, including in digital format; recorded music; audiovisual ...

6 Positionnement des acteurs

6.1 Segmentation

  • Audible
  • Storytel
  • Kobo Books
  • BookBeat
  • Mondadori Libri s.p.a
  • Giunti Editore s.p.a
  • Giulio Einaudi Editori s.p.a
  • Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore s.r.l

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Kobo Books
Mondadori Libri s.p.a
Giunti Editore s.p.a
Giulio Einaudi Editori s.p.a
Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore s.r.l

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