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Since 2020, the global food truck market has grown steadily. Demand in this sector is fueled by consumers' fast-paced lifestyles and the appeal of high-quality, diverse and convenient food options. In the United States, food trucks generate an average of $750 to $1,500 per hour during peak hours. The Italian food truck market has also developed: three out of four Italians buy street food at least once a year, and Rome and Milan are the cities with the largest number of food trucks.

Cultural fusion and health trends drive the change in the Italian street food market

In recent years, Italy has witnessed a significant transformation of its street food market, fueled by cultural exchange and a growing emphasis on healthier eating habits. While traditional local foods such as piadina, arrosticini and arancini retain strong loyalty from about 81 percent of the 35 million regular street food consumers, there is an appetite for international and alternative food options. The decline in ethnic dishes such as kebabs, chosen by only 6 percent, reflects a shift in consumer priorities toward more diverse and quality street food offerings.

The demand for street food is multifaceted. One of the main factors is the affordability and speed of food preparation, which fits the hectic lifestyles of many Italians. In addition, increased product quality and improved hygiene standards have made street food more attractive. Technological advances, such as the Rosteria mobile app, have made it easier for consumers to locate and taste various street food offerings, further stimulating demand. The arrival of renowned chefs on the food truck scene, who often offer inventive and high-quality dining experiences to the public, has added a degree of sophistication and novelty to the market. This phenomenon has also been amplified by a plethora of events showcasing the culinary skills of food trucks, providing operators with a platform to reach a wider audience. Trends are shifting toward sustainable and organic ingredients and inclusive diets, with an increase in vegan and gluten-free offerings to meet diverse health and lifestyle preferences. The food truck industry will likely reflect these changes, expanding its menu to incorporate meat substitutes such as Beyond Meat and offering a wider range of ethnic flavors, with the promise of West African cuisine attracting consumer curiosity through the use of superfoods.

Some of the key players analyzed:

  • Streetfoody S.r.l. is emerging as a notable force, with its workshop producing custom-made food trucks designed to meet the unique needs of mobile kitchen entrepreneurs. The company pays meticulous attention to the intricacies of kitchens and the practical needs of mobile vendors, ensuring that each vehicle serves as a reliable and efficient mobile food facility.
  • Another major player in this field is VS SPECIAL DESIGN S.R.L., which specializes in custom design solutions for food trucks. Its offerings bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics, providing the perfect package for vendors who want to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Street Food Mobile S.r.l. joins the fray with a focus on mobility and adaptability. The company responds to the evolving needs of street food vendors, who must remain agile to respond to fluctuating consumer tastes and changing market conditions.
  • In terms of supporting the food truck ecosystem, SCAMINOX S.R.L. is positioned by producing customized equipment and kitchens that facilitate food preparation and service. This equipment is essential to enable food trucks to deliver high-quality meals to their customers.
  • In addition to equipment manufacturers, CEREDA ANITO S.R.L. plays a crucial role in providing robust and efficient kitchen components. Their equipment forms the backbone of many food trucks, enabling vendors to meet the rigorous demands of the street food industry.
  • In the field of event organization, which is essential to the visibility and reach of food trucks, WOKI SRL is emerging as a leading organizer. By organizing food truck events, it provides vital platforms for vendors to showcase their culinary skills and for customers to immerse themselves in the diverse flavors of Italian street food.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market Summary

1.1 Definition and presentation

A food truck - literally food truck - identifies a type of van or traveling van used for the preparation and sale of food. These food trucks belong to the largest category of street food.

The origin of food trucks is undoubtedly American, and initially the phenomenon was of limited interest in the European context. Today, however, street food, which unites about 2 and a half billion people in the world, has gradually become a global phenomenon and has also reached Italy.

The food truck has gradually lost the negative connotation of junk food and has extended its roots to a variety of foods and innovative cooking methods in order to continue to conquer the palate of an ever increasing number of consumers. In Italy, the context seems to be unstoppable recently, especially due to changing eating habits and purchasing needs. Food trucks are on the rise and in fashion, in fact they are configured on the one hand as a business choice in pole position and on the other as a valid alternative to traditional catering. In Italy, the market is expected to be influenced, in particular, by increasingly strict regulations on on-the-go catering and a highly competitive context that requires preventive moves and continuous innovation in the offer.

