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The market for tailored suits - Italy

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1.1 Definition and presentation

Tailored suit designates the making of a suit adapted to the morphology and desires of the buyer . However, it is possible to distinguish between "made-to-measure" and "half-measure."

  • Made-to-measure (or large size) requires the creation of a new model created for each represents, consequently, ulengthy processthat begins with aninitial appointment andinvolvesintermediate junctions.
  • In the case of "halffit",itailor starts from an existing model and then makes anatomical changes (short sleeves, back shape, shoulders...) and those that are in line with the customer's taste (curved cut, colors...).

The world costume market is dynamic with a projected compound annual growth rate of 4.1% between 2020 and 2026 . The sub-segment of tailored suits is also expected to follow this dynamic with the growing desire of customers to have a quality garment tailored to theirtheir ownmorphology.In terms of geographic distribution of the market, the'Europe is the main consumption region for suits,followed thendanorth America.

Thanks to increased consumer awareness in terms of fashion, the Italian made-to-measure garment market is growing. This trend is also confirmed in particular by an increasing number of luxury brands that nowadays offer the possibility of production and sale of this type of garment.

One of the main disadvantages affecting this market turns out to be the long waiting time required to obtain the finished product as well as the frequent visits necessary in the reference tailor's shop. In this regard, a trend that is emerging in the Italian made-to-measure garment market is that of online purchasing. In fact, nowadays, an increasing number of e-commerce stores provide the possibility of buying tailored suits and receiving them directly at home. In spite of this, the physical store still remains 'today the distribution channel preferred by the Italian population for the purchase of this type of clothing, while online purchasing continues to affect more the "ready-to-wear" segment.

1.2 The global market

The men's clothing market has been growing strongly in recent years, with global sales of about *** billion euros. One of the fastest-growing segments of that market is that inherent in luxury clothing, and men's bespoke is also booming. There is this new trend developing on the part of men to prefer ...

1.3 The Italian market

Haute couture is a tradition of excellence in Italy. In the world, tailoring made in Italy is unrivaled except for that of British tradition. In Italy, companies engaged in the production of made-to-measure clothing fall under the ATECO code"**.**.** Tailoring and Tailoring of Outerwear." Within this code are :

custom tailoring made-to-measure ...

1.4 Italy, a net exporter of tailored suits

For the analysis of international trade in tailored suits, data were taken from code"**.**" of the UN COMTRADE database, which reports the export and import data of countries by product class. As for Italy, we can see that this is a strong exporter of tailored suits. In ****, exports totaled $**.* million against ...


2.1 Italians and buying habits in the fashion industry

Italian tailoring is one of the artisan sectors that has made Made in Italy famous throughout the world and has always played a major role in the purchasing choices of Italian consumers. In the early ****s, however, with the emergence of ready-to-wear, ready-made clothes, sold in standardized sizes, began to gain ...

2.2 The influence of smart-working on demand

The industry has then also been affected by the development of increasingly informal styles in work environments. In workplaces, we dress more and more informally: T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, sneakers, and sweatpants, as casual fashion, streetwear(***) want.

On the one hand, our idea of elegance has changed, and on the other, the ...

2.3 Demand driven by Generation Y

Paradoxically, despite the end of the era of the mandatory suit, Generation Y pays close attention to its dress code. Generations born between **** and **** were marked by the tailored suits of the characters Harvey Specter in Suits and Don Draper in Mad Men . There is a real desire to be well ...


3.1 A fragmented industry

The sector appears to be particularly fragmented. As shown in the graph below, the number of enterprises operating under the ATECO code"**.**.** Tailoring and Tailoring of Made-to-Measure Clothing" was found to be **** as of ****. The number of enterprises operating in the sector has remained constant over the years, in **** there were ...

3.2 The Geographic Distribution of Enterprises in the Sector

Geographically, regions in northern Italy appear to have the largest number of enterprises active in the sector. The region with the highest number of enterprises is Lombardy, with **.* percent of the total, followed by Latium with **.* percent and Piedmont with ** percent.

Among cities, Milan has about *** craft enterprises and more than ...

3.3 Lanieri and the development of e-commerce of tailored suits

Even the custom-made suit industry has not remained indifferent to the boom in e-commerce. In fact, despite the fact that one might think it might be difficult to develop a tailored suit entirely online, there are several start-ups that have managed to profitably enter this niche market.

Leading that digital transformation ...


4.1 The different types of clothes

We can distinguish between three different types of dresses :

Ready-to-wear dresses

These are sold ready-made, that is, in a shape and style determined by the designer who has worked with standard sizes. Each dress in size is then made according to a generic, predetermined pattern, divided by size, and is made ...

4.2 Examples of tailored suit prices

Custom-made suits have very different prices and it is difficult to estimate market prices as the price varies according to several variables. In fact, a custom-made suit can cost from ***€ to even over ***€. Several elements contribute to defining the price.

One of the primary elements of a suit is certainly the ...


5.1 Regulation

The figure of the Tailor is regulated in the Italian legal system and is defined as : the professional figure who intervenes in all the processing stages necessary for the creation of a garment. His or her activity is highly articulated and includes assisting the client in choosing the pattern and materials, ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Brioni
  • Sartoria Latorre
  • Lanieri
  • Macciocu
  • Sartoria Italiana

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Reviews (5)

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I found this study to be very complete yet concise. It gives the main trends of the market and does not limit itself to "basic" figures such as sales figures, but also deals with pricing strategies and trends according to the positioning of the players. It's a study that has really served me well and that deals with marketing, the regulatory side, the offer, the competition and the pricing. Bravo!

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