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Traffic signs are guidelines for motorists; they are the foundation for proper road behavior and driving safely would be impossible without them. The first road signs in history were often handcrafted, made of wood or carved in stone. Over the years, as the number of owners of cars and motorbikes increased, there was a need to standardize their design and production. Traffic signs can be divided into three broad categories: guide and direction signs, warning signs and regulatory signs. Most signs are made of aluminum or sheet iron, there are also illuminated or backlit signs that require a more complicated and expensive structure and traffic lights, which need a computer behind them to control their use. In October 2019, a European Directive was adopted, which lays down stringent criteria for the maintenance and technical characteristics of road signs in the Member States.

In 2020, the worldwide Traffic Signs market has been valued USD 5,92 billion. From 2020 to 2027, the market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.57 %.

In Italy, traffic signs may only be purchased from firms authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. As a result, both completely private and publicly owned enterprises receive a commission from the state for public property. These businesses, among other things, supply traffic signs as well as all other signs that convey prescriptions or safety indicators. For example, workplace accident-prevention signs or signs of a private character, i.e., those originating from a regular citizen rather than the government. In Italy, “Assosegnaletica”, founded within Anima Confindustria, is the reference point for companies in the road signage sector.

The main trends in the road signs marking market are the circular economy in their production and the increase of advanced technologies to reduce the number of road accidents.

The replacement of traffic signs is beginning to affiliate with the circular economy processes developed in the country, through the recovery and recycling of ferrous materials and aluminum.

With 10 million driverless cars expected by 2023, traffic signs will also evolve with new rules and symbols. This does not exclude the development of smart roads for developed vehicles, where signs will be digitally transformed and exploit Big Data and internet of things technology for targeted and more persuasive signs.






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