The global photographic services market, valued at $36.9 billion in 2021, is projected to expand at a 5% CAGR and hit $50.6 billion by 2026. This growth is driven by increasing online presence and social media traction, with significant contributions expected from the Asia-Pacific region. The photo booth segment, a part of this larger market, is also experiencing solid growth, expected to grow from $422 million in 2021 to $909 million by 2028, progressing at an 11.6% CAGR. Key growth drivers include the popularity of photo booths at weddings and the desire to capture lasting memories. Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to decreased photo booth revenues due to less foot traffic in public places, the market is undergoing innovations and adaptations. Industry leaders like Photomaton are introducing advanced features and expanding services, catering to both traditional and digital photography demands.

Regulations regarding photo quality and specifications, particularly for identity documents in France, continue to support the demand for standard photo booth services. Despite the increasing competition from digital services, photo booth operators are leveraging both exclusive partnerships and technological advancements to maintain market relevance.

Market Analysis: Trends and Demand in the French Photo Booth Sector

The French photo booth market has experienced a blend of traditional presence and innovation. Notable trends in the country have shown that while home printing remains a common method for photo printing, a significant share of the population, between 15 and 20 percent, prefer using photo booth services available in public spaces like supermarkets. A substantial driving force for photo booth demand in France is administrative needs, particularly for standardized identity photos. With around 50 percent of the French population utilizing photo booths for identification purposes, the market sees a robust demand that correlates with the issuance of official documents such as passports and national identity cards.

While the exact current size of the photo booth market in France is not explicitly stated, market leader Photomaton, holding roughly an 82 percent market share, reported sales of around 95 to 97 million euros, hinting at a sizable and concentrated market. The market also experiences peaks in demand during event seasons, especially for weddings. Event photo booth rentals have become increasingly popular, with an average of 231,000 weddings held annually in France, demonstrating a potential high volume of business for photo booth operators targeting these occasions. Innovation has been at the heart of market growth, with companies like Photomaton investing heavily in R&D to modernize photo booths and offer digital solutions. This adaptability is key in a market where competition from digital web services and smartphone applications is rising.

Photobooths have, in some aspects, positioned themselves as an alternative to traditional photographers, largely due to the convenience and cost-effectiveness they offer. The regulatory aspect also shapes the market, particularly with GDPR implications for the handling of personal data and stringent standards set by the French Ministry of the Interior for identity photographs. These requirements have necessitated photo booth operators to ensure compliance and often include user consent steps in their process.

Overall, the French photo booth market exhibits a complex structure with a mix of traditional offerings and emerging digital trends. Demand is influenced by the necessity for standard ID photographs, the cultural integration of photo booths at events, and the competitive landscape shaped by the digital transformation. With ever-evolving technology and consumer preferences, the industry players must maintain a strong position by innovating and diversifying their offerings.

A Spotlight on Prominent Players in the French Photo Booth Market

The French photo booth market is an amalgamation of innovation, traditional services, and digital adaptation. As we navigate the varied landscape of this industry, several key players come into focus, each contributing to the market's growth and diversity.

  • Photomaton: A household name in the industry, Photomaton has been synonymous with photo booths in France since its inception. This stalwart has managed to maintain a robust presence through a combination of classic photo-taking services and a push towards digital offerings. Boasting a vast network of booths across the nation, Photomaton's expansive footprint is indicative of its significant role in the market.
  • Cheerz, under Cewe Group: This player brings a dynamic online presence to the field, specializing in digital photo booth rental and web printing services. Cheerz is known for competitive rates and a wide array of customizable print options, embracing the shift to digital and catering to the young and tech-savvy demographic.
  • Sharingbox: Tailoring its offerings for events, Sharingbox has made waves through its rental service of digital photo booths. Its focus on the personal and works council events signifies a commitment to capturing life's milestones.
  • Kruu: Though sales figures are not clarified, Kruu's engagement in the market is noteworthy. It showcases an array of photo booths and related services that enrich the event experience, from weddings to corporate gatherings.
  • Flashmat: Known for its contemporary and sleek photo booths, Flashmat stands out by offering technology that appeals to the modern consumer. Its product line features interactive elements and social media integration that resonate with current social trends.
  • Selfizee: A newer entrant, Selfizee, reflects a growth-oriented vision through its innovative selfie booths. Its success highlights the market's readiness to embrace new concepts and the increasing demand for self-service photo solutions.
  • Shoot'n Box, Burddy, Josepho, and Vip Box: While these companies may not report on sales figures, they each add a unique touch to the market, from vintage-inspired booths to cutting-edge design, ensuring a diversified portfolio of options for French consumers.

The vibrancy of the French photo booth market is underpinned by these key players who consistently revamp and redefine their products and services to align with changing consumer preferences and technological advancements. From old-school booths capturing passport photos to digital kiosks enabling instant social media sharing, these companies are the driving forces behind a market that is as nostalgic as it is forward-looking.

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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Introduction

A photobooth (or automatic photo booth) is a portrait-taking machine consisting of a booth with a seat where the person wishing to be photographed sits. The machine automatically develops and prints the photographs, and is usually located in a public place, allowing the user to take individual or group passport photos or self-portraits alone. The service is subject to a fee.

