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The padel market - Italy

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1.1 Introduction

The padel market refers to the industry revolving around this popular racquet sport, which combines elements of tennis and squash. Padel is characterized by a smaller court and glass walls surrounding the court. The Italian market encompasses different types of offerings and products, including the sale of padel equipment and accessories such as paddles, balls, specific footwear, and sportswear, as well as the provision of services such as padel court rentals, training courses, and participation in tournaments.

The game originated in the1970s in Mexico when Enrique Corcuera wanted to create a tennis court in his mansion, but due to limited space he decided to use a smaller area bordered by walls and wire mesh. The sport quickly transcended Mexican borders, finding success in Spain, Argentina, America, Brazil, and in recent years in Europe, including Italy. The Italian Paddle Game Federation was founded in 1991 to promote the sport in the country. Padel has been successful from the beginning, with participation in international championships and the Nations Cup. Currently, Padel has more than 12 million players in 78 countries, but only 34 national federations are recognized by the International Padel Federation. Although it still has a long way to go to be admitted to the Olympic Games, Padel offers promising growth prospects due to its inclusive nature and minimal distinction between professionals and amateurs.[Palaloca]

The global market for the sport of Padel has been valued at $327 million in 2022 and is expected to reach $459 million by 2030, registering a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of4.31 percent over the forecast period 2023-2029.[MarketWatch]

The study focuses on the padel market in Italy, providing a detailed analysis of trends, challenges, and growth opportunities specific to this sector. For information on complementary markets, such as the tennis or golf markets, please refer to the specific studies available in the Businesscoot catalog.

1.2 The global market

The size of the global padel market is estimated at $*** million in ****, where most of the value lies in the sale of paddles, shoes, bags and other accessories. In addition to this finding, the following data should also be considered: **,*** padel courts installed globally in **** and more than ** million players in ...

1.3 The Italian market

From **** to ****, there has been an ***% increase in revenue generated by the sport of padel. It is no coincidence that **** is considered the year of the establishment of padel as a sport and as a socio-economic phenomenon due to the increase in the number of players and the resulting increase in ...

1.4 The impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has contributed to rising inflationary pressures in the short term, but it is also likely to trigger lasting changes that herald higher inflation in the future. Although rising prices have had heavier spillovers in other sectors, such as energy, a twofold effect may be triggered ...


2.1 Demand in Italy

In order to understand the demand for the sport of padel in Italy, the following is the trend in the number of competitive FITP (***). This increase is most likely due to the contingent situation, i.e., padel is among the few sports that could be practiced with continuity even during the ...

2.2 Demand drivers

The game of padel has experienced a growth that is considered to be one of the most important at the sports level in recent times. The reasons that arouse people's interest in the sport are many and pertain to different characteristics of the game itself.

Rapid spread contingent on the pandemic ...

2.3 The geographical distribution of demand

For further characterization of the demand, a map is shown with the number of padel courts in Italy, broken down by region. Compared to ****, the increase was ** percent, from *,*** to *,***. The regions with the largest number of courts are Lazio, followed by Lombardy and Sicily. In addition, Lazio is the region ...

2.4 New trends in demand

Participation in official competitions on the rise

As a result of the increase in the number of registered players in Italy, the demand for participation in tournaments organized by the federations is growing. To cope with this new trend, access to competitions is being expanded to an ever-wider audience of players, ...


3.1 The market structure

The analysis of the market size related to padel sports is carried out on the basis of data belonging to the category related to ATECO code **** (***). In particular, three different magnitudes are considered: number of active enterprises, number of employees and legal form of enterprises.

Looking at the number of active ...

3.2 The value chain

3.3 Distribution of sporting goods

in terms of distribution channels for sporting goods (***), in Italy, the main ones are direct in-store sales and online sales. While online sales have always been widely used by big brands that have the ability to control their own production and logistics, smaller stores, due to lockdown, have also opened their ...

3.4 The main structures

The main sports facilities that host camps and offer padel-related services in Italy are listed below. (***)

Sisport: was founded in **** as a Recreational and Cultural Sports Center by a group of Fiat employees united by their passion for sports. In **** it became Sisport and set as its goal to ensure the ...


4.1 Supply analysis

The game of padel involves playing in pairs, so * players are needed. The receiving player positions himself as he does in tennis, that is, diagonally and on the opposite side is the one who hits. Before hitting the ball one must wait for it to bounce once on the floor. The ...

4.2 The prices

Padel is considered a cost-effective sport that is accessible to all, unlike other sports activities.

Apart from the equipment and clothing that result in an individual and highly variable cost depending on the needs of the individual, the main cost to be incurred is therent of the court that has to ...

4.3 Supply trends

The following are some interesting trends regarding supply in the padel arena, considering that, after the steady and explosive evolution of recent years, it seems to be going through a natural settling down in the coming period.

Increasingly large facilities

Among the new facilities opened between January and March ****, ** of them ...


5.1 The Legislation

Padel facilities: the mandatory process

In order to build a padel facility, a specific procedure must be followed.

According to Italian regulations, a padel court is considered as a "simple construction," so it falls under the technical regulations for constructions (***) and obliges to obtain a declaration of urban eligibility from the ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Due Ponti società dilettantistica s.r.l
  • Bordocampo s.r.l (Country Sport Village)
  • Padel Arena Perugia s.r.l
  • Sisport s.p.a
  • Parco sportivo Foro italico SSDARL
  • Padel Arena s.r.l ( Pro Padel Club)

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Reviews (5)

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