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The global market for waste compactors has been growing, with a forecast market size reaching $609 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 4.56%. The market faces challenges from alternative waste processing equipment such as shredders and incinerators, but continues to find demand in sectors such as retail, healthcare and aviation.

The French market for waste compactors, although there are no specific figures available, can be roughly estimated at around 40 million euros based on company sales and import-export figures. The French construction sector is a major end-user of waste compactors, particularly for the treatment of inert and non-hazardous waste.

The facilities management market in France is another key sector, which is expected to grow by 5% a year. Local authorities and waste collection service providers are also vital segments of the compactor market, with continuing pressure to manage waste efficiently due to factors such as the taxe générale sur les activités polluantes (TGAP).

The French waste industry involves various players, from production to pre-collection, collection to treatment and recovery, with waste collectors playing a central role, contributing to sustained demand for waste compactors.

Demand for waste compactors on the French market: Observations and estimates

On the French market, there is particular interest in machines designed to facilitate waste management, notably waste compactors. These machines are essential for reducing the volume of waste, enabling a more efficient and economical storage and transportation process. Different types of compactors are sought after by different sectors, including balers that transform waste into bales for imméthese include balers, which transform waste into bales for immediate sorting, and more general compactors, which are used to compress a mixture of coarse waste, usually from industrial or municipal activities.

The French market is demonstrating dynamic demand for these machines from a variety of key players, including construction sites, facilities management, local authorities and waste collection service providers. In France, construction sites produce over 250 million tonnes of waste per year, much of which can be managed using compaction techniques. Similarly, the facility management sector, whose growth is estimated at between 40 and 50 billion euros, makes waste management one of its main activities, making the use of compaction equipment a necessity.

Local authorities, responsible for household waste management, are also a crucial market segment for waste compactors. They are responsible for around 354 kilograms of household waste per inhabitant per year. The high cost of waste management services - between €15 and €20 per inhabitant - encourages these entities to invest in compaction technology to save on waste management. Waste collection service providers, whose market in France is estimated to be worth around €5 billion in 2021, are showing an upward trend in demand for efficient waste management solutions, including compactors.

The sector is fairly concentrated, however, with a few large companies leading the way. Events, including temporary ones such as festivals and trade shows, generate substantial quantities of waste, often handled by rental companies supplying compaction equipment.

To sum up, the use of waste compactors in France is driven not only by the need to manage massive volumes of waste produced by various economic activities, but also by the need to reduce the amount of waste generated.generated by various economic activities, but also by regulatory and fiscal pressures aimed at improving the efficiency of waste management.

Key players in the waste compaction market

The waste compaction market, a crucial segment of the waste management industry, is made up of a diverse set of players, each playing a role in the value chain. The following companies are among those that have made a significant impact on the market through their manufacturing, distribution and rental service offerings.

  • Vinci Environnement is perhaps one of the most versatile companies in the waste management industry. It stands out not only for the sheer size of its market, but also for its extensive activities beyond the manufacture of waste compactors. This leader in environmental protection systems offers comprehensive solutions for a wide range of waste management needs.

  • AJK France: Renowned for its solid manufacturing capabilities, AJK France brings a wealth of expertise to the table with its specialized waste compactors. The company's equipment is designed to meet the requirements of different waste types and volumes, combining efficiency and reliability.

  • bergmann: Bergmann's international recognition stems from its commitment to producing high-quality compactors. The company's range of innovative machines is designed to meet both traditional waste management challenges and modern environmental concerns.

  • Decoval Servipack: By focusing on the design and manufacture of compaction equipment, Decoval Servipack has made a name for itself in the market. The company's products are designed to be easy to use while guaranteeing maximum compaction efficiency.

  • G Gillard: A distinguished player in the distribution sector, Gillard has a strong presence on the French market. The company offers a range of compactors to meet a variety of industrial and municipal needs, with an emphasis on convenient waste storage and transportation.

  • Galicier: As a manufacturer with in-depth market knowledge, Galicier provides compactors that are both efficient and user-friendly. The company prides itself on providing durable machines tailored to different waste management objectives.

  • Mil-tek Specializing in the manufacture of balers, Mil-tek caters to companies looking to optimize their waste storage solutions. The company's commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in a range of waste compactors adapted to recyclable materials.

  • Pressor: Pressor, another name synonymous with manufacturing, offers a range of waste compaction solutions designed to minimize waste volume and promote recycling efforts. Its machines are designed for reliability and user safety.

  • Sacria Industries: A major name in the manufacture of waste compactors, Sacria Industries offers a wide range of machines, including stationary and roller compactors. Their equipment is renowned for its high compression ratios, making it a preferred choice for many industrial customers.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

Waste compactors are machines used to simplify the dynamics of waste management. There are a number of different machines to choose from, depending on factors such as waste type, size, available space and work process dynamics.

