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Ski lifts can be defined as mechanisms for transporting skiers up hill. They are generally a paid service at ski resorts. The ski lift designation is generic, but it applies in practice to ropeway installations of various types which are specifically used for the above-mentioned purpose and which have different names: ski-lifts, sled-lifts, chairlifts, single or double chairlifts with continuous motion, cabin-lifts with permanent or temporary connections. 

The Confindustria association (Anef) of ropeway manufacturers, ropeway operators and ropeway technicians has more than 1,500 ropeway installations and represents 90% of the market for ropeway installations. Italian giants of the sector such as Leitner and TechnoAlpin are real leaders at the international level and were able to take the Italian "know-how" and premium quality products all over the world.

For every euro invested in ski-lift plants in Italy, 7 or 10 euros are gained, depending on the area, as GDP of the territory It is therefore clear that this industry is not only of critical importance for the country and its ski resorts but is also extremely profitable. 

In Italy, it is therefore the ski-lifts that sustain the mountain economy as they attract tourists, even those who do not ski, but who love to go up hill, enjoy the view, go for a walk, a snowshoeing tour or eat in a “rifuggio”. For this same reason, even if the general ski economy has been hardly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as ski resorts remained closed for the whole duration of both the first and second lockdown, the ski-lift industry will likely recover once the emergency will be over as more and more Italians will be excited to get back on their skis or to just enjoy the mountains. 






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