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The dual control car market has been experiencing several shifts post-2020. While the exact figures for this period aren't provided in the text, the market is influenced by pre-existing trends such as the increasing influence of online driving schools like Ornikar, which have disrupted the traditional driving school market that typically invests in dual control cars. The Macron Law (2015) also spurred growth in alternative driver training methods, including dual control car rentals for private use and the emergence of a new customer segment comprising self-entrepreneurs linked to online platforms. Despite the declining rate of new registrants for light licence examinations before 2020, the data suggests that the demand for dual control cars continues to evolve, with the rental services sector expanding as an economical alternative to traditional driving schools. Manufacturers like Sojadis and Peheja BV are navigating this changing landscape, where the average price of a dual control car was around €16,500 and the conversion cost between €1,000 and €2,000. The market, therefore, continues to adapt to the demands of driver training sectors and shifting consumer preferences towards more cost-effective and flexible driving education solutions.

Trends in the Dual Control Vehicle Market in France

The dual control vehicle market in France, critical for driving school operations, is witnessing several shaping trends primarily influenced by changing regulations and shifting consumer behaviors. Since the Macron Act of 2015, which allowed learners to rent dual-control vehicles and facilitated the development of online driving schools, the market has been adapting to accommodate these new dynamics. The dual-control car, essential for learning to drive, underwent a market valuation in 2017, estimating the renewal of the driving school fleet at around €282 million, with the transformation into dual-control vehicles representing over €25 million, for just the traditional driving schools' segment. However, the market extends beyond, including self-entrepreneurs associated with online driving schools and dedicated rental services.

In terms of market specifics, French manufacturers maintain a stronghold, with nearly 95% of driving school vehicle registrations in 2017. Notably, domestic models like the Citroen C3, the Peugeot 208, and the Renault Clio dominate, making up 81% of registrations, reflecting a preference for local brands in dual-control cars. Despite these positive figures, a concerning trend is the decline in new registrants for the light licence examination. Between 2015 to 2019, registrants decreased from approximately 1,026,414 to 977,946. This trend, at a diminishing pace, hints at a potentially shrinking customer base for driving schools and, by extension, for dual-control vehicles. Factors contributing to this decline include the reduced interest of urban populations in obtaining driver's licenses due to alternative transportation options like public transit and car-sharing, as well as the financial deterrent posed by the high cost of obtaining a license.

The percentage of French car users has notably decreased from 59% to 50% between 2016 and 2018. Driving schools remain the primary customers for dual-control vehicles, but their numbers have been decreasing following a steady growth between 2007 and 2016. With a yearly drop of about 2%, and a decline in overall market turnover from €1.885 billion in 2016, the demand for dual-control cars and systems is projected to dampen. However, online driving schools have emerged as a significant and growing segment. They offer lower prices, increased flexibility, and digital customer service, though with some trade-offs in terms of success rates and waits. Their rise, with claims of significant market share from entities like Ornikar, presents a mixed impact for dual-control vehicles.

Key Players Shaping the Dual Control Vehicle Market Landscape

As the landscape for driver education transforms, the dual control vehicle market continues to evolve with the introduction of new players and the growth of existing ones. Here's a look at some of the prominent companies currently shaping the dual control vehicle market:

  • Sojadis: Driving School Vehicle Transformation Leader Sojadis Equipement stands as a pivotal manufacturer in the French dual control system market, holding the seal of approval as a "Qualified Vehicle School Developer" by UTAC. Specializing in the creation, manufacturing, and installation of equipments, Sojadis presents a diverse lineup of over 300 vehicle models that can be transformed into dual control cars. Its flagship product, the MONIDIS driving school gearbox, is a testament to its innovative approach in catering to driving school requirements.

  • Peheja BV: Universal Dual Control System Pioneer on the international front, Peheja BV from the Netherlands has carved out a significant presence. With its universal cable dual control systems, Peheja BV has established a global network, allowing it to claim leadership in the development and distribution of its unique solutions. Its universal approach offers adaptability to various vehicle types, demonstrating a versatile edge in the market.

  • Pimas: French Innovation in Dual Control Pimas, another French contender in the manufacture of dual control systems, supports the market with its robust network of 60 skilled professionals. Tailoring dual control solutions to the unique needs of each vehicle, Pimas holds a solid position among the go-to experts in the industry.

  • Smart License: Specialist in Dual Control Car Rental Descending into the rental market, Smart License has spread its wings with 45 agencies across France. It specializes in offering dual control cars for rent, serving both individual learners and professional entities. Smart License is a hallmark in rendering affordable and accessible driver training options.

  • Quick License: Dual Rental Services by Driving Schools Quick License, operating in the Yvelines region, illustrates the synergy of a driving school that has expanded to provide rental services. This diversification showcases an adaptive response within the traditional driving school business model to the evolving market demands.

  • Dual Control: Boutique Rental Experience in Dual Control Cars Dual Control, stationed in Val-de-Marne and Paris, brings a focused rental service of dual control cars, further amplifying the choices available within the burgeoning rental niche.

  • MPL Rental: Expansive Vehicle Rental Network MPL Rental, with its 25 agencies across France, doesn’t limit itself to dual control vehicles.
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1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

The dual control cars are cars suitable for learning to drive, with further orders available on the passenger side

Among the manufacturers of dual control systems the Dutch actor Peheja BV, present on the world market, or the French leader in this field Sojadis . These systems are installed on cars by authorised mechanics or garages.

These cars are mainly used by driving schools in order to give driving lessons.

Nevertheless, d ince the macron Act (2015) In addition to accompanied or supervised driving, it is possible for students to rent dual-control vehicles under a number of conditions. From rental services have thus appeared - as Smart license  

This law has also allowed the development of online driving schools like Ornikar This has had a major impact on the sector and has largely affected traditional driving schools, whose number is growing average annual decline of 2% per year since 2016.

The dual-control car sector must therefore adapt to developments in the driver training sector while the number of new registrants on the light licence is also in reduction of 1% per year between 2015 and 2019

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  • Evolution du nombre d'immatriculations auto-école
  • Why do you want to delay or forego getting your driver's license?
  • Evolution du nombre d'inscrit au permis léger
  • Evolution du nombre d'auto-école
  • Examens pratiques pour le permis légers toutes présentations confondues
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Latest news

Driving schools: ten years on, Ornikar dreams of European leadership - 04/10/2023
  • Ornikar is an online training company for the highway code and driving lessons created in 2013.
  • By 2021, it expects to have 420,000 customers for the code and 80,000 for driving.
  • The company claims 2,000 active instructors in 8,000 of France's 36,000 communes.
  • These instructors are expected to deliver 2 million driving hours by 2021.
  • Ornikar is based in Paris and generates sales of 80 million euros with 250 employees.
  • The company offers packages starting from 799 euros, i.e. 40% cheaper than traditional driving schools.
  • Ornikar has raised 100 million euros in 2021.
  • The company has a subsidiary, Onroad, in Spain. Ornikar has diversified its offer to include car insurance, with rates advertised as 25% cheaper than the average for traditional insurance.
With 100 million euros in its pocket, Ornikar is seeking to assert itself in the car insurance market. - 22/04/2021
  • Online driving school Ornikar offers car insurance and new services such as additional training.
  • More than 35% of driving test candidates in France use Ornikar's services.
  • To diversify its business, the company has inaugurated a car insurance service.
  • The start-up has raised a total of 146 million euros since 2013.

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