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The drone market - Italy

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1.1 Introduction

Drones are autonomous or remote-controlled flying devices that find application in a variety of fields, from recreational use to aerial photography, from precision agriculture to security and surveillance.

Several types are available in Italy, including:

  • Drones for recreational and hobby use
  • Professional drones for specific sectors such as agriculture, construction and inspection
  • Drones for aerial photography and cinematography
  • Drones for security and surveillance
  • Drones for light goods delivery

Throughout history, drones have moved from military to commercial use. The historical origin of commercial drones can be traced back to Otto Lilienthal in 1891, while drones for recreational use have a history dating back to 1907 with the invention of the radio-controlled kite. Over the years, drones have evolved significantly, becoming more advanced and versatile. Some challenges and trends for the future include improved safety, regulatory compliance, and the use of drones in various sectors such as agriculture, logistics, and industry.[Propelrc]

In Italy, major companies in the sector include Italdron of Ravenna, DroneBase of Rimini, Flytop of Rome, Pisa-basedIds (systems engineering) belonging to Fincantieri Group, and Nimbus of Lombardore (Turin). In the military sector, there are giants such as Leonardo and Piaggio Aerospace.[Spaceeconomy360]

The global commercial drone market size has been estimated at $19.89 billion and is expected to have a CAGR of 13.9 percent from 2023 to 2030. [Clayton Country Register]

1.2 The global market

The global commercial drone market has seen decisive growth in recent years, and it is estimated that the value of the market will continue to expand over the next decade. This industry is estimated to reach $**.** billion in **** and is expected to grow at a CAGR of **.* percent from **** to ****. This ...

1.3 The local market

The professional drone market is growing significantly in Italy. It reached *** million euros in **** , up ** percent from ****, returning to pre-drone levels (***). The value, similar to Germany and Portugal, is on average higher than other European countries, including France.


Professional drone market Italy, ****-****, € million Economyup

Below is the production in ...

1.4 Analysis of imports and exports

In the drone market, it can be seen that Italy represents a player heavily dependent on imports, which present a value of US$**.* million. This negative trade balance can be attributed to several situations:

domestic demand: in recent years there has been an increase in the demand for drones used for ...

1.5 Impact of Covid-19 and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The global market has seen a predictable increase, influenced by a variety of factors, in the use of drones. The Covid-** pandemic triggered a series of radical transformations in consumer behavior and in the operational dynamics of companies, pushing toward greater use of drone analysis and utilization. This trend was accentuated ...


2.1 Demand characteristics

The demand for drones by Italian consumers presents an evolving picture, with trends reflecting customer profiles and opinions regarding this market segment. Starting with the professional drone market, it emerges how the value of Italian sales has reached *** million euros (***), which is expanding the use of drones beyond recreation to more ...


2.3 Geographical distribution of demand

To visualize the geographic distribution of demand, a map was created with monthly household spending on cameras and camcorders by Italian macro-region, which is assumed to be in line with monthly household spending for the subgroup of photo drones.

The north presents the highest figure, with *.** €/month, in the center the ...

2.4 Use of drones in the agricultural sector

The use of drones in the Italian agricultural sector presents a landscape of growing interest and potential, despite the presence of some regulatory and practical limitations.

Usage and potential

Drones, thanks to their ability to fly at low altitude and the use of advanced sensors, are able to provide high spatial ...


3.1 Market Structure and Dynamics

The drone market has grown significantly in popularity in recent years, both in the commercial and private sectors, enabling them to capture breathtaking aerial images, inspect difficult-to-access sites, and conduct surveys with precision. Drones can be small, inexpensive and easy to use, as well as large ones with more sophisticated technologies; ...

3.2 Value Chain

By value chain in the drone market, we refer to a concept that describes the activities companies undertake to deliver the product to the market. This consists of a series of steps that can be divided into primary and supporting activities, which create added value for the end customer.

Research and ...

3.3 Distribution channels

Drones can be used for different purposes; drones with civilian and military purposes are analyzed here. Regarding drones with civilian purposes, we cite the specific example of Switzerland, where the Swiss Post pioneered the logistics of this product. Between **** and ****, drones were used to carry out the transportation of laboratory samples ...


4.1 Type of Offering

The type of supply in this market is highly varied, as there are different types of products in the market. An analysis of the main categories is proposed below:

multi-rotor drones: these are the most popular type of drones, both for professional and amateur users; they are typically used for photography ...

4.2 Prices

There are multiple categories of drones available on the market, which differ not only in selling price but also in the type of use you plan to make of them. The main factors that are taken into consideration when choosing drones are as follows:

size and weight: for beginners, it is ...

4.3 New Trends in Supply

In recent years, the drone industry is embracing several new trends:

vehicle-to-vehicle communication: emphasis is being placed on experimenting with vehicle-to-vehicle (***) communication systems essential for real-time tactical deconfliction, enabling drones to operate safely and without human interference. detection and avoidance systems: advances in DAA technologies aim to improve safety by enabling ...


5.1 Rules and regulations

In Italy, drone regulation is defined through national regulations and European regulations. As of January *, ****, the new European Regulation on Drones came into effect. This regulation has been implemented by significant specific regulatory updates, made through a regulatory review dated November *, ****.

In order to legally use a drone in Italy, basic ...

5.2 Geozone: where you can fly your own drone

Performing drone flight carries responsibilities designed to protect aircraft and people on the ground; for this reason, geographical zones for drones or "geo zones" have been circumscribed. Geo zones are portions of airspace where the activities of drones, or, to use the more official term, unmanned aircraft (***), are facilitated, restricted, or ...

5.3 How to become a professional drone pilot

In order to obtain a license authorizing the piloting of ARPs (***), it is necessary to take an ad hoc drone pilot course and then take an exam.

Pilot course: operation and requirements

The following refers to the use of drones for civilian purposes only. Pilot courses are conducted in ENAC-approved training ...


6.1 Actor Segmentation

Italian companies manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft and related devices nca (***)

Aerial filming activities in the field of photography (***)

  • Leonardo s.p.a.
  • Ge Avio
  • Eurotech
  • Alpi Aviation
  • Eliocompany
  • Drone Arezzo
  • Italdron

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