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The term asbestos defines a group of mineral fibers, silicates, also present in certain rocks; It has a fibrous structure that provides it a lot of mechanical strength and flexibility, and it can be spun and woven quickly, that is why it has a wide range of application in several industries. Asbestos removal refers to the process of removing it from buildings and structures as well as from vehicles like old trains and ships. Asbestos removal is rigorously controlled across the world due of the health dangers linked with asbestos development. Asbestos may be found in a variety of products, including mortar, plaster, slabs, roofing, bitumen, and walls. Several processes are required to remove asbestos from spaces and buildings: containment, asbestos extraction, quality control, and waste annihilation are all tasks that must be completed.

In Italy, Asbestos was employed in a wide range of goods until the late 1980s. Asbestos is indeed used in a variety of products, including insulation, floor coverings, and asbestos cement. There were around 3000 distinct asbestos uses in all. In Italy, asbestos is also known as Eternit, the name of the largest manufacturer, which in the past has been involved in several legal matters due to poisoning and pollution of the environment with asbestos. Nowadays, the cost of removing and disposing of asbestos in Italy can range from 9€ up to 20€ per square meter. In order to qualify as an asbestos treatment company, an Italian company must be registered in the "Albo dei Gestori Ambientali".

In Italy, the asbestos contamination crisis is severe; there are still 58 million square meters of asbestos-cement roofs and 40 million tonnes of asbestos-containing products, putting people at danger. This means that the market of disposal of asbestos removal in this country can still count on a significative demand.

Technological innovation in the sector is key in this market with the rise of asbestos removal robots and the use of digital tools to simplify on-site diagnosis. The future challenge will be to combine the different professions and tame digital and technological methods to survive in a market that still has a lot of potential.






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The heat pump market - France

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