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the slate market

Update 30/09/2019



Slate is a rock from a clay  which is part of the family of shales . It has properties that allow it to split due to its cleavage in the direction of sedimentation. Traditionally used as a roofing material for outdoor buildings (roofing and roof tiles in particular), slate is a material that can also be used in interiors, bathrooms and kitchens (worktops). As a result, the solutions of slate building are considered to be very sustainable and are widely used worldwide as a building material, both inside and outside the building.

The world's largest slate market, France imports more than 95% of its needs from Spain, all its deposits being exhausted (the last major slate mining operation in France closed in March 2014). According to the Echoes France alone consumes almost half of the tonnes of slate produced in the world and the particular segment of natural slate (representing the largest part of the market) in France is growing, despite a decline in the overall market for slate in France.

The slate market is dominated by certain important players, such as the group Cupa which leaves little room for new entrants. To survive an unfavourable economic situation, the players in the slate market are seeking to reach the specifiers (architects and the general public), and no longer only the roofers . The largest consumers of slate, behind France, are Australia, the Netherlands, Ireland and Poland. New markets are emerging in Finland, Kosovo, Japan, Kuwait and Qatar.

The slate sector is gradually freeing itself from technological challenges, to offer increasingly innovative systems Pre-assembled set of façade cladding panels for contemporary architecture, or invisible thermal solar panel systems, made of 100% slate, which uses its ability to heat easily with solar radiation, even in the absence of sunlight. Slate is a product with unbeatable technical properties which adapts to all projects and provides them with considerable added value. Natural slate gives any type of roof or facade an inimitable and timeless appearance that will last forever.

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