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The workwear market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and presentation

Workwear is defined as clothing intended to be worn in the course of professional activity. The purpose of this policy is to protect the worker from the risks that could threaten their safety.

There are 4 main categories of workwear:

  • Technical clothing ;
  • Signal clothing ;
  • Uniforms ;
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE).

However, the distinction between these categories is gradually disappearing, as many PPE or technical garments are becoming more and more customized. The workwear market is deeply linked to the industrial dynamism. The main outlets for these garments are in the following industries: construction, some market services (hotels/restaurants, transport), health care and public services.

Their main functions are:

  • The protection of workers,
  • Communication of brands or services,
  • Identification of employees and feeling of belonging.

In addition, the market in Italy is influenced by the evolution of the regulations on worker safety, both on the demand and supply side.

Today, almost all activities within the aforementioned industries may require specific clothing. The evolution of regulations and legislation, which is increasingly motivated by the protection of the health and safety of workers,  has greatly contributed to the rapid growth this market has experienced in recent years. 

The Italian workwear market is growing every year and still has a large market share and a high potential growth. This is due to the number of people working in industry, health and construction, where the majority of workers wear work clothes. Between 2013 and 2018, this growth has been superior to 10% per year.

In addition to the sales market, there is also the market for rental and maintenance of work clothes. Both of these are also growing, given the economic and ecological aspect that these parallel markets represent.

Thus, the actors of this market are the producers of work clothes, such as 3M or Ansell, the distributors, the renters but also the companies specialized in maintenance and washing of textile like Servizi Italia, or Alsco.

1.2 The world market and the European market

The global workwear market excluding footwear is estimated to be worth $** billion in **** according to a study VF Corporation. The graph below shows the sales figures for each industry (***) for a total of $** billion. We can therefore venture to say that the overall market size should be between these two ...

1.3 The Italian market is growing

Italy is the sixth-largest importer of workwear in Europe. In ****, the value of imports is €***m, compared to €***m in ****, which corresponds to a growth of **.*% every year for * years.

More specifically, the women's workwear market is growing at an annual rate of **.*% over the period, accounting for €**m of imports ...

1.4 Impact of the covid-19 epidemic on the market

The graph below shows the turnover of the clothing production. Considering that the turnover of the workwear market is proportional to the turnover of the whole clothing industry, a decrease in turnover in **** can be witnessed. The sales of workwear would therefore have decreased during the health and economic crisis. This ...


2.1 Type of demand

There are two types of demand for workwear:

A demand from the private sector: this concerns the personnel of construction and public works companies and market services (***). Industry and construction alone account for three quarters of the total demand. A request from the public sector: this concerns public employees such as ...

2.2 The main determinants of demand

The level of demand for workwear evolves according to cyclical and structural determinants.

Cyclical factors

On the one hand, national economic growth is a major determinant of demand, in that it can stimulate or slow down the growth of employment levels and the number of employees. An increase in the number ...

2.3 Work wear and fashion

Some players in the workwear market are moving towards more aesthetic clothing that is in line with contemporary fashion. This is the case, for example, of La Moda Nel Lavoro, based in Parma, which combines utility and aesthetics for workwear. [***]

If in some professional environments, work clothes are intended to protect ...


3.1 Workwear market value chain

Here is a quick outlook of the value chain within the workwear market.

3.2 A market that is becoming more concentrated

The workwear market is closing down by losing players every year. Between **** and ****, the market is losing nearly **% of its players.

Number of companies producing workwear Italy, ****-****, in number of units Source: ****

Yet, this market is growing, as shown in the graph below. The production increased by **% between **** and ****. Because ...

3.3 Workwear distribution in Italy

The workwear market is based on volume, and is mainly aimed at professionals who want to have standardized clothing, adapted to their activities and in sufficient quantity to equip all their staff.

Thus, the distribution of workwear is articulated around * main channels:

Direct sales: in business-to-business trade, manufacturers supply end-users directly. ...

3.4 Industrial washing of work clothes

The methodology of industrial washing varies considerably depending on the garment in question and, in most cases, the worker and user of the garment does not have the necessary knowledge to wash the garments properly.

Without the right products and techniques, Italians often tend to increase the washing temperature and/or ...


4.1 Type of products and prices

4.2 A market transformed by new challenges

Like the apparel market as a whole, the workwear one follows trends and guidelines regarding product sustainability, developed and available technologies and social responsibility. In the workwear market in particular, other aspects take on particular importance.

Innovation and comfort

The trend is towards lighter protective clothing, because the more comfortable the ...

4.3 The market for rental of professional clothing

Workwear is increasingly being rented out, in the model of the sharing economy at the professional level. This is much more economical for some actors who only need clothes for specific missions. Renting also saves space, as the clothes need to be stored less. This model also allows for the maintenance ...


5.1 Regulations

Circular n.* of **** of the Ministry of Labour lists the three reasons why a work garment is necessary for the performance of a professional activity:

Allocation of a corporate identity and a distinguishing feature of an enterprise's employee groups Prevention of wear and tear of normal civilian clothing resulting from professional ...


6.1 Segmentation of market players

  • Mewa Textil Management
  • Alsco
  • Ansell
  • Alsico
  • Fristads Kansas Group
  • Armor Lux
  • Cofra
  • Rossini Trading
  • U-Power

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