1.2 The Global Market

The first food-trucks appeared in the United States, which to this day remains the leading market on a global scale.

Around the world, some *.* billion people eat street food(***).

The global food truck market size was estimated at $*.** billion in **** and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate ...

1.3 The Italian market

In Italy, the food-truck market has been on the rise for years. According to a study by Coldiretti, three out of four Italians buy street food at least once a year, an interesting figure considering the close competition of the sector with traditional catering and the rise of food e-commerce.

According ...


2 Demand Analysis

2.1 Characteristics of the Application

In Italy there are ** million regular consumers of street food, of these **% prefer traditional local food such as piadina, arrosticini or arancini, while **% choose international food such as hot dogs or hamburgers and only *% ethnic food such as kebabs, in sharp decline compared to the past.(***)

Italians love to eat out, ...

2.2 Demand Drivers

As shown in the chart below, there are many reasons why Italians prefer street food. This phenomenon has become fashionable again in the last few years thanks to the low cost and the speed of preparation, but also to the increase in the quality of the products and the hygienic and ...

2.3 New trends

In recent years, traditional Italian street food is undergoing a revolution stimulated by the cultural ferment around food, healthy eating and good food. Globalization and migrations between countries of the world favor the meeting and mixing of culinary traditions.

Moreover, the affirmation of street food and quick meals on the move ...


3 Market Structure

3.1 Competitive Market Scenario

The food truck sector, and the street food sector in general, is highly competitive. Food trucks have to compete with numerous players including fast food chains and restaurants that offer similar products at similar prices.

Of all of them, fast food restaurants are the main competitors in this market due to ...

3.2 Localization strategies: a distribution problem

A food-truck generally needs electricity, but above all it needs space and potential customers; therefore it must have a position that gives it visibility, especially in relation to other food-trucks. In Italy, however, as we will see later with the regulations, before staying in a certain place and exercise commercially, it ...

3.3 Opportunities for Food-Truck

In Italy, the number of events set up and organized to allow food-trucks to sell their street food has increased dramatically in the years leading up to COVID-** and is expected to make a comeback as soon as organizing crowded events does not pose any risk. Especially in the beautiful country, ...


4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 Type of offer

A variety of menus offered

The formulas offered by food-trucks are quick-cooking dishes such as sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, bagels, kebabs, salads, Breton or Oriental pancakes, salads, etc. Also innovative are mozzarella bar concepts served with vegetables, sushi, foreign cuisine or fresh cooked products served in jars. Some vans also offer snacks, ...

4.2 Prices and costs

Initial expenses

To start a business in the food-truck sector, after the bureaucratic formalities, the first expense is the purchase of a van for street food. The investment is generally between **,*** and ***,*** euros, depending on the size of the vehicle, the complexity of the kitchen and especially if it is built ...

4.3 Focus Innovation: Street Food Catering

Street food catering is a type of catering and is a variation on the traditional system. It sees the use of food-trucks used to make a catering service and therefore to be able to offer an excellent variety of different cuisines and make the event more informal and picturesque. Often this ...

5 Rules and Regulations

5.1 Regulatory framework

The first steps for the start-up of the activity of sale of foodstuffs, see, first of all, goodwill and ethics of entrepreneurs and then the request for permission to the municipality responsible for the area. As a professional requirement is necessary to have attended a course called EX-REC, also called SAB ...

6 Positioning of actors

6.1 Segmentation

  • Streetfoody S.r.l.
  • Street Food Mobile S.r.l
  • Buffalo Beer Srl
  • Truck Queen Agency

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Indice dei prezzi al consumo per Fast food e servizi di ristorazione take away [11112] per l'intera collettività (base 2015=100) - medie annue
  • Imprese attive sotto il Codice Ateco 56.10.4 "Ristorazione ambulante e gelaterie ambulanti"
  • Addetti nelle imprese attive sotto il Codice Ateco 56.10.4 "Ristorazione ambulante e gelaterie ambulanti"
  • Forma giuridica imprese attive sotto il Codice Ateco 56.10.4 "Ristorazione ambulante e gelaterie ambulanti"
  • Valore mercato globale dei food-truck
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