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The private clinic market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

A private hospital or private clinic is an establishment run by a private group or association that provides healthcare services. The existence of a dual public/private hospital system is a specific feature of France. The French are very attached to it, and attach great importance to the possibility of choosing their doctor and their establishment (public or private).

Private clinics specialize in four areas:

  • MCO: Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics
  • SSR: Care and Rehabilitation Services
  • Psychiatry
  • HAD : Hospitalization at Home

In 2020, there were 972 private, for-profit clinics in France, making them the second-largest healthcare provider in the country, behind public establishments (1,347) but ahead of private, not-for-profit establishments (670). The private clinic market is a promising one, with sales up 22% since 2014, reaching 17.3 billion in 2021.[DREES]

Indeed, the aging of the population is a major factor in the increase in consumption of medical care and goods in 2023, and will continue to be so in the years to come. What's more, the French have a better image of private clinics than public hospitals, considering them to be on a more human scale and associating them with greater comfort.

Clinics are remunerated by the French health insurance system on the basis of their activity, and 87% of doctors working in private establishments are self-employed. [DREES]

Private-sector clinics have benefited from the CICE (tax credit for competitiveness and employment), increasing their profitability and reducing their debt. their profitability and reduce their debt, the situation nevertheless remains highly contrasted, with almosta fifth of private clinics still in deficit in 2021. [DREES]

In order to increase their revenues, establishments are trying to develop new services, open up to general medicine and develop outpatient care.

1.2 Private hospitals worldwide

The OECD publishes the number of hospitals in its member and non-member countries. Here, we take a look at the distribution of private, not-for-profit hospitals worldwide.

Number of private for-profit hospitals World, ****, in units Source: OECD *****

In terms of private for-profit establishments, Colombia and Mexico are well ahead of the USA, ...

1.3 A promising market in France, driven by short-stay care

Sales of all private for-profit clinics France, ****-****, in millions of euros Source : DREES Private for-profit clinics, which differ from private not-for-profit clinics, have seen steady growth in sales over recent years: between **** and ****, sales rose by almost **% to reach **,*** million euros in ****.

Sales breakdown France, ****, % DREES Clinics whose main activity ...

1.4 Coronavirus: successful public/private cooperation

Covid-** care in **** represented a significant proportion of hospital activity: *.*% of all full hospital stays and *.*% of partial hospitalization days

During the crisis, cooperation between the public and private sectors was essential to meet care needs. After a few dysfunctions during the first wave of the pandemic, this cooperation worked well ...


2.1 Health care consumption

Consumption of healthcare and medical goods has risen steadily in recent years, from ***.* billion euros in **** to ***.* billion euros in ****, or *.*% of GDP.

This represents an increase of *.*%, following a *.*% rise in ****, when the health crisis was still raging. This growth rate is the highest recorded in the last thirty ...

2.2 A positive view from patients

The various surveys studied date back to **** or ****. Private clinics have not been particularly lacking since then, so we consider that the data received is still meaningful in ****. Generally speaking, private clinics and hospitals enjoy a good image overall: **% of French people had a good image of private clinics and hospitals ...

2.3 The patient base

Hospitalizations in the public and private sectors

In ****, French healthcare establishments (***) admitted **.** million patients. Of these, **.*% were hospitalized in MCO, *.*% in SSR, *% in psychiatry and *.*% in home care.

Breakdown of hospitalized patients France, ****, in Source: ****

Given that **.*% of patients are hospitalized in the MCO segment, we are studying the patient base ...

2.4 Reasons for hospitalization vary by sector

The public and private healthcare systems coexist, but the specialties of each sector vary: while the main reason for a stay in the public sector is to carry out a session, i.e. a follow-up visit such as chemotherapy or dialysis, in the private sector this is the main reason for ...