The photomaton market can be seen as a segment of the professional photography market , but also of the "leisure" photography market, in that it can be used to produce official, standardized passport photos, but also to take more personal photos. Photobooths can also be hired for private, corporate or other events. We can differentiate between photobooth rental for events and photobooths located in public places for standard photos.

Photobooths are subject to regulatory constraints when it comes to taking official ID photos: to comply with government standards, the photo booth must use a system approved by the French Ministry of the Interior. The development of the photobooth market is linked to the growth in the number of supermarkets, hypermarkets and shopping malls in France, as well as their penetration rate in railway stations and other public places. However, photobooths are facing increasing competition from digital web services that allow customers to print and personalize their photos: photobooths are therefore gradually adapting to technological developments, and self-service kiosks are springing up in France.

The health crisis linked to COVID-19 was largely unfavorable for the automatic photo booth market. Indeed, with the closure of shopping malls, the reduction in traffic in various stations (train, metro, etc.) and the digitization of administrative services, the sector saw a drop in revenues.

1.2 The global market for photographic services

The global market for photographic services was estimated at $**.* billion in ****. While declining from **** due to the Covid-** epidemic, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR (***) of *% in subsequent years, reaching $**.* billion in ****.

Global market for photographic services France, ****-*****, in billions of US dollars Source: ****

Global market growth ...

1.3 The worldwide photo terminal segment

Sales of the global photomaton market World, **** - ****, in millions of dollars QY Research

The global photobooth market is set for strong growth. In ****, the market size was $*** million. This figure is expected to grow at a CAGR of **.*% to ****, reaching $*** million. The main drivers of this growth will be the ...

1.4 The photography market in France

The activity of professional photographers is recorded in the Insee nomenclature under NAF code **.**Z: Photographic activities. This code covers :

commercial or private photographic production: identity photography, class photography, wedding photography, advertising photography, publishing photography, fashion photography, real estate photography, tourism photography, aerial photography, video production for events: weddings, meetings, etc. film ...

1.5 The photo booth market in France

While at this stage we don't have exact figures for the size of the photo booth market in France, it is possible to come up with an estimate. Photomaton, a subsidiary of industry leader Photo Me, is the main player in the French photo booth market. In ****, the Frenchcompetition authority (***). At ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Photo printing mode preferences and frequencies

While printing photos at home remains the preferred method of photo printing for the French (***), photomatons also play an important role. In fact, **% of French people print their photos in a supermarket via a photomathon, and **% of French people most often print their photos directly on a kiosk.

Preferred photo printing ...

2.2 Requesting passport photos

The demand for passport photos is an important determinant of activity in the photobooth sector in France. In fact, the need to supply standardized identity photos for various administrative procedures (***) has a direct positive effect on demand for photos taken in photo booths. The graph below shows the trend in the ...

2.3 Evolution of the number of marriages in France

One of the driving forces behind the demand for photo booth services is the organization of events such as weddings. Indeed, photo booth rentals are becoming increasingly integrated. SmileyBooth writes that "the popularity of photo booths has grown exponentially over the past * to ** years, and photo booth rental is now considered ...

2.4 Demand trends

Biometric Passport & CIN ****

A regulation was adopted on June **, **** by the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament, requiring the EU to start distributing biometric cards to citizens from summer ****. The text, which will be applicable from August *, ****, provides for a size change to the ID-* (***) format, but will ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Photomaton market structure and value chain

Market structure:

Value chain:

3.2 Market players

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Typology of photo booths on offer

This section aims to give an overview of the services and products included in the photo booth sector by listing the different types:

Traditional photo booths: these are large booths that are often found in supermarkets, hypermarkets and railway stations. Consumers use these booths to obtain photos that must conform to ...

4.2 Prices for photo booth services

- Photobooth rental

As a general rule, the cost of renting a photo booth ranges from €*** to €*** [***]. There are three types of photo booth used at parties and special occasions: a closed booth, a camera with a backdrop, or a camera without a backdrop. Rental prices can vary considerably depending on the ...

4.3 Innovation at the heart of the photo booth market

The first photo booth appeared in New York in ****, before landing in France in ****. The Photomaton company, whose name has become a generic term referring to photo booths, was founded in ****. Since then, the company has set the standard in the French market, with innovation at the heart of its strategy. ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulatory framework in France

Photo booths work with and process personal data. For example, users often provide contact details such as their name and e-mail address. This personal information can be collected and stored by photo booth operators. Nevertheless, photo booth providers must ensure that they comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (***) in their ...

5.2 Passport photo regulations

Passport photos must be recent (***) and resembling the applicant. When applying for an identity card or passport, only one photo is required. If you are applying for another document and several photos are supplied, they must be identical. They must be taken by a professional or in a photo booth using ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Positioning the players

6.2 Study of company websites

Web traffic for the main photobooth company websites in France France, ****-****, thousands of visits Source: ****

Web traffic to other main photo booth company websites in France France, ****-****, thousands of visits Source: ****

List of charts

  • France's favorite photo printing methods
  • Type of printing carried out in 2021
  • Number of passports and national identity cards issued
  • Number of marriages in France
  • Wedding expenses on which you can make savings
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