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Name: Auchan groupe

DUNS: 831888318

Turnover: 31.6 billion EUR (2020)



Auchan is a group from the North of France which belongs to the Mulliez family since its creation in 1961. Today, the group is widely established in the world. Indeed, it is present in 14 countries (including France) and more particularly in China, where it has over 500 stores, including 461 hypermarkets in 2017

France accounts for 34.7% of Auchan's revenue. In 2018, the company had 358,914 employees Beyond mass retail, Auchan has developed its own brands that it sells in its super/hypermarkets.

The group has also expanded into commercial real estate with Ceetrus.

Management and Shareholders

Chairman and CEO: Vianney Mulliez

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january 12, 2021 - Alexandre Mulliez is appointed vice-president of Auchan France - source(Les Echos)

  • He is the grandson of the group's founder, Gérard Mulliez.
  • He is a graduate of EM Lyon
  • He has created 4 start-ups

january 12, 2021 - Auchan changes its governance - source(Les Echos)

  • The group opts for a more decentralized system. There will now be a president and a vice-president for each country in which the group operates and who will work alongside the CEO
  • Auchan has sold many subsidiaries for a total amount of 3.250 billion euros. The Italian subsidiary was sold by paying 1 billion euros to the buyer

january 11, 2021 - Auchan Russia in difficulty - source(Les Echos)

  • The losses amount to 50 million euros
  • This is due to a lack of investment