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1.1 Introduction and definition

Crowdfunding, or participatory finance, refers to "the exchange of funds between individuals outside of institutional financial circuits, in order to finance a project via an online platform."[French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty]

One of the specific features of crowdfunding is therefore the nature of the players in this sector: funders are mainly individuals, rather than traditional players (banks, investment funds, etc.).

The main forms of crowdfunding are reward crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, lending crowdfunding and donation crowdfunding:

  • Reward crowdfunding: used for artistic and cultural projects. Backers receive non-monetary rewards linked to the funded project, such as access to exclusive content or delivery of the product they are funding.
  • Participatory financing: mainly adopted by SMEs and innovative start-ups. In exchange for their investment, backers receive shares in the company or a share of the profits, thus becoming partners in the business.
  • Lending Crowdfunding (or P2P Lending): this involves lending money between individuals via a platform. The individual making the loan receives the return of capital plus interest.
  • Donation Crowdfunding: lenders support a project or cause without expecting anything in return. Mainly used to finance social initiatives, charitable or humanitarian projects.

The principles of crowdfunding originated in the 19th century with the financing of part of the Statue of Liberty. However, crowdfunding has only existed in its current form since the late 2000s.

Although relatively recent, this sector is very dynamic and has experienced strong growth since its inception. Between 2022 and 2021, the total amount raised through participatory financing rose by 25%.

1.2 A robust global market

Crowdfunding market size Worldwide, ****-****, in billions of dollars CAGR: +**.** Source: ****

In ****, the global crowdfunding market size was estimated at $*.** billion. The market is expected to grow at a rate of **.*% per year until ****, reaching sales of $*.* billion. In terms of volume, China dominates the market: in ****, the country held a ...

1.3 Sustained growth in the domestic market

Market size of alternative finance France, ****-****, in millions of euros CAGR: +**.*% Source: ****

The graph above shows the evolution of the total amount of funds raised in France through participatory finance between **** and ****. The market has experienced exceptional growth in recent years. Since ****, the funds raised each year have multiplied by ...


2.1 Preferences of French investors


Evolution of the volume and structure of donations in crowdfunding France, **** - ****, in €M Source: ****

Although it represents a small share of the total amount raised in crowdfunding (***), the donations segment grew significantly between **** and ****. This increase was driven by non-rewarding donations, which increased more than fivefold in ****. This dynamic ...

2.2 Characteristics of French investors

Source: ****

The map above shows the geographical distribution of French investors, expressed as a percentage of amounts financed in each region. There is a strong concentration of demand in Ile-de-France, with **.**% of amounts financed, followed by Provence Alpes Côtes d'Azur (***) ,with foreign investors contributing **.**% of amounts financed.

The age breakdown ...

2.3 Demand trends: real estate crowdfunding

Today, real estate crowdfunding is a very dynamic sector, driving growth in the crowdfunding market.

Growth in amounts raised through real estate crowdfunding France, **** - ****, in €M Source: ****

In fact, the volume raised by this crowdfunding segment is clearly on the rise, topping the €*,*** million mark in ****. This figure is **.*% higher ...

2.4 Demand trends: sustainability

At a time of climate change, the crowdfunding market has a crucial role to play. The sector has a duty to develop a sustainable industry that combines economic, social and environmental dimensions. Investors seem well aware of this challenge, as this segment is very dynamic. **,*** projects have a social or environmental ...

2.5 Influence of the pandemic on the sector

The French government helps companies meet their liquidity needs. For example, since May *, ****, the government has provided a state-guaranteed loan via a lending platform with the status of an intermediary in participatory financing (***). [***]

Planet-fintech reports that there will certainly be a slowdown in investments linked to traditional fundraising, and therefore also ...


3.1 Market overview

Crowdfunding platforms act as intermediaries between investors/donors and project contributors. The following diagram describes the relationships between these different players:

Source: ****

France has three market-leading platforms: Ulule, KissKissBankBank and WiSeed.

Fundraising is organized on web platforms that must be registered with ORIAS (***) as :

Intermédiaire en financement participatif (***) for financing ...

3.2 A relatively concentrated market

Volume of funds raised

The crowdfunding sector is driven by a small number of major players, and in this sense resembles an olligopoly.

Platform segmentation by fundraising volume France, ****, in Source: ****

In fact, six platforms account for more than half of the total amount collected (***), while ** others account for just *.*%. What's ...

3.3 Typology of players

The players who can launch a fund-raising campaign are diverse and varied. The following chart provides an overview of the main projects funded:

Number of projects financed by type of player France, ****, in units Source: ****

Individuals are the most prolific in terms of projects financed, with **,*** projects in ****. Players in the ...


4.1 Types of financing

As mentioned above, there are three main types of funding: donations, loans and investments.

The following table lists the financing methods and project proposal frequency of the various crowdfunding players:

Associations are the most active in terms of project proposals. On average, they propose *** projects per week. This dynamism is due ...

4.2 Case study: the Ulule platform

Ulule is a major player in the French crowdfunding sector. The company has raised a total of over *** million euros. In ****, total funds raised amounted to **.*** million euros.

The following chart shows the average amount paid out by category:

Average contribution by project category France, ****, in € Source: ****

Average contributions are globally ...

4.3 Fee comparison

Source: ****


5.1 Current regulations


The text below comes from Financement Participatif .

The decree of September **, **** created the status of intermediary in participatory financing (***), for IFP platforms; or by the AMF l'Autorité des marchés financiers, for PIC platforms. Platforms must adopt one of the following statutes, and be registered with Orias , the unique register ...


6.1 Segmentation

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Reviews (5)

Reviews (5)

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