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1.1 Définition et périmètre d'étude

Vanilla refers to the fruit of the orchid Vanilla planifolia, commonly called vanilla, which is found in the undergrowth of tropical rainforests. It comes in the form of a pod which has an aromatic fragrance and flavor. The transformation from an odorless fruit to a richly aromatic spice requires a long and methodical process known as "preparation."

The vanilla industry is divided into:

·      The upstream part that consists of vanilla cultivation and fruit recovery. This activity is carried out in tropical countries, in particular Madagascar. 

·      The primary production part, which includes the transformation of the fruit into a spice.  

·      The downstream secondary part which refers to the production of finished products (pod, powder, paste, natural flavor, artificial flavor, syrup or sugar) which are then distributed to end consumers, mainly in developed countries. 

Vanilla is mainly used in confectionery, but also as a fragrance in cosmetology or in the production of candles, beauty products, medical care or air fresheners.

The global vanilla market is expected to reach a value of $735 million by 2026 registering a CAGR of 4.7%.

The Italian vanilla market has recently been characterized, in line with what happened in the global market, by a strong process of price increase, mainly due to problems which threaten and seriously endanger the whole production chain. In fact, many companies are heading more and more towards the use of substitute artificial flavors, as for example very evident in the ice cream segment. Market operators who persist in using this flavor in their preparations are inevitably led to the commercialization of final products with higher prices.

This dynamic also has significant consequences for final consumers who are victims of the price increase along the supply chain, who are increasingly beginning to prefer products not containing this spice.






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