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The nuclear decommissioning market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

Nuclear decommissioning is the set of processes involved in the final decommissioning of a nuclear facility, such as a nuclear power plant, after the end of its operational life. This crucial stage ensures environmental safety and the reduction of radiological risks.

The global nuclear dismantling market is currently booming. In 2022, it was estimated at $6.655 billion, and is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% until 2028. This growth is driven by the need to dismantle aging nuclear facilities, and by regulatory and technological developments in the sector.globally, there are 412 nuclear reactors in operation, with the USA, France and China leading the way in terms of the number of operational reactors. These countries represent key markets for nuclear decommissioning.

Focusing on France, we observe a market that is still in the process of structuring itself. With an aging fleet of reactors, with an average age of 37.6 years, the country is preparing to undertake significant dismantling actions in the near future. This context creates a favorable environment for the development and refinement of dismantling skills and technologies. However, the government and EDF are attempting to postpone decommissioning activities by extending the lifespan of French power plants.

Nuclear dismantling, however, requires extremely specific know-how, which cannot always be reused from one plant to another due to the diversity of technologies used in different plants. This specificity represents both a challenge and an opportunity for companies in the developing unique expertise in this field, French companies are ideally positioned to export their know-how internationally, thereby meeting the growing global demand for specialized skills in nuclear dismantling.

1.2 Global overview of nuclear dismantling

As many nuclear power plants around the world approach the end of their lifecycle, the nuclear decommissioning sector is emerging. This process concerns not only nuclear power plants, but also other facilities linked to the nuclear fuel cycle, such as research centers, spent fuel reprocessing plants and waste treatment facilities. Estimates ...

1.3 French and European market size

Dismantling accounts for just *% of total sales in the nuclear industry. In addition, remediation, which includes the removal of hazardous elements from sites prior to decommissioning, contributes a further *.*%[***], the size of the French dismantling market can be estimated at *** million euros in ****.

In ****, a study by Roland Berger estimated the ...

1.4 Nuclear safety during the dismantling phase

Nuclear safety in France encompasses the technical and organizational measures put in place to prevent nuclear accidents or minimize their consequences. These measures apply to all phases in the life of basic nuclear installations, including design, construction, operation, shutdown and dismantling, as well as to the transport of radioactive materials.

Nuclear ...


2.1 Status of French nuclear power plants

France's nuclear power plants comprise ** reactors in operation: ** generate *** MW of electrical power, ** produce **** MW, and the remaining four deliver **** MW.

Distribution of reactors by power output France, ****, in MW Source: ****

A **ᵉ reactor, of the EPR (***)type and with an estimated electrical output of **** MW, is currently under construction at Flamanville, ...

2.2 Nuclear facilities to be dismantled: current situation and future prospects

Current projects:

In ****, ** nuclear reactors are in the process of being dismantled or partially dismantled. There are also ** fuel cycle process plants being dismantled[***].the last reactors to be dismantled are the two Fessenheim reactors, which were closed in **** after ** years of operation.

In June ****, Orano completed the dismantling of the ...

2.3 The future of nuclear generation dictated by energy policies

In the early ****s, warnings of the climate risks associated with the continued consumption of carbon-based energy intensified. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (***) continued to present a gloomy outlook for climate change. In addition, the energy impact of Russia's aggression against Ukraine at the end of February **** underlined the vulnerability ...

2.4 A positive perception of nuclear energy in France

Nuclear power enjoys a good reputation in France, with **% of French people saying they are in favor of nuclear power production in France.

Personally, are you in favor or opposed to the production of nuclear energy in France? France, ****, in Source: ****

We can see that the older generations are the most ...


3.1 Key stages in nuclear dismantling

Main stages in dismantling a nuclear reactor

According to EDF for a pressurized water reactor

Source: ****

According to EDF, the total duration of stages * and * is ** years. This corresponds to the duration after the Mise à l'Arrêt Définitif et Démantèlement (***). In practice, the dismantling phase, from final shutdown ...

3.2 Industry organization and competitive strategy

Organization of the industry :

In France, legislation provides for immediate dismantling once a nuclear facility has been shut down. Dismantling is the responsibility of the operators (***), but involves a number of different players.

The Groupement des industriels français de l'énergie nucléaire (***) has identified *,*** companies in the French nuclear ...

3.3 Dismantling waste management

We note that **% of the waste resulting from the dismantling of a nuclear reactor is non-radioactive , and is waste that could come from any reactor dismantling.

Breakdown of the volume of waste produced by the dismantling of a **** MW reactor France, in % of ***,*** tonnes of waste Source: ****

The management of low- ...


4.1 Different types of reactors and nuclear facilities

According to Roland Berger, there are * types of nuclear reactors:

power reactors, designed to generate electricity:

These are the main ones covered in this study. The ** French nuclear power plants in operation - with a total of ** reactors in operation - are based on the same model and technology. Reactors are ...

4.2 Nuclear decommissioning costs

According to EDF, the cost of dismantling a *** MW reactor in France is estimated at between *** and *** million euros.

Breakdown of main dismantling costs for a *** MW reactor France, according to EDF, in % of total cost Source: ****

Cost uncertainties persist:

According to Les Echos, the true cost of dismantling is difficult ...

4.3 The impact of robotization on the sector

Robotisation is making a significant contribution to nuclear reactor dismantling operations[***].most players have developed robots capable of performing a wide range of tasks inside reactors. These robots can :

automate radiological mapping of installations; assist heavy deconstruction operations; reduce personnel exposure risks (***); various clean-up, dismantling and cutting operations.

This can lead ...


5.1 Regulatory framework for nuclear decommissioning

When a Basic Nuclear Installation (***) is definitively shut down, its vocation changes, in accordance with the decree authorizing its creation, which specifies the conditions of its operation. The ensuing dismantling operations modify the risks associated with the facility. As a result, these operations cannot be carried out within the regulatory framework ...

5.2 Summary of the different phases in the life of a basic nuclear facility (INB)

Source: ****

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Reviews (2)

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