3.1 Facilities and their full hospitalization capacity on the decline

Typology of healthcare establishments

Today's French hospital sector is a varied one, with three types of legal status coexisting: public establishments, private not-for-profit establishments and private for-profit establishments, more commonly known as private clinics.

Breakdown of healthcare facilities by sector France, ****, number of facilities INSEE

The public sector remains predominant in ...

3.2 Personnel

The total number of employees in the private hospital sector, both for-profit and not-for-profit, was ***,*** in ****, down from ***,*** in **** . It has therefore fallen by *.*% in * years.INSEE only provides us with the number of healthcare professions in ****, but as the change is slight two years later, this gives us an idea ...

3.3 The financial situation of private clinics

According to DREES estimates for ****, private for-profit clinics are experiencing an improvement in their financial situation. Their net income stands at *.*% of revenues, recording an increase of *.* points compared to ****, bringing them back to historically high levels similar to those observed between **** and ****.

Source: ****

This table shows the income statements of ...

3.4 Diversification and consolidation of the sector

While the public sector offered generalist services, private clinics tended to be more specialized. However, the private sector has decided to turn to general medicine in order to attract new patients. Indeed, the development of new activities is essential to ensure the survival of clinics, which until now have offered services ...

3.5 Geographical disparities

Source: ****

on a national scale, public healthcare establishments account for a majority share of **% of available beds and places, while private not-for-profit establishments account for **%, and private for-profit clinics for **%. However, it is important to note that this distribution varies considerably from one département to another.

In ** départements, * of ...


4.1 A quality offering at the cutting edge of innovation

Quality of care Clinics were the first to offer single rooms and to pay particular attention to the quality of the hotel and restaurant services, as well as to the presence of ancillary services such as a crèche, restaurant and conference center. [***] Research and technological innovation Rapidly evolving technologies are ...

4.2 A variety of care options

The majority of private clinics provide MCO care (***).

Breakdown of private clinics by type of activity France, **** DREES, sheet **

Among clinics offering MCO care, a large majority are multidisciplinary (***) clinics.

ATIH has not published figures for ****, but assuming that the distribution of specializations has remained the same as in ****, we obtain ...

4.3 Digitizing care services

Private clinics are part of the trend towards digitalization in the healthcare sector, and meet the expectations of a large majority of French people, who are in favor of hospital digitalization and the introduction of digital services by hospitals and clinics : indeed, **% of them consider these to be useful, enabling them ...


5.1 Certification of healthcare facilities

Every four years, public and private healthcare establishments undergo a quality of care assessment by the French National Authority for Health (***). The ultimate aim is to improve the quality of services provided by hospitals and clinics.

There are several phases to this process, the two main ones being :

A self-assessment by ...

5.2 The authorization system

Clinics are not free to choose their care activities (***). These authorizations are valid for a limited period of * years, with no guarantee of renewal.

The ARS coordinates activities and issues authorizations for the creation of healthcare and medical-social establishments and services, with the aim of developing a global vision of healthcare ...

5.3 The question of tariffs

In ****, taking into account compliance with the pluriannual protocol and salary adjustments under the Ségur plan, the average rate increase will be *.*% for public and private not-for-profit hospitals, and*.*% for the private for-profit sector.[***]

Yet in ****, the government planned to lower the tariff for private clinics, by *.**%. A "tariff cut" ...


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Reviews (2)

Reviews (2)

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Publicado en 11/01/2022 by Amaury Wernert

A very precise and detailed study of this market, driven by the strong growth of this disease in the world

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Amaury, Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to read that the content of the study has fully met your expectations. :)

The Parapharmacy Market - France

Publicado en 07/01/2022 by Client anonyme - Ce client a souhaité rester anonyme

Clear and concise generic study. Well documented. However, I would have liked to see that the actors' files at the end of the report corresponded precisely to those stated in the report.

Businesscoot Response:

Hello, Thank you for your feedback on our study. We are planning to update it taking into account your remarks, we will keep you informed as soon as it is available.

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