the sports coaching market
United States

Update 13/12/2019


1.1 Definition and presentation

Coaching refers to the practice of providing a personalized support for the realization of the client’s improvement aimed at achieving a goal. Coaching has been traditionally associated with sports, although there are different areas one would want to improve, such as the personal or professional spheres.

Referring to the most popular type of coaching, the sport one, it is possible to affiliate the latter with fitness instructors or personal trainers. Although the definition of coaching is slightly different from the one of trainer, for the scope and delimitation of the market study, we will refer to all three figures.

The sport coaching market in the US has shown considerable growth in the last ten years, representing one of the fastest growing industries, as a number of macro trends affecting consumers’ behaviors, lifestyle and choices have proven to be positively impactful towards the rise of the market.

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