The best-known machines are

  • The baler: transforms waste into bales, facilitating storage. The advantage is immediate sorting. There are horizontal balers, such as conveyor belts, and vertical balers, which are more versatile and adaptable in terms of space.
  • Compactors: used to compress large, mixed waste, generally from industrial activities or municipal waste.

Horizontal balers are generally used in large companies producing large quantities of waste, while smaller companies generally have a vertical baler to optimize available space.

As for the global waste compactor market, it was valued at $466 million in 2019 and is expected to reach $609 million by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.56%.

1.2 The global market in turmoil

The market for waste compactors is growing at an annual rate of *.**% to reach $*** million by ****.

The threat of substitution towards other waste processing equipment (***) is one of the main uncertainties in this market. The main customers are grocery stores, airports, distribution centers, retail stores and hospitals.

Waste compactors market size World, ...

1.3 French market

No figures are available for the French waste compactor market, so we have to estimate it using the information available. To this end, we have established a two-stage approach: firstly, a top-downfirst, using general information as a starting point, we deduce figures for the specific waste compactor segment. Another approach, called ...

1.4 International trade

HS code ****** is used to analyze the flow of "Machines and appliances for tamping or compacting". Germany accounts for almost **% of French compactor imports, followed by Japan. This is hardly surprising, given that these two countries are the world's biggest suppliers of machines for all purposes.

Origin of compactor imports by ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Construction sites

France's construction industry produces over *** million tonnes of waste per year, including ** million tonnes for the building industry and over *** million tonnes for public works.

These include

Inert waste (***) Non-hazardous waste (***) is sent to various recycling facilities for recovery. Non-hazardous waste is most likely to be compacted. Hazardous waste (***) can be ...

2.2 Facilities management

The French facilities management market is expected to grow by *% a year between **** and ****, reaching ** billion euros. [***] This market, also known as general services, covers all the services required for a company's normal operations, such as mail management, supplies purchasing, building maintenance and cleaning, and green space maintenance.

growth in facility ...

2.3 Local authorities

Within the framework of public service and the General Code of Territorial Collectivities (***). This responsibility is compulsorily transferred to the communities of communes, communities of agglos or urban communities to which the commune belongs.

In practice, local authorities carry out waste collection and treatment:

On their own: in this case, staff ...

2.4 Waste collection service providers

There were *** non-hazardous waste collection companies present on the French market in ****, together generating sales of *.* billion euros. This figure has grown by **% in * years, taking the market to a value created of *.* billion euros in ****.

The data can be analyzed on the Insee website using NAF code **.**Z: "Collection of ...

2.5 Events, for equipment rental companies

A sporting event attended by *,*** people generates up to *.* tonnes of waste, *,*** kWh of energy and *** kilos of paper, according to figures from Zero Waste France. A number of players are involved in waste management at temporary events, as are local authorities such as Grand Annecy, which offers a practical guide ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Overview of waste compactor manufacturers

We have isolated a list of ** French and foreign companies present on the French waste compactor market, the list and construction of which is given later in this section. From this list, we have drawn up some sales and employee statistics, in order to establish the concentration of this market.

Sales ...

3.2 The specific case of short-term rental

Waste compactor rental is primarily intended for temporary events, such as

Trade shows, Event gatherings Temporary evacuation of industrial waste Itinerant construction site waste

While many waste compactor manufacturers are active in the long-term rental market, generally for ** months or more, few are active in the short-term rental market. This involves ...

3.3 Panel companies

We have compiled a panel of companies involved in the manufacture or sale of waste compactors and balers. This panel is drawn in part from France Environnement, a national platform for news and information about environmental companies, products and technical know-how. Created in **** as a paper directory, since **** France Environnement lists ...

3.4 Overview of the waste industry in France

Waste compactor manufacturing, distribution and maintenance activities areallpart of the growing market for waste recovery, collection, recycling and reclamation. To begin with, the waste industry can be summarized according to the production and value diagram below:

Manufacturers and distributors of waste compactors have a key role to play in this production ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Product benchmark


Balers come in two different families of models, horizontal or vertical. They can be used to compress lightweight materials such as cardboard, plastic, PET, etc.

They come in a range of sizes and pressures, with the average compression ratio being around **, i.e. * cubic meter of compressed cardboard represents ** cubic ...

4.2 Summary diagram

All waste compaction solutions can be represented in a two-axis matrix as a function of the volume of waste to be processed and the weight transported.

This matrix should be read with caution, however, as certain types of compactor can vary greatly depending on the model and user expectations.

The conseil-expertise ...

4.3 Other services

A range of peripheral equipment is available to ensure the smooth operation of compactors (***). This equipment is designed to facilitate operators' work. [***]

The container lifter, designed to tilt bins to facilitate operators' work; The hopper cover, designed to enhance safety and prevent intrusion into the waste compactor hopper during operation; Ozone ...

4.4 Waste compactor rental service

Long-term rental (***)

Long-term leasing of waste compactors is generally valid for ** months and is offered directly by the manufacturers. Leasing may include machine maintenance, although this is not always the case.

