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1.1 Definition and presentation

A beauty salon is defined as a business that offers its clients aesthetic treatments and aesthetic massages without medical purposes.

Beauty salons are operators who perform aesthetic treatments including body care, facials, beauty treatments, waxing and other more specific treatments (UV tanning, pulsed light). They can be generalists or specialized in one treatment.

Salons compete with fitness and thalassotherapy institutes, SPAs and massage salons.

The U.S. beauty salon market growth between 2015 and 2020 was 1.2% per year. The market is highly fragmented, with a consumer base concentrated in the Northeast and Midwest. The beauty salon workforce numbered approximately 721,000 in 2018, of which approximately 75% were hairdressers.[datausa]

1.2 The global market

The global beauty salons and spas market was estimated at $***.** billion in ****. Due to the Covid-** outbreak and restrictive travel measures, industry revenue declined by *% in ****.

However, recovery is expected to take place as early as **** at a slower pace than forecasted prior to the Covid-** crisis. Indeed, on a global ...

1.3 The American market

The breakdown of the U.S. market revenue was as follows in ****.

Breakdown of beauty salon revenues in the United States United States, ****, in Source: ****

With total sales estimated at $** billion in ****, it is possible to estimate the beauty salon market at **.*% of this value, or $**.* billion in ****.[***]


2.1 Specificities of the American demand

Popular treatments in the United States

The following graph shows the favorite beauty treatments among American women who receive more than three treatments per year. It is noticeable that hair-related treatments represent a significant portion of the demand.

Preferred treatments for women who receive more than three treatments per year United ...

2.2 Fears related to the health crisis

The health crisis has induced important changes in the demand for beauty care. Indeed, a part of the consumers is worried about the risks of transmission of Covid. The following graph shows that up to **% of respondents were reluctant to request facial care.

However, it is noted that **% of consumers do ...

2.3 Growth in demand for DIY beauty and self-care products

The Covid crisis in the United States has led to a surge in sales of do-it-yourself beauty products. If it is believed that these products can substitute some beauty salon treatments, this trend could pose a threat to the industry.

The following graph shows the progression of these sales from **** to ...


3.1 Market structure

The following graph shows the distribution of establishments making up the beauty care sector in the United States. It can be seen that barber shops represent a minority of the total number of establishments.

US beauty care sector United States, ****, in units Source: ****

Both segments are highly fragmented. Indeed, the top ...

3.2 Hairdressers and cosmetologists in the United States

The Bureau of Labor offers statistics on hairstylists and cosmetologists in the United States. Their total number was estimated at ***,***, with ***,*** working in the personal care industry. While the top states in terms of total number of workers are Texas, California, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania, it is more interesting to ...

3.3 A growing online presence

Digital appointment booking

The health crisis has led to a growth in online beauty care bookings.

First of all, the following graph shows an increase in the share of businesses in the sector using automated technology to confirm their appointments since the beginning of the crisis. **% of establishments have taken advantage ...


4.1 Services offered

In general, the services offered by beauty salons are distinguished between facials, body treatments, hair removal for women, hair removal for men and finally beauty. There are also institutes that specialize in hair removal or manicure

Beauty salons offer several services in each category, including the following

Facial care The average ...

4.2 Price overview

The price offered for the same service by the institutes varies considerably depending on the duration of the treatment, but also between institutes

In addition, the subscription system of the clients also makes the rates vary; they are higher (***) for the non-subscribing clients. Below is an overview of beauty salon prices ...

4.3 New offers linked to the health crisis

The health crisis gave rise to several innovations on the part of beauty institutes that were obliged to transform their offer.

Most of these innovations consisted of institutes sharing their skills online, in the form of tutorials or virtual classes. However, the emergence of gauges to limit the number of people ...


5.1 US regulations

In the United States, cosmetics are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (***).

As far as beauty salons are concerned, establishments must have the right license according to the state. In addition, all cosmetologists must have their cosmetology licenses. There are also specializations of these licenses for hair, skin or ...


6.1 Segmentation

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