Solen, for example, has been offering the following leasing services since ****:

Standard leasing terms of three to five years, Long-term ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Main machine standards and directives

European directive

The European Machinery Directive ****/**/EC of May **, **** specifies the safety requirements applicable to the design, construction and information for the safe use of horizontal balers used to compact waste or recyclable materials (***), hereinafter referred to as "materials". It applies only to machines fed by conveyors or feed hoppers on ...

5.2 Waste recovery

The law of August *, **** on the New Territorial Organization of the Republic (***). It also gives responsibility for waste to EPCIs, and strengthens them by instituting a minimum population of **,*** inhabitants

There is also a waste reduction and recovery plan for ****/****, based on the work of the National Waste Council. Accompanying measures, ...

5.3 Future regulations and the anti-waste law

The construction sector produces around *.* tonnes of waste per inhabitant per year, i.e. around **% of all waste in France. As a result, the government wants to aim for ***% plastic recycling by ****, and thus promote the circular economy, which consists of limiting waste as much as possible in order to reintroduce ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Segmentation

  • Bergmann
  • Paprec Groupe
  • Sulo
  • Mil-Tek 2
  • Aktid

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Trends in the size of the waste compactor market
  • Growth in facility management sales
  • TGAP costs by treatment method
  • Sales and number of companies in the waste collection sector
  • Assessing the volume of waste to be managed in relation to events
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Latest news

Waste: Paprec pushes ahead in Switzerland - 15/01/2024
  • Paprec was founded in 1994 Paprec has been active in Switzerland for 13 years.
  • Paprec has acquired 40% of the capital of Helvetia Environnement, the local leader in its sector in Switzerland.
  • Two investment funds hold respectively 40% and 20% of Helvetia Environnement's capital.
  • Paprec Switzerland generates sales of €50 million from six sites.
  • Helvetia Environnement generates sales of 130 million euros with 22 operating centers.
  • Paprec invests 400 million euros annually in its production facilities.
  • Paprec recently completed its fifth round of financing, welcoming Vauban Infrastructure Partners and Crédit Agricole as new shareholders.
  • Thirty years after its creation, Paprec has achieved sales of 3 billion euros.
Waste sorting : Aktid absorbs its Italian subcontractor - 30/11/2023
  • Italproget has 60 employees and sales of 20 million euros in 2023.
  • Aktid employs 140 people and generates sales of around 80 million euros.
  • Aktid plans further acquisitions in Europe over the next few years
  • Pierre-André Payerne holds a majority stake in Aktid, with two additional shareholders: the French investment fund Initiative & Finance "Tomorrow" and Crédit Agricole des Savoie.
  • The company has quadrupled its level of activity in two years.
Paprec sets foot on the promising Scottish market - 12/10/2023
  • The family-owned group, number one in waste management in France with forecast sales of 2.7 billion euros for 2023
  • Scotland our eleventh country of operation
  • Construction and operation of a waste-to-energy plant in partnership with Binn Group, a Scottish company specializing in waste treatment.
  • Total ban on the practice of landfilling waste in Scotland from January 1, 2026.
  • Paprec Energies will own the Scottish plant, which already generates 300 million euros in sales
  • Creation of an in-house company dedicated to the design of waste-to-energy units, Paprec Engineering (around 400 people).
  • It brings together experts from Paprec, Tiru, a Dalkia subsidiary acquired in 2021, and CNIM E & E EPC
Environment: Séché and Paprec strengthen their international position - 12/09/2023
  • Paprec is present in some ten countries, and recently acquired CLD in Spain, which is expected to generate sales of 103 million euros in 2023.
  • In Spain, Paprec forecasts total revenues of €200 million for 2021.
  • Paprec expects total sales of 3 billion euros in 2023.
Paprec positions itself in metal and hazardous waste recycling in Alsace - 26/07/2023
  • Cernay Environnement" acquired by Paprec
  • Cernay Environnement employs around forty people.
  • Cernay Environnement has sales of around €15 million.
  • The Paprec group has over 13,000 employees in ten countries.
  • Paprec's sales target for 2022 is 2.5 billion euros.
  • Paprec is the third-largest national player in scrap metal management, with around one million tonnes managed per year.
  • Cernay Environnement and Paprec jointly manage waste from chemical companies Alsachimie and Butachimie.
Paprec launches operations in Spain - 11/04/2023
  • Paprec acquires a 60% stake in GBi Serveis
  • gBi Serveis sales: 40 million euros, GBi Serveis workforce: 500 employees
  • Targeted sales for Paprec in Spain by the end of 2023: 100 million euros with 1,000 employees
  • Paprec sales in Switzerland: around €60 million - Established in Switzerland: since 2010
  • - Paprec sales in 2021: 2.5 billion euros, up 20% on 2020
  • - Paprec gross operating surplus in 2021: 400 million euros
  • Paprec sales target to 2030: 5 billion euros
  • French leader in recycling, active in ten